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Blank Pages - Trip to India

When just 48 hours left for my travel, I discovered (really, that’s how it happened; like a discovery!) that my flight was cancelled and I won’t be travelling to my home country. Nothing could be more hurting than this and even tears cannot help. I wrote a status on Facebook expressing my pain and prayed to God. The AIR India strike came to an end and my flight was up. I had no words to thank God and was excited much like a seven year old getting his first video game set. In simple words, “The much excited blank pages of my life!

The worst part of the travel was the transit time in Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport. That’s when I learnt that the price of TWO IDLI’s (worst ever IDLI's I had in my life) could costs two hundred bucks. ‘Uff, that was terrible!’ Really, I could take all this for that one moment. (To meet my Maa after eight months)

It is really easy to make a nine months old baby smile but it is tough to make it happy and it can happen only when the baby is with the mother.I was HAPPY much like I said above. I met my family! The following days were like seconds to me. I met Bala and spent some time with him. We went to Anna Nagar to meet his friend and to purchase dress for him. The best part was I blessed him during the marriage rituals and what else, “My best friend and my best part of life - Bala is married now…” and I wrote a status on Facebook, “A week has gone by after I landed in Chennai. I've to say that I'm enjoying a lot. The best part of the week was my best friend (Bala) is married now. I did enjoy a lot these two days. Happy!

I bought a domain name for my blog – Few Miles Also, I had received so many encouraging emails, comments and more than 250 shares on social networking sites for my work - “Internet is Lovable Fun. Her love is My Life”, which surprisingly didn’t win. I wrote a status on my Few Miles page – “Sometimes when I lose a contest it hurts a little not because of the prize listed there but because my hard work went in vain :-(” Thanks to Leigh David and Valli for their solacing words. Because I was hurt, I could not post for Lakme Diva contest. :-(

I went to movie with my college friends and had food with them. I was happy! I visited few Temples as well. The most expected part of the trip was meeting bride and it happened on last Monday. I felt that she was not of my type or in better words; I may not fit in her life as her husband. I am happy because I am still single and I can romance with my dream girl, Isha and I will wait for that day when she (dream girl – someone special) walks in to my life to color the way she wishes. I also went to Bangalore to meet my precious roomies and my colleagues as well. I had fun watching the movie - “Kalakalapu”

The best part of the trip was spending time with my nephew Ashik a.k.a Daniel. The way he speaks can steal anyone heart in seconds. All those twelve days, I spent with him was one of the best set of days in my life. Also, I was happy to see Few Miles registering 3,00,000 page views.

The painful part of the trip was travelling back to London and penning this post recalling those sweet memories. “The best way to fill the blank pages of my life!

Did I miss to post something? Pictures?? Here you go..

Blank Pages - Trip to India Slideshow: Saravana’s trip from London to Chennai, Bangalore and back to London was created by TripAdvisor.

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  1. Hi Special One,

    Happy to know about your exciting trip and fun you had , that has filled the blank pages of your life with beautiful moments and memories. That's the best part!
    I wish you soon get someone who truly deserves you and fills your life with more beautiful colors.
    Liked all the pics...Wow! for the slideshow! :)
    Stay happy and smiling, Special One because seeing you happy makes me happy too... :)

    My hearty Congratulations to you and your dear friend,Bala.

  2. @ Simran

    Little One,

    Happy to read your sweet words after a long time.. Mmm, I wish the same, thanks anyway..

    Yay, Little one liked my slideshow.. Happy... Surely, I will convey your wishes to Bala...


  3. Believe me I was surprised on you not wining as that timeline idea was out of this world. And 200 for idlis. I always like the roadside idlis better than those of high class stores.

    A big WOW for this video. Please share how to create this.

    A million congratulations on domain and pageviews.

    Keep Rocking this like forever and ever!!!

  4. I will ask if I will face some problem in creating the video...:) Hope you will find time to answer:)

  5. @ Saru Singhal

    roadside idlis are the best Saru.. I love them a lot.. Hmm I can surely teach you how to create video like this.. and thanks a lot for your wishes and blessings.. Regarding the contest, I dunno why it didn't click this time :-(

  6. @ Saru Singhal

    I will ask if I will face some problem in creating the video...:) Hope you will find time to answer:)

    The pleasure will be mine.. Email me when you face any problems..

  7. oh its a lovely journey you told us SIS. your nephew is indeed very cute:D and lovely pics too!!!
    hope you find the perfect girl as your life partner, until then we all are lucky enough to see you romancing with your pen! :D:D
    and yes convey my sincere regards and congratulations to Bala ,his wife ,and his family :D

  8. Hi! :)

    I love the way you've used "Blank Pages" to depict a phase of your life. It had all the emotions ranging from loneliness to the joy of meeting family (especially MAA) and friends after a long time.

    The slide show was very cute. Few of the shots were breath-taking! Too good. :)

    My favourite part of the whole post is this:

    "It is really easy to make a nine months old baby smile but it is tough to make it happy and it can happen only when the baby is with the mother.”

    Sooooooo true!!! :)

    All in all, a BEAUTIFUL post. :)

  9. @ ashzzes

    Thank you so much ashzzes.. yeah he his.. he is the best.. Yeah, you can enjoy the romance with my pen and I will surely convey your regards to Bala and his family..

  10. @ Amber

    Thank you Amber.. Happy! Glad the slideshow was cute.. :-) and happy you liked the line.. Thank you so much...

  11. Lovely slide show:) Hope u had a gr8 time here. Still waiting for ur dream girl? Wish u good luck!

  12. @ Cloud Nine

    Lovely slide show:) Hope u had a gr8 time here. Still waiting for ur dream girl? Wish u good luck!

    Thank you so much CN. Happy to read your comments after a long time..


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