What If

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What if I wrote if I was provided with a topic “What If”, and was asked to pen it down within the next 1440 minutes? I would probably be the last person to know the topic. Hmmm… first I thought of penning down as “ What if I became a billionaire overnight”, but it looked a very common one after Slumdog Millionaire – may be Slum dog Billionaire – so ignored it. Minutes rolled on as I started scratching my head thinking what should I pen down? I was the only one living creature ‘working’ (just in words though!) in my entire Development Centre when suddenly I received a call, “Private Number Calling”, and my hands shivered to answer the call as it was the first time in my life to receive a call from a Private Number. Should I answer the call? I thought for a second and then pressed green button in my Nokia 5130 Express Music Phone, voice trembled to say, “HHElloo”…, “Hi Sarav, Kim here” ( ONSITE PROGRAM MANAGER ), “Hi Kim” briskly, “Still in the office?”, “Yup, just completed my works; will be leaving in another ten minutes”, “Cool Man, Send a status update and leave asap”, “Sure, Bye Kim 🙂 ” and I noticed that my watch, fastrack, looked freaky; with its hour hand pointing ‘1’ and the other, ‘12’. Suddenly, I was suggested a topic by my mind, “What if I received a call from a PRIVATE NUMBER @ half past midnight” and I started to pen it down – only the topic – before which my instincts informed that it won’t be impressive to pen down such a weird one for something which was supposed to rank my name first time in the seventh edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. I was totally confused and pissed off thinking what I should pen down, it should be innovative and impressive and more over it should be of good class, say for e.g., “What If Spiderman joined Fantastic Four?” if not of that standard at least it should impress someone in Vipul’s Team (i.e. Our Team). I consumed 120 minutes in the above process and still dint find any topic to pen down, so again started scratching my head @ first, followed with my cheeks and etc., Hmmm… I really felt good @ scratching but not in finding the topic which was supposed to be first step in the above said process. I started yawning as I felt sleepy and tired because I had been sitting in front of my PC for the past 1080 minutes, hitting my head @ sql queries and C# and so decided to sleep @ my desk for the next 240 minutes. I woke up @ six in the morning (please don’t read the sentence fast), brushed & refreshed myself, swiped out and left my cabin. It took another 60 minutes to reach my room, a decent – clean Bachelor’s room and opened my laptop to pen down something related to “What If”. I thought, thought and thought if I was capable of penning down an impressive one or at least something under my name so that I can put my name in the comment column and a link to my blog which will remain among the thousands innovative bloggers, But I resorted to sleeping once again.  I woke up after 300 minutes, had my breakfast and started thinking again; but readers don’t think that this time also I failed to capitalize the opportunity (My thoughts), because I decided to pen down as, “What If I was provided with a topic – What If?”.

I thank all of them who read my first post in Blog-a-Ton – The Seventh Edition of the Online Marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. If you like or dislike my posts please comment here; this will help me to grow in positive steep. Vote if my first post is really worth so 🙂 I thank Vipul and Team for providing such a superb topic which helped me to decide a topic, “What If I am locked with a cute young girl in a lift?”, probably my next post of my blog 🙂

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"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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