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Samsung Galaxy Tab ~ My Life ~ II

‘Pappa’, my sweet daughter came running towards me with a huge smile. I took her in my arms with a sweet smile, ‘Good Morning Ishu’. ‘Pappa, did you sleep last night?’ her words hit my heart very strongly but I am not sure what to answer her instead smiled to escape.

‘Hey Ishu darling, come let us tab’, the moment I said those words I could feel the zeal in her eyes.

‘Pappa’ ‘yes darling’ ‘what make this tab so special?’

I do know the answer she expects from me every time. ‘There are quite a few reasons’

‘Hmm… What is that Pappa? Tell me please…’

‘First it is Samsung Galaxy Tab’, ‘Hmm’, Second it is priceless gift from your Mom and…’
‘And ...?’
‘And it has got so many special exciting features which made me fell in love with this tab madly’


‘Darling it is the best Tab for little ones because they can carry easily as it weighs just 565g (1.245 pounds). Little ones will love it for sure because of its amazing size (256.7 X 175.3 X 8.6 mm)

‘Wow! Sounds good Pappa’

‘Actually it is slim, sleek and it is the best available in the market Ishu. I am sure little ones will love it just because of size, weight and its amazing sharper picture quality’

‘Pappa I can watch cartoons then’

‘Darling, of course you can and with its 10.1 inches High definition Screen that display at a pixel density of 149 PPI (Pixels per inch) and the resolution it supports is just so amazing. It’s 1280 x 800 WXGA TFT LCS Screen, the best picture quality and best resolution available in the market’

‘It sounds so good Pappa’

‘Just good? It is worth more than that Ishu, I mean the best in the market.’
‘Hmm… Why are you so excited Pappa?’

‘Because the exciting features of tab makes me go mad even after eight years Ishu.’

‘Yes Ishu, its size, weight, resolution makes me go mad. For an avid reader like me the Readers Hub is a waited gift as it gives me access to more than 2.3 millions of books in multiple languages, which one can read it for years. I am sure little ones will love this for sure. I also suggest schools to free children from their heavy bags and to bless them with this magic; they can load the books in the Hub and can read it when they wish.’

‘What is the advantage of Samsung Readers Hub Pappa?’

‘Well with its High Definition Screen Display it will make the little ones to fall in love with it. It also protects little ones from the small sized font in their textbooks. Unlike books, little ones can zoom it, feel it and they will love to read it from the HUB. I suggest schools & government to consider this idea because it saves a million trees’

‘Wow Pappa this is awesome’, ‘This is awesomeness Ishu. The tab with its 1GB RAM and 1 GHz Dual Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor makes our life faster than usual which is more awesome...’


‘I can’t find a word to define Samsung Galaxy Tab’, ‘Well you can’t’

‘Tell me more about Tab pa’ ‘Where should I start Ishu? Should I say about HSPA+ Technology with supports up to 21 MBPS help us to download or surf the web so easily. Features like EDGE/GPRS are a chocolate cake for us. With Wi-Fi Direct is a topping for the chocolate cake Ishu’, ‘Pappa it sounds so tasty’

‘Well it is because Wi-Fi direct will help you to connect with any Wi-Fi devices and there is no need to access Wi-Fi Network. Just Pass Wi-Fi Signal To other Wi-Fi Direct supported devices in your place to connect with each them so easily. With Bluetooth 3.0, it lets you to share any documents, music files faster and actually with lightning speed.’

‘But Pappa if it support so many amazing features then should it be kept in charging all the day?’

‘Ishu... Ishu… Ishu… It is built-in with 7000mAh battery which lets you play video up to 9 hours and listen to music up to 72 hours!!’

‘Wow it so so so awesome Pappa..’
‘It is so…’

‘Hmm… It is beyond my imagination, ‘Music Hub’, ‘Video Hub’, ‘Readers Hub’, ‘Less Weight’, ‘High Resolution and Screen Display’ and what else Pappa?’

‘You can send and receive messages and do add ‘Social Hub’ too in your list Ishu’

‘I have a request Pappa’ she sounded very low. ‘What is your request darling?’ ‘Can I read the last message from Mom?’ I stumbled for words because it stays as an unread message for the past six years because I do not have a big heart to read her last message but she read the message that left her in tears because love is like a river when it breaks the bridge no could stop the overflow. I somehow managed to change her mood with the song sung by Isha.

‘Actually the music hub is just mind blowing because you can search any music by artist, reviews by popularity, song name or specifying other criteria and listen to it. Create your own user-friendly playlist and many more’. ‘I just love this Pappa’ she managed a smile after hearing a series of songs sung by Isha. Her words sounded little upset that should be the after effects of reading Isha’s last message. So I introduced her to the game, ‘Two Player Reactor’, which Isha loves a lot. Also revealed our favourite games and apps.

‘Pappa, this is so interesting...’

I let her win almost all the attempts we did to make her happy. I also introduced her to facebook, twitter and how the Social Hub helps to stay connected with your family and friends. I do remember the instant messages that I sent to Isha because my job bugged me whenever possible and not to forget the video calls because they are just amazing. As a Google addict I just love the Google Suite of Samsung Galaxy Tab.

‘Pappa what is this honeybee doing here?’

‘Darling it is the symbol for Android OS version 3.1 (Honeycomb). It is the best platform (open source) available, it provides better multitasking, faster internet browsing and gaming experience. You can install a million of applications or even more from Android Market.’

‘This is an awe-inspiring Tab Pappa’, ‘I do agree darling…’

‘It also keeps me in touch with blogging as it helps me to read as many write-ups as possible’

‘But Why to read & write blogs?’

‘Writing is my passion, and I am born in this world to express my dreams, I do so as poems and prose. I do prefer poetry as it helps my muse to rhyme what I love to, and attain peace. I read to enjoy my fellow bloggers creative work for contests and meme blogs.’

‘What is that promote icon Pappa?’

‘IndiBlogger has introduced a feature to study the interaction level of bloggers. It is always good to click on promote after reading the post and if we wish we can leave our footprints because people love comment from your heart and not from your fingers’

‘Awe Superb Pappa’

In the meanwhile, I loaded a perfect advertisement for Samsung Galaxy Tab from YouTube.

‘Dad this is so beautiful’, ‘Ishu advertisements should be crafted from life in a creative way because it should touch the heart of the people who see it or who read it, that’s when success starts... Well I dream to see you a professional writer Ishu and I am sure you will.’

‘I will do my best Pappa’

‘So sweet of you darling’

‘You are so sweet Pappa’

‘Thank you Darling’ and took her in my arms to kiss her.

Suddenly someone kicked on my back shouting, ‘It is enough of dreaming Sid, time to start to office’ that closed the fantasy doors of my dream world ~ ‘My Life’ and opened my eyes to annoyingly greet the bright sun whose punctuality I’ve always envied. Around me were four thick walls and that same room of mine that had witnessed nearly every ‘face’ of mine! Oh! Only a dream but a beautiful dream I would love to live but with a small change! I wish Isha to stay with me forever and let Samsung Galaxy Tab record those sweet memories :-)

I know people just can’t stop their hands after reading about the exciting features of Samsung Galaxy Tab, so it is time to can pre-order here on Samsung website or here on Flipkart...

I would love to try my hands on Samsung Galaxy Tab for sure... Let's TAB..

PS: I as a part of IndiBlogger, ‘Samsung Mobilers’ Contest, have published this post. Please visit this page to know more about Samsung Galaxy Tab. I have promoted the Samsung Galaxy Tab Launch Webcast here on blog and here on FaceBook. I heartily thank IndiBlogger for the platform provided. My dear readers if you like this post then promote this post on IndiBlogger and thank you so much for reading the post completely.

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  1. Well well well, I have a lots to say and please do not mind the little bit of criticism SiS.
    Firstly, a talk between a kid and her father, a cute and affectionate display man, I was enjoying it and giggling at times. But then at times I felt that the qualities of the Tab did over power the lovely story built up and spread over two parts. But that again is understandable since you had so much to say and including the story bit would have made the post very very long.
    Secondly, I appreciate your effort of searching for so much data, commendable!
    Thirdly, including a nearly 12 minute video, not many would have the patience to go through such a long video after a post that is more than average length.
    Lastly, a surprise ending and it bring a smile. Nice one, that!

    All in all, a mixed reactions post, loved it in bits and pieces, liked part 1 more to be honest :)

  2. Woww SiS!! How can one win two tabs? I love this sequel, a beautiful story, innovation at its best.

    Kudos to you man. Rock on, love, bala

  3. a winning post
    your narration is awsome just like TAB 750.


  4. Interesting write up. Maybe you should have left the Feb 2012 date out from your earlier post. Makes the ending kinda obvious.
    Still, beautiful way to review the Tab. May that dream come true with the small change you wish.

  5. @ Animesh Ganguly

    Bud, thank you so much for your sweet comment man.. Happy to have you here.. About the video, bud, in my room people just watch video for hours about S2 and TAB man.. So People who love Tab will watch it for sure.. and regd the post thanks once again for your heartily feedback..

    Someone is Special

  6. @ bala

    Woww SiS!! How can one win two tabs? I love this sequel, a beautiful story, innovation at its best. Kudos to you man.

    Thank you so much Sir. It is my pleasure to have you here.. SmileS.. and happy to read your comment Sir..Will be happy to win a TAB..

    Someone is Special

  7. @ Gowardhan

    a winning post. your narration is awsome just like TAB 750.

    OMG, thank you so much.. I am flying to Cloud 9.. I will be happy to win a TAB.. Let's see...

    Someone is Special

  8. @ Kirklops

    Interesting write up. Maybe you should have left the Feb 2012 date out from your earlier post. Makes the ending kinda obvious. Still, beautiful way to review the Tab. May that dream come true with the small change you wish.

    Hi Welcome to Few Miles! Thank you so much man for your wishes and beautiful words.. :-) Happy Man.. Ps: I never thought of penning a sequel when I penned the first post. In order to make my readers feel it is a fiction I used a future date in it and when I connected this one.. I left the date as it is because anyhow it is a dream and you don't have any constraint in dreams :-)

    Do keep coming and once again thank you so much :-)

    Someone is Special

  9. what an intriguing promotion for the TAB....you do this well...i do think the promotion overtakes the story just a bit...but very creative and a nice ending...

  10. Wow!
    Again you amazed me with your post!
    A wonderful-cute story here :)
    And I'm in love with Samsung Galaxy Tab..Want to grab it anyhow.I can't wait anymore :)

    SmileS :)

  11. once again a lovely article .. beautiful story ..

    all the best with the contest..


  12. you created a beautiful story out of Samsung Galaxy Tab.
    enjoyed reading.

    wish you all the best for the contest:))

  13. A very creative post on tab.

    Best of luck for the contest.

    Please view and promote my post if you like it here -

  14. @ Brian Miller

    Thank you so much Brian.. I am super glad that you love the story.. SmileS..

    Someone is Special

  15. @ Simran

    Wow! Again you amazed me with your post! A wonderful-cute story here :)
    And I'm in love with Samsung Galaxy Tab..Want to grab it anyhow.I can't wait anymore :)

    Thank you so much Sim, inspite of getting encouraging comments from my fellow bloggers and contestants I didn't win..
    Wondering what could be the reason???????????

    Someone is Special

  16. @ Bikramjit

    once again a lovely article .. beautiful story ..

    Thank you so much Bikramji.. I am so so happy.. but still I lost.. Never mind na..

    Someone is Special

  17. @ fantacy in practicality

    you created a beautiful story out of Samsung Galaxy Tab.enjoyed reading.

    Thank you so so much.. Happy to have you here..

    Someone is Special

  18. @ Prats

    Thank you so much Buddy.. Happy to have you here.. and welcome to Few Miles!

    Someone is Special


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