Someone whose love is true have no end

“Hurray!!! We’re gonna reach the top of the Dhanaulti Hills!”, said Ashik. The splendid place was situated on the Mussoorie – Chamba route, 25kms from Mussoorie. The car speed was increased by 10 Km, Aishu – “Hey you, cool idiot, come to earth, yeah only we both are in this trip, we will enjoy dear”. Ashik, “Yeah we have to, as this day can’t be forgotten, one year back in our college staircase with lots of anxiety and excitement, i declared my love to you right.” “Yeah mera piya how i could forget that day!” said Aishu. Ashik smiled “You looked like a cute angel in that white chudi! Hmmm… damn cute!” Aishu “Hmmm”, “Yeah damn cute but not as cute as my Aishwarya Rai” said Ashik. Aishu kept silent.

Ashik switched on FM, “chand chupa baadal mein” and he started humming with the tune, for which Aishu reacted angrily by switching off the player. “Yeah, if moon sees her beauty it will hide itself in cloud, that’s true, she is the cutest girl, I accept”, Ashik, “Come on dear! Let me hear the song” and he switched it on. She tried to switch it off but Ashik din’t let her switch it off. In the meantime a lorry came on the opposite side as Ashik sighted it late and hurriedly applied the brakes very powerfully……. “Sssshhhh!!!”.

Sheer silence, after which the lorry went the other way as their car moved, Aishu was speechless whereas Ashik’s heart was pounding hard. Nothing other than the seat belt could have saved them. He slowly parked the car in nearby shop. “Two Sprite” said Ashik, and they both drank it, later they started again on the car thanking God that nothing had gone wrong. He drove slowly and reached Aishu’s Uncle, Rahul’s home, who knew about their love.

Rahul invited them in and with a huge smile. “Hey Aishu come my dear, Hmmm… You have grown up quite a lot… Come on young boy, you both are a perfect match… MADE FOR EACH OTHER!”. Ashik smiled and went inside the home before which her aunt took “aarthi” for them.

The clock showed seven with its little hand and 12 with its big hand and struck seven times. TV was on and the channel was changed to Neo Sports, “Hey four, that’s cool” and claps thundered as Sachin Tendulkar – Ashik’s favorite batsman right from his childhood – hit a four. He needed just four runs to complete his 20,000 runs in ODI cricket. The match was progressing interestingly and they had their dinner enjoying it. Suddenly, when Ashik looked the clock it showed 9:15, and Sachin thrashed one ball over the fence and completed his double century, first man in cricketing history to do so. All jumped from their seats, claps were powerful, laughing, ‘hoooo’ sound; everything was heard with lot of crackers sound. More so as he hit the six in the last ball of the match and broke the record.

Three hours later, India won the match by 143 runs and Sachin was awarded Man of the Match Award and got many honors since he broke the world record and became the first man to score double century in ODI cricketing history too. They switched off the TV and went to sleep, Aishu said bye to Ashik and left with her aunt. Ashik’s mobile sounded “sweetheart, you got my message!”, he opened the sms, “Koibitou, Aishiteru ! Oyasumi ! :-)”, replied “Oyasumi Koibitou!” and went to sleep.

The next morning, Rahul, Ashik & Aishu started for jogging, Rahul, “Why you both plan for a trip to Barehipani & Joranda Falls ?”, Aishu, “Is it a good place to enjoy?”, Rahul, “Yup”, Ashik “We will go today with uncle & aunt.” Aishu, “Done!”.

Two hours later, they started to Joranda Falls and reached there by 11:30. The weather was so cool & nature’s beauty made them feel like heaven and it was so pleasant to spend time there. Rahul & Ashik went to take bath in the Falls and later Rahul went and took his wife to Falls, Ashik came out of the falls and went near Aishu, which made her to blush thinking that Ashik is coming to take her to Falls, but Ashik said “Still a lot of time left, Koibitou!” and sat with her and talked, talked & talked. After two hours they started climbing the hilly part of the falls and went to the hotel and enjoyed their dinner. It was almost twelve @ night when they reached home.

The next morning started with heavy rain which ruined their entire day’s plan. Aishu’s aunt prepared some chips & other stuffs which made the day lively. It was a Wednesday morning (NEXT DAY AFTER THE HEAVY RAIN), Ashik took the car to go for a drive to Pradhanpat Hills with Aishu, and it was about 31 Km from their place, so packed all that they wanted and left home early. The travel was very interesting as both were talking about their future plans. It took hardly an hour to reach there, after which both started to climb the hill. It was so risky as it was very wet, they slipped a lot which didn’t change their idea of climbing the hill. Aishu, “Should we climb up?” for which Ashik nodded his head and later “Should we?” Aishu, “We will Koibitou!” smiled and hugged him.

Aishu, “Koibitou!”, “Yeah”, Ashik, Aishu, “Honey, when can we marry?, because am afraid of my parents”, Ashik, “Should we?”, “Will kill you?”, “Better choice dear”, “You are a stupid idiotic sweetheart”, “Hmmm, we will talk to your parents and will get married soon, honey”. “Then” Aishu; Ashik, “Life is a Big Question Mark, and we have to find the best way to succeed in it, Hope we should, No… WE WILL”. Aishu smiled big and had a deep look into Ashik eyes and said, “Aishiteru”.

The trees were dense and they couldn’t get any light to see, in secs Aishu slipped and started rolling as the hill was steep. Ashik, “Aiiissshhuuuuuu………” and started running towards her but he too slipped and rolled in the same direction. He rolled fast and by the time he caught her hands was the mountain’s end. Aishu was hanging in Ashik hands & Ashik in a half cut tree’s root.

Ashik, “Aishu.. Aishu.. Come on.. Come on.., you can climb up, come on.. Hold my hand tightly and try to come up idiot!”, Aishu crying, “Ashik, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!, I NEED TO LIVE WITH YOU FOR HUNDRED YEARS!, I NEED TO MARRY YOU!, I NEED YOU!”. Ashik, “Yeah we will, come on climb up, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Come on… You can!”. Slowly Aishu’s hands were getting out of Ashik’s, Aishu, “Oh my God! I want you be alive, so better leave me, please”. Ashik angrily, “YOU STUPID, I NEED YOU! Come on you can do it”. Aishu, “Hey Koibitou, long live with my thoughts!”, Ashik, “You Baka, dummy, I NEED YOU ! There is no point for me to be alive without you”

Aishu, “Sorry dear, I LOVEEE YOOUUUUUU AAASSSSHHHHHIIIKKKKKKK……….”, and fell down. Ashik, “Aiiissshhuuuuuu………” & took his foot from the trees root and fell down like a leaf.

Thank God, the lower part of the hill is fully covered with water of Pradhanapat falls & they both fell into it, Ashik, a good swimmer searched for her with agony & found her and swimmed to nearest shore. In the mean time Aishu drowned and went unconscious. He tried rubbing her hands & legs and gave her warmth, but it dint help her, so he decided to go for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation which heled her to gain her consciousness.

Ashik, “Speechless ! Hey are you ok ?”, Aishu “Noded her head” & kissed him all over his face. They totally drained in water and the climate was too chill, mobile phones were rinsed in water which too dint help them to get out of that dense forest. They had no clue where they are, how to contact their frends or relatives, only thing that they could do is to pray God. It was almost dark, so Ashik collected some dry woods and lighted it using stones, which protected them from killing darkness & chillness. Ashik glancing her, read her beauty from top to bottom & said, “Aishwarya Rai may not be as cute as you”, “Hmmmm IS IT SO, YOU NEVER TOLD ME?”, said Aishu. “Hei !”, Aishu said, “Domo” & blushed a lot. “You are blushing a lot idiot”, Ashik. “Hey stop idiot, it is girls’ nature”, “So …. ?”, “Hmmm hmmm hmmm”, Aishu.

Aishu, “I feel sleepy idiot”, “Hmmm wait for five min Koibitou” said Ashik & went in search of “BIG” Leaves. It was almost ten mins done, Aishu started screaming, “Ashik !!!!!!! Koibitou !!!!”, Slowly he came back of her & shouted, “MERA KOIBITOU, IDIOTIC LOVER TURN BACK”, she turned back, hugged him & said, “I LOVE YOU DEAR.. I Love u…”. He covered the ground with those leaves & made a tent with sticks around there. Aishu, “Oyasumi Koibitou !” & went inside the tent to sleep. Ashik sat near the fire, feeded it & slept there itself.

When all this was happening on one side, her uncle Rahul called them by five in the evening as they dint get back home, both the mobiles are not reachable as they were rinsed in water. He was afraid that something went wrong, so he informed police & since he is a NSG, he sought the help of NSG to rescue them.

They searched them from evening seven & atlast by midnight, they confirmed that they have fallen from the mountain as they bag were found @ the tree root & on the way they both rolled. NSG declared that they both are not alive & went in search of their bodies, Rahul couldn’t believe, he dunno what to do next but kept praying God that they should be alive.

Next day around six in the morning NSG ppl found that a fire is set inside the deep forest & started shouting, “IS ANYONE ALIVE”, Ashik, “Yeah we are…..”, made Aishu awake & went towards them. NSG Head, “Akhil” took his walkie talkie & informed Rahul, “BOTH OF THEM ARE SAFE, OVER”, Rahul, the happy man shouted, “Yahoooo ! Hurray !”

Three months later, Ashik & Aishu got engaged with their parents’ goodwill and marriage was fixed on Feb 14th, 2010.

Japanese Equivalent Words:
Oyasumi – Good Night
Koibitou – Sweet Heart
Aishiteru – I Love You
Domo – formal way of saying thanks

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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