Time Travel

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Ashik – the man who plays with time, Research Head – Time Institute, Stanford was preparing for his new Mission – “Is there an End to the World?” His God Father & Research Head Mr. Abdul was assisting him in his Time Travel. Almost all preliminary steps were completed in their Time Machine (MISIT).

As researches say, WORLD HAS AN END; they wanted to prove it wrong. So Ashik started his 3rd Time Travel of his life time on 1st Jan 2011. Everything was ready for him to start, his travel date was set to 01-01-2013 and his God Father initiated his start. MISIT started to rotate & within seconds it disappeared, he was the happiest man in the planet as he was going to prove everyone that WORLD HAD NO END.

But he was surprised at the things that happened,

1st – Rotation speed of the machine was unpredictable.
2nd – Oxygen was 100% pure
3rd – Heart Beat frequency was more than normal, 10 Hertz.
4th – Magnetic Compass was not working

Ashik: Oh my God, what’s happening? Why this shit? I never faced these kind of problems, but?

But in no time, he fell semiconscious; he could feel what was happening over there but, not clearly.

Ashik: Even in my first travel, I felt good, I didn’t go semiconscious & I still remember my time travel to 28th March 1947 where I met our ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru & all our Freedom fighters, even though I couldn’t mark my name in history, I was happy for the above reasons, I stayed there till 16th August 1947, I enjoyed the Independence with all those gems but my only guilty feel was that I was not there on January 30th 1948, if I were then I would have saved our Mahatma by all means. But none of the people in the present day’s world believed my TRAVEL or those photo copies, probably they considered me and my God Father as Fools or 2 Idiots.

My Second Travel was very exciting, as I went to 700 B.C & should consider myself as one of the evidences of our epic ‘Mahabharata’. Suppose I have to suggest anyone a role model then I would suggest KARNAN – the man with golden arms who always donates, probably if I were been God then I would have given the throne to KARNAN and made him as Maharaja but I couldn’t. This time, the people advise me to consider a psychiatrist. PEOPLE NEVER BELIEVE INTELLIGENTS OR IN-BORN TALENTS. IF YOU HAVE MONEY THEN YOU ARE WINNER, IF YOU DON’T THEN YOU ARE LOSER.

What a poor life am I living, at least this time I have to prove them I am a genius. Will I?

Days rolled on in his instincts and MISIT reached a mountain top & he became conscious after an hour or so. He had no energy to come out of MISIT but somehow he did and to his surprise he could find only water all over the earth except the place where he stood. He couldn’t believe so went inside the MISIT to check the date and it showed 13-02-0000, “Oh my God! Unbelievable!!!” and took his SONY Handy Cam, started shooting the entire view but he hunted for at least one living creature.

On the next day he heard a sweet voice, hope everyone knows it should be a girl’s voice. “Hi, this is Andrea”, only one survivor from the WORLD ZONE Submarine.

Ashik: Hi, this is Ashik, May I know how many travelled with you?

Andrea: Many thousands.

Ashik: Hmmm… That’s good, where are they?

Andrea: (pointing her hands up) “Heaven”

Ashik: Oh God, I feel sorry.

Andrea: I travelled in a different wing where there were only animals. Rest of the wings dashed and sank into the sea

Ashik: According to my knowledge this place should be CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, placed almost several thousand feet above the sea level. And you know today’s date is 14-FEB-0000

Andrea: Hmmm… Great, I have found a human being after 45 days i.e. Valentine’s Day (and hugged him).

Ashik said to himself, “We are the next Adam & Eve” and smiled because he didn’t want to prove himself to rest of the World. He rated that this was his best TIME TRAVEL

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"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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