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Compassion is in our nature #1000SPEAK

The blog-o-sphere is buzzing today on one theme. One Thousand Voices Blogging for Compassion. #1000SPEAK

How can I not be a part of it? Compassion is in our nature, we practise it daily without realising it.

I could recall an incident that happened four years ago. I was coming out of my office for having my lunch, where I found this old woman selling rose plants at half past one in the afternoon. It was too sunny, still this woman was shouting hard to attract the people. Only a few did, but they too did not buy any, rest of them were busy smoking and flirting. I had my lunch at the Andhra Restaurant. On the way back to office, she called me saying, “beta a Gulaba ka phula kareedlo” I flashed a smile and hurried back to office as I had a team meeting in the next ten minutes.

The next one and half an hour was terrible. In terms of our team performance as well as my heart was feeling bad for ignoring her. I went out again. This time, in tears, she was pleading the people to buy the rose plants. I flashed a smile again, enquired the price of the plant and bought one. It made her happy! She blessed me to livelong for hundred years. It made my day.

The next day I saw her at the same place, she was tired, still she was selling the plants. I walked up to her. “Daddima… Why are you working so hard at this age?” She narrated her story. She was from a poor family. Her son and daughter-in-law passed away in an accident, when a lorry lost its control and hit the couple while walking on the road. Her one and only granddaughter is studying in third standard, to take care of her, she started selling these plants.

I offered her a thousand rupee note to help her. She smiled, then politely declined saying that she will work hard to earn money, not by alms. I saluted her, wished her good luck, and went to office. On my way an idea struck me – to create a small banner-saying gift your loved ones a rose plant this Valentine’s Day, which was ten days away – I did the same.

Guess what… the trick worked. She sold almost all her stock in two days. She earned a good profit that helped her to set up a roadside IDLI (Rice Cake) shop. It made her and her granddaughter happy. And, I visited their shop regularly to do my part. They led a happy life.

An old man was running a teashop in his cycle next to my home. I used to drink tea from his shop every morning. One day, when he was offering the tea to his customer, he missed the balance, the cycle went down, and the entire tea was spilled on the road. He literally cried. I could not see him cry like that. I gave him a thousand rupee note to make it up for the day. He thanked me and promised to offer free tea to me until his last breathe. I was so touched by his act. I fondly call him “Grandpa”.

Another incident happened on one fine morning, when I was so irritated after attending an escalation call. I could not breathe properly, I wanted to go out and try a cigarette. When I came out of my home, a small boy delivered the newspaper at my doorstep.

“Good morning bhaiya!” He greeted with a warm smile.

I greeted him back and enquired about his studies. He narrated his story. That he is an orphan, studying in a Government Higher Secondary School. He delivers newspaper for earning money. He also does many other small works for a living. I was astonished to hear his full story. I bought him a cup of tea for uplifting my mood. And from that day, I had tea with him every morning, when I was in Bangalore.

I’m sure, compassion, is in our nature. I have so many stories to tell, I will in my future posts. For now, here is a small poem scribbled by me.

Little drops of water,
Lonely grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
And the vast landscape,
Picturesque, peaceful and poetic!

Little deeds of compassion,
Small shares of joy,
Make the world heaven,
And filled with happiness,
Soulful, beautiful and wonderful!

Little notes on kindness,
Group of passionate bloggers,
Make the world read,
The words of compassion,
Meaningful, joyful and powerful!

Always Keep Smiling!

I am writing this post for 1000 Voices of Compassion. Alongside a One Thousand Voices Blogging for Compassion. Let all the people read good, feel good, and be good! #1000SPEAK. Visit here to read other participants.

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  1. Really touching. May God bless you & all others for such compassionate acts.
    I love your V day idea to the lady. Cool! You helped her to be an entrepreneur :)
    Lovely poem, Sarav.

  2. Your acts of compassion touched my heart and has brighten up so many lives. Reading this make me proud of you even more. Be the same,
    always :)
    Anne Frank's quotes is powerful!

    Beautiful read <3

  3. This post touched my heart. By the way you became idol to many by doing so. I am Happy!

    Vinayaka Vidhya


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