Someone is our life

I smiled! She smiled!

It was raining! We went to the balcony to enjoy the rain.

It was dark and cold. The sound of the raindrop was romantic and a beautiful girl was standing beside me. She was looking beautiful in her red color frock! Her eyes could easily defeat the sparkling stars. Her nose was drafted in such a way even the beautiful new moon on the third day would doubt its shape. Her lips were sweeter than raindrops. Her smile was flashing bright than lightning strike did. Truly, she was more beautiful than the night.

I whispered in her ears, ‘Please find me a word to define the word beautiful!’

She blushed.
I smiled and said, ‘You!
She turned pink!

She hugged me and said, ‘I want to live with you until the skies became starless.’

‘I am living with you right from the moment I fell in your eyes,’ I stretched my arms around her. She looked into my eyes, which meant ‘I love you forever!’

We fell in the ocean of love and forgot the world around us. We kissed, kissed, and kissed until our foot ached.

Someone from behind whispered my name and said, ‘It is 07:40 AM dude!’

I opened my eyes and realized it was just a dream! Around me were four thick walls and that same room of mine that had witnessed nearly every ‘face’ of mine! And the one I kissed was none other than my pillow. Sad me 🙁

Sarav Sign

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  1. Eyes are the witness between two hearts :she expressed her love through eyes ,he stretched his arms around her to show how much he build a relation love and caring are pillars ,
    good dream..have a nice day

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