Someone is always destined to their someone


Feb 14th 2009, everything was ready for the funeral of Mr. Sanjay, who had died of heart attack (in flight) on Friday Feb 13th 2009, when returning back from New York to Chennai. His relatives & wife Hassini (married three weeks ago), yet to start her life, had gone with a bouquet to receive him, but sooner the smiling faces had turned to tear-filled faces, bouquet to garland, newly married girl to ____.

Ashik whose eyes were as red as a drunken guy, who doesn’t have any relationship with Sanjay, was helping in moving the corpse to graveyard. He couldn’t even have an eye to eye contact with Hassini (LOVED EACH OTHER) because he couldn’t even imagine that her life was set before dawn.

The weeping sound rose as equal to acceleration of the van, as it started & Ashik kick-started his bike to join them. He couldn’t control his temper; cursed, cursed & cursed God for keeping a Full Stop to Hassini’s life. He accelerated the bike very slowly in order to match with the van, suddenly his college days flashed in his mind, “Heeeyyyy …. Ashik go fast man” said Hassini, “Idiot I can’t be faster than this!” Ashik. “You have to be, as this is our first ride in bike”, Hassini and paused for a second hiding herself in Ashik. “Hey what happened idiot?” Ashik, “The one who was standing in the bus stop in white shirt & dhotis with three stripes of ashes in his forehead, is your Father-in-law”, Hassini. “Oh my God, I missed to see him”, Ashik. “Its ok, you drive fast my dear”, Hassini & hugged him so that even air couldn’t enter between them.

A loud horn was heard after which Ashik came back to live action. The driver came out of the car & started shouting @ him, “Something something green, very green”, “Sorry Sorry sir” & accelerated his bike to catch hold of the van. He could see only the flowers and not the road, which made to him to think about Hassini’s birthday (14-02-03), “Sweet Sixteenth” in which he made her to walk only on the flowers from her bed to Pooja Arai & he also proposed on the same day. He promised her that she will never have tears in her eyes but not to be, as that day her eyes were drenched in tears. He closed his eyes and started cursing his favorite God, as he just passed the temple he used to visit with Hassini. “Hey Hassini, AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, SO SO MUCH…………” shouted Ashik six years, 8 hrs before in this temple, she wore a peacock blue color half saree with golden border. He kept Kungum on her forehead and said the above, no no shouted for which she replied “Is it so?” nodding her head & blushed a lot.

Ashik couldn’t forget her smiling face with kungum & blushing beautiful eyes whenever they were romantic, but now no more smiling face with kungum or blushing beautiful eyes. He had no clue as to how to get those things back to her. They were almost near to graveyard, before which he sighted the park where they would usually go and sit in the white colored bench on the right corner to read at times & to talk many a time which would end in her blushing eyes. The small fights, timely hugs, tasty kisses, cute tears all came to end before three weeks in her marriage. Those days were the best days of their life which now became a nightmare. Soon, they reached the graveyard & Sanjay was cremated to ashes. Ashik had a BIG QUESTION MARK before him & that was Hassini’s life.

Two hours later he reached his home & locked himself in his room. Almost 24 hours had gone by when he ate something, looked very tired & so he lied down in his bed. He tried to unlock his mobile several times but later he discovered that the mobile was switched off because of zero % charge. He looked confused without knowing what to do next but decided not to live anymore, so he made arrangements to hang himself, It was almost 99% complete i.e. (kept his head inside & tightened it) but his love over Hassini saved him; still remembered the promise that he gave her on her wedding day. So he loosened it & started crying badly to overcome the grief & later realized how stupid he was to take such a worst decision in his life, thanked God no Hassini who saved his life, but hers?

A week later, all the formalities were done which declared to the society that a 21 year old girl, a newly married girl before three weeks was now a _____. Is it the destiny for that girls’ life? From 21 years till death should she be alone? Should that full stop be permanent? Thousand of “?”! Will God answer it? Idiots! God won’t, because God decided that her destiny is something else and not this, but this poor race of human being suggests this. Break the shackles; think outside the box to save a life of a cute young girl.

Yeah, it happened, Hassini’s uncle Bala, an innovative, modern cultured person insisted on her Re-marriage to say appropriately, HE WANTED TO GIVE HER A NEW LIFE. Even though initially it was not accepted by her parents, but most welcomed by her in-laws, it resulted on a happy node in two months. YES IT WAS DECIDED THAT HASSINI WOULD MARRY HER SWEETHEART, “Who is that? AASSSHHHHIIIKK” As readers you could think that next will be also a happy note but it is not, as Ashik’s father denied it. No words to describe the pain undergone by Ashik and Hassini, the queen of his heart.

Do wait and expect some unexpected nasty twists 🙂

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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