The Untold Story

May I have your attention please? I looked around for a second. That’s good. This is my graveyard; the third one from left is my grave. Hope you could see my name. If it is not clear, then let me tell you…I’m Rahul Mehra – one of the share market sensations of India, just 27.

What the F? Just 27 and he is claiming that he lives in this graveyard? Why? How? Is this your doubt, just chill…because even I was shocked to know that I was declared dead on 26th January 2010. Exactly 27 years after I came to this awful world. I wish that no one should have an end like mine and that’s why I wanted to narrate my story to this world – THE UNTOLD STORY.

Born in the slums of Bombay, now known as Mumbai, I studied in Bombay Corporation School and my hard work paid off, as I topped in the state Higher Secondary Examination. With God’s goodwill I joined University of Mumbai (MU) and on the first day of my college life, I saw my dream angel Neha Agarwal – the one and only daughter of Bombay’s Petroleum King. You know, if she would have participated in Miss India competition, then she would have won with all hands down. And yes, I fell in love with her the minute I saw her, but I took 6 months to say a ‘HI’ to her, then you could imagine the time taken to propose my love to her.

It feels good to be in love but to tell them ‘I love you’ needs a lot of courage, and I got those only after 2 years and 8 months.

Two years and 8 months? Yes, I manage to propose her only in the last year of my college life. It was a Valentine’s Day, and you know why I took this much time?

Let me tell you…the day after I joined the college, I came to know about her family, I was really astonished after knowing her Dad’s bank balance, I did not even know how to write that in International format but he owned it. Anyway, let him own, because in five years, I am sure of earning at least one rupee more than his bank balance, as I am an intelligent business man than him and that’s why I concentrated more in studies than Neha, and earned money for my Business by taking tuition for the subjects Mathematics & Science – X Std. I topped the university in all semesters and you know I didn’t have friends, not even one true friend to share my happiness and shed tears. You know why because people cared for those earned an AUDI car, and they did not have time for poor people. I being poor in everything, stayed poorer in terms of friends as well, and that’s why my hunger for money grew more; the Business man in me wanted money, money & money…nothing else.

But Neha was an exception, my sweet heart, uttered those three beautiful words, which I wanted to hear at least once in my lifetime, and it happened just after I proposed my love to her and, she implanted a kiss on my lips which lasted long enough for a minute. You know I was on cloud nine; but in hours I fell down, may be 1000 meters below the sea level…I found myself in ICU – Sharda Hospital, Mumbai. I was unconscious for seven days and nights, after which, I opened my eyes, only to know that I was badly hit by a car owned by Neha’s father. Actually they tried to run the car over me, but again with God’s goodwill I survived…and my love life did not even last for a day. Neha was sent to her aunt’s house in Australia on the same day.

It took a month for me to get back to normal life, and I had no clue about anything. Actually I was afraid if Mr Father would have ruined my career too, but thank God he did not follow such cheap tactics, still he was a ruthless one. Hardly a month left for my graduation I couldn’t concentrate completely in my studies as I felt guilty for ruining the career of my girl. Somehow I managed to top the University and won the GOLD medal and was awarded as the best student of MU.

The Business man inside me couldn’t wait anymore…I started investing in share market; I bought 5000 units of BROADCOM share at just ten rupees. I also opened a Net Café near MU colored pinkish, which every girl would love to visit at least once. It was the most fascinating business one could do by sitting in a single place and I earned handsomely, as you all know it was the peak time for boys and girls to fall in love through internet chatting.

Three months after, I tripled the money I invested in shares and invested them back on different shares and saved the money which I earned from Net Café and Tuitions. I worked hard. I slept only four hours a day and the rest of the time I made money…days passed like minutes and I earned like a flying horse in a year’s time my bank balance was a one followed by six zeros. I was named as Emerging Share Market King by a Business Magazine. I broke the jinx of share market and I my bank balance became 5 times of what I had in three years. You know I was the happy man despite losing my love as I earned 1 rupee more than Neha’s father current balance. My wish was fulfilled and it happened in just four years. Not only my bank balance grew but also my enemies grew twice as fast as money, they all wanted to dump me down but they couldn’t. And I cared a damn.

Did I ever tell you that I am an athlete? Okay, let me tell you about my sportsmanship…I won in all the track events I participated in my life. When it comes to running, I was the best right from my school days, right from 100 meters to 1500 meters and was also a Marathon winner five times.

I am an energetic person, always fit, flaunting my six packs that every girl would like, but my love, my interest, my passion, my energizer, my positive, my better half and my love is my Neha. I missed her a lot. If Neha was with me, I would kiss her daily till she turns pink. But I…a teardrop fell down my cheeks from my left eye.

Years passed by and my bank balance grew faster till the recession hit USA which affected almost all of the IT based countries. For the first time I faced loss in my business, I sobbed a little but there was no shoulder to share my sadness, not even a single true friend. I meant a friend who would say yes before you ask, “Will you do this for me?” or energize you when you are down, or give you a shoulder whenever necessary and wipe out your tears when needed, but I was very unlucky in relations. When I was a kid, I sobbed for mom; when I was a small boy, I sobbed for friend; when I was a teenager, I sobbed for love; and after that in all the stages I sobbed for money, money and money…nothing else.

After the hard times during recession, markets started rising up, and I used the opportunity and invested in all shares in bulk that were good, but priced low…I sold them when the price went high, at least, ten times more than the price I bought. I gained profit and my bank balance grew unimaginably. And I was the happiest man to be hit by IT recession; but you know, I was totally hit by recession in relationships and never rose up till date 🙁

I could still remember the date this happened…December 6, 2009, the same day when the marathon race was conducted in Mumbai, I won the title for the third consecutive year and I was happy for that. I was pretty popular in the News Channels not just as the usual share market king but as the winner of marathon racer for the past three years. I wished New Year to do wonders, and actually it did, first I came to know that Neha was married. I broke down into tears, sobbing in my bed day and night, but tears did not help me. At least I slept for 4 hours a day but after seeing Neha with her husband in New Year party I became sleepless…God cursed me in relationships right from the moment I was born.

I had no shoulder to share the pain…neither my personal secretary nor my servants, all they wanted was money and nothing else. Seconds became years and it was my 27th birthday. Nope, let me put this in an unique way…it was the 1st day I slept permanently…and it happened at 12 minutes, 12 seconds past midnight, exactly the same time I was born .

On 26th Jan 2010, around eight in the morning, my secretary phoned me on my mobile a couple of times, after which the knocked the door several times, since it did not help they broke the door only to realize that I slept peacefully. They were shocked…my secretary called emergency and took me to nearby hospital, where doctors declared me dead. All of a sudden I became headlines and this time for one final time. “JUST IN: Share Market King Rahul committed suicide, suspected love failure.”

Then I was taken to the Sharda Hospital where they informed press reporters that I was died of heart attack. What the Fuck? I was died of heart attack? I? Me? How is it possible? I am a fit, energetic person, then how come I am victim of cardiac arrest? Puzzled!

A 27-year-old marathon runner died of heart attack. How did it happen? The story behind Rahul’s death; New channels buzzed. Two people are responsible for you to come into this world, and we call them as parents; and after death four people is responsible to carry you to graveyard. In most cases, they know the former, but in my case, I do not know either the former or the latter. And I do not have anyone to shed tears for me, not even Neha. Doctors kept me in mortuary to do a case study to find out the reason behind my death. And I stayed in Headlines for the next two days, after which, just like all hot news in my country, I became nothing. All my money went to Child is God’s Charity and Mother Teresa Educational Fund as per my will, which I had registered years before.

A week later in Times Now, Rahul Mehra – the Share Market King died due to lack of sleep, he slept four hours a day which generated a liquid in lungs that hardened the muscle, which became the root cause of the cardiac arrest, along with depression of cursed relationship. After hearing this I shed tears, I ran for money, money and money without actually caring about me. And I had no one to care for me; I sobbed for relationships. I wonder why God scribbled my story this way and I will surely ask him why. I wanted to share my story to all the people in this world as THE UNTOLD STORY Lack of sleep and cursed relationship being the cause of my death.

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