“What If I am locked with a cute girl in a lift?”

“What If I am locked with a cute girl in a lift?”

Ashik – a tall & handsome guy was waiting in the queue to buy ticket for the movie “My Name Is Khan” which got released on that day Feb 12th 2010, where he noticed a cute girl – wearing rose t-shirt & blue jeans standing just a couple of people ahead of him. He was very eager to know which movie she’s come to watch and luckily it was also the same King Khan’s movie and she disappeared in no time 🙂

Ashik: I want one ticket for the movie “My Name is Khan”.
Booking Consultant: – Sure Sir. Ticket is available in B Row. Shall I book now?
Ashik: Sure 🙂
Booking Consultant: Thank You 🙂

and Ashik started searching her but it was time for the show so he went inside the cinema hall. The movie started & he was still searching for that girl. As usual, King Khan’s movie was rocking & @ the interval he noticed that she was in the same row and felt very happy. But she was accompanied by two more; one of them was a guy who seemed to be the lover of the girl who sat near her; probably her frend. The second part of the movie went unnoticed by him (Even though it is King Khan’s movie) as he was mesmerized by that cute girl.

It was almost quarter past midnight, when the movie got over and everyone started leaving the cinema hall except Ashik who was searching for his angel. To his surprise he saw her coming out of the lift with tears, @ first he didn’t know how to react to it but followed her only through his eyes. She explained some blah blah to the security outside and entered the cinema hall once again. It was almost 10 minutes done, after which she came out of the hall with a big smile seeing her mobile. Probably, only they both were left in the mall other than security personnel. She phoned her frend and said, “Hi Nisha! I found my mobile 🙂 Am Happy :-)“and paused for her frends response and replied as “Ok dear you leave I will take care Bye” and entered the lift. The lift’s doors almost closed after which Ashik entered in to it, thanks to the manufacturers who made it with sensors and closed the doors. She looked little frightened and by the time he read her beauty, the lift got struck in middle due to power failure (Hope so!).

She got frightened further and didn’t know how to react to this, Ashik shouted for help but nothing helped him or her. Later he punched the door to show his anger which made her nervous. Seconds rolled on and his watch showed 01:00 AM, then 01:30 AM & @ last 01:45 AM & he initiated the talk, “Hi I am Ashik working in a private concern as a software engineer”. She smiled and replied a little late, “Hi This is Niharika pursing my final year in Bangalore University”.

Ashik: Good. What’s your major?
Niharika: Computer Science
Ashik: Good. What about your placement?
Niharika: I got placed in the same company which you work now
Ashik: Hey So you are my junior, nope my Colleague
Niharika: Yup & Smiled
Ashik: Actually you have a cute smile
Niharika: Smiled, Thanks 🙂 You know what: you are a gentleman
Ashik: Is it? If so whhyyyyy?
Niharika: For the past two hours we both are trapped here and I look very cute
Ashik: Is it? I don’t
Niharika: Hey, shut up let me complete (and continued once again) I look very cute, sexy & no one is here to help me even if you try something wrong but you didn’t. This shows that you are very good @ heart.
Ashik: Good to know that I got an Exceed Expectation Certificate from a girl which is very tough to get from my managers. But correct you, All guys are not bad or all girls are not good; don’t go by looks but by hearts (and smiled)
Niharika: (Smiled) It is very cold yaar, am dying 🙁
Ashik: Yeah, it is very chill; if you don’t mistake me I can help you
Niharika: Why should I, if you are gonna help me 🙂
Ashik: Good, if you don’t then you can come inside my winter coat (or we both can wear the same winter coat which is good?)

Niharika, Paused for a second or so (Ashik: She’s mistaken me I think), went near him & stood facing the door, YES 🙂 Ashik smiled, helped her to wear the jerkin and zipped it. (At that instant his heart started pumping fast, blood ran faster into his veins, eyes felt with excitement and all happened because that was the first time in his life time a girl entered his personal space & that too, a cute angel).

Niharika: Hmmm
Ashik: What?
Niharika: Innocently I feel good yaar 🙂
Ashik: Yup me too (innocently – does he?) and tied his hands over her 🙂

He felt like that he was in heaven surrounded by thousands of rose roses around him and him enjoying the fragrance of it. Minutes rolled on like milliseconds and the clocked showed 03:00 AM, Niharika said “Hey my legs are aching”.

Ashik: For me too
Niharika: Let’s lie down

and they both went to their knees and lied down. It was an awesome feeling for him as he slept with a cute angel wrapped with him using his winter coat. She looked very cute in that angle; probably she is the cutest girl in the entire universe. Thanked God for giving such an opportunity for him.

Early morning around 05:30 the mall security guards switched on the lift and it started to come down. They both realized it when it reached the ground, hurriedly, they got up and Ashik unzipped the coat as the lift door opened in Ground Floor. The securities were annoyed, started questioning Ashik, “Something Something in Hindi” for which Niharika responded, helped him to get out of the stupid conversation and they both left the mall asap 🙂

As Ashik’s home was nearby the mall he reached soon and started thinking about the most precious night that he had before hours. You know what? He didn’t feel hungry or sleepy or anything that a human being will come across in a day. Even if he closed his eyes and tried sleeping also didn’t work as his memories had been conquered by the sweet night that he had. Thank God at last he slept without his knowledge and woke up by 10 @ night. He started to think about the angel and was puzzled what to do next? His instincts told him that she was created by God for him; the next day i.e. VALENTINES DAY, he woke up early bathed, dressed up like a hero and went to the same mall wishing that he could meet her today.

Searched, Searched & Searched her in all the floors of the mall but he couldn’t find his angel; tired & hungry eyes had the feast as he heard the voice, “Hi Ashik”.

Ashik: Hey Hi Glad to see you once again!
Niharika: Hmmm I was dying to see you
Ashik: And So I Am
Niharika: What?

Ashik held her hands tightly and said, “Am in Love”. He knew her response that’s why HE WAS THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE ENTIRE PLANET.

His heart said probably this was not expected to happen when a girl gets trapped in a lift with a guy but it happened “What If happened when I am locked with a cute girl in a lift?

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  1. @ shweta

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww…………………… it was so cute 😛

    really cute..

    now even i want to get trapped with someone in the lift 😛

    Oh cool.. wish you good luck shweta.. and by the way who wish to be that someone? any actors??? 🙂

    Someone is Special

  2. Hehehe…Sweet, for me it was a perfect read just before the valentine…Do such boys like Ashik actually exist SIS??? If yes then I'm waiting for the one…The story was really cute,little naughty and romantic…
    loved it… Keep rocking…

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