An Unexpected Travel – A Cute Girl – Magic Word Spelled On Us

I, Magesh, want to share with you the magic word spelled upon me during a travel, It was a Friday, around 7 in the evening when I tapped my keyboard so hard that the strokes could be heard by everyone in my development center, and it also sent out a loud, clear note to my team lead that I wanted to leave early that day. Daniel (TL) came near to me, “Is the work done?”. I nodded my head in affirmative, and he smiled which implied “then, leave idiot!”. I started.

Though I go to Chennai every week, I felt energized when watch struck six on Friday evenings as my thoughts will fully be with my home only, Neither can I work, nor I do I have the mood for that during that time. My friends teased me as usual, so I thought I shouldn’t go to Chennai that weekend but the situation demanded me to go to Chennai. I came out of the company, walked to the nearby bus stop, and got into a bus (Bangalore – Hosur). In a few minutes the bus stopped as a cute girl stepped in. I couldn’t help myself staring at her, my heart desired that she should be mine but would that happen? In fact, not only I but the entire bus was staring at her. 

I thought she would get down a stop before mine and would come in AC or sleeper bus but she didn’t, and I thanked God for that. I got down at Hosur and had my dinner at the usual shop and boarded the same Express Bus which I always travel by, and sat in the last seat before back entrance. Still I remember her face, the wavy hair with a couple of strands dancing here and there, tiny little ears, heart-stealing eyes, a perfect rose bud lips and much more; Wow she is much prettier than any girl I saw in my life time, but am just more than an average looking guy, 6 ft tall, fit enough to knock down six people in one punch. The watch showed ten; the bus was almost full except the seat beside me, she got into the bus via the back entrance and searched all over the place for an empty seat but there wasn’t one other than the one alongside me. She had no choice but to sit near me. My heart started beating fast, pulse rate increased; I sweated a lot; I was on pins and needles, but thanked God for everything! We “took off” and in a few minutes the conductor came and questioned her confusingly, “Madam Neengavena front conductor seatla change panringala”, for which she responded as, “No issues get me a ticket for Chennai”, and I said, “Ennakum oru ticket kodu na Chennaiku (Get me a ticket for Chennai!)”. I was the happiest man as it was the first time I was sitting with a girl and I thanked God! 

I spent an hour seeing her bare foot and the bus reached Krishnagiri, a few more people got in and among them one guy stood close to the seat and irritated her.. “Hi can you do me a favor? Shall we change our seats, I feel irritated here”, she asked, I nodded and we changed our positions; actually this is the ideal way to sit with a girl, she was on the window side and I, on the other side. After few minutes, she said, “Hi, this is Megha working as a System Engineer in ___”.

“This is Magesh working as a Tera Data Specialist in _____.” I said with a smile.

“Great dude! Data warehousing Specialist? Superb Yaar.” She said looking into her eyes. 

I smiled and asked her about her experience, just to confirm her age for which she replied an overall experience of one year and she was a 2008 pass out from SSN Engineering College, Chennai. I wanted to talk more with her but that stupid girl took her iPod out to hear some songs, so I initiated the conversation for the first time stating, “Hey Megha, I did my engineering in Velammal Engineering College”. 

Megha: Hey in that jail?

Magesh: It is not like that, I enjoyed a lot with my friends in my college days as well as in my school days. If you wish I will tell you all those sweet moments.

Megha: I love to hear those, please go ahead dude!

Mahesh: You meant my schooling right? Hmm, I was the most mischievous guy in my school days but equally favorite for all my teachers too as was the king of Mathematics and Science, I scored centum in both the subjects in my Tenth Standard Public Examination and you know I was the topper of my school.

Megha: Hey that’s cool, so you are the Mathematics genie and Science too? So you like Botany or Zoology?

Mahesh: I love botany, don’t ask me reasons but I simply love Botany.

Megha: Botany? Oops I thought Zoology yaar.

Mahesh: Hmm I even like that too, and the reason behind me scoring well was my parents and my girl.

Megha: Your girl? Hey who is she? What she is doing? You still love her?

Mahesh: Hey just in split seconds you are asking me thousand questions?

Megha: Not thousand but just four, if you don’t wish to answer leave it. Sorry to cross my limit.

Mahesh: That’s okay, I loved a girl who was my class mate from Ninth Standard; I loved her a lot but never had guts to tell her that I loved her. Now she is married and she is no more in my life.

Megha: Sorry dude.

I said that’s okay and kept silent for the next few minutes, but she again initiated the talk by saying a big hello, I responded her and the conversation now had more intensity as she was more involved in it.

Megha: Hey Mathematics genie what about your Higher Secondary Examination, if am not wrong you took Science group and scored centum in all the subjects right?

Mahesh: No you are wrong, I scored centum in Mathematics but neither in Bio nor in Physics and Chemistry, I lost my interest in studies and somehow managed to clear the exam. 

I paused for some time so that she completed her Ramayana about her safest travel to her dad, smiled and asked me about my College life. “My second sweetest phase of my life, where I learnt what life is and friends, usually when you hear the name Velammal Engineering College, you people will be thinking that it was a very strict college but actually it is not; it all depends on your friends and faculties. In that way I am lucky, right from my first semester to eight semester; I enjoyed a lot, particularly there were moments which I can’t forgot in my life time, one of that was in my fourth semester, I accidentally questioned my professor politely but my face expressions made it looked like I am rude to him, He got angry and started blabbering that he was an rogue in his college days and no one can dare him and some craps which was fueled more by my class mates laugh. Hope you can guess who could be the victim.” She smiled and the bus also stopped in the usual pit stop. I got down, refreshed myself and bought a Sprite 500ml pet bottle for us. The bus started after ten minutes and I initiated the talk. 

“When are you planning to sleep?” She responded, “Are you planning to sleep?” and what could be my answer definitely I don’t want to waste this precious opportunity of speaking with a beautiful angel. I smiled and took the topic about marriage, though all the people in bus starred at us angrily but we didn’t consider it and started our sweetest conversation. So what sort of guy, what you expect from him? She blushed, smiled, her voice was soft & airy, “I want a guy who is good at heart, loves his parents more than me and loves me truly”, “Enough?”, “Yes and what sort of girl you are looking for?” I smiled gently and said, “Sexy, hot, good looking girl – definitely not in this category, I want a girl who loves her mom, should have a powerful eyes and moreover she should be mine all the time”. Megha said, “Romba Nalla Paiyano?” I smiled, and in seconds rain started pouring down, though the window was closed; rain drops started to fall from top of the bus on her face and started following the nature’s route. Thank God, rain stopped in half an hour and the droplets which fell on her face too stopped, but in that mean time she was drenched enough to feel the chillness of the air which came through broken walls of bus. She looked very sexy and I couldn’t help myself starring at her, my watch showed 1 and the most romantic moments of my life happened in the next three hours.

Mahesh: Oh my god, my hands are aching Megha.

Megha: Why?

Mahesh: Keeping my hands in same position (Actually there is no logic in it, but I tried some idea, like a trial and error method)

Megha: So?

Mahesh: If you don’t mistake shall I put my hands over your shoulder for some time, please.

She smiled. 

I put my hands over her shoulder and started speaking some crap, I did not even remember what I spoke but only hands, as I reached the highest place in the world; she starred at me angrily and asked me to remove my hand but I said her that my hands weren’t following my instructions and asked sorry for that. She removed my hand from her shoulder and started murmuring, “Cha, conductor sonna appiaya munadi seatiku poiyirukalam, none of the guys is good”, I heard only those and so started the repairing work for the damage done, it took around 40 minutes to convince her and at last she smiled and replied, “You are very sweet ….”, “Sweet, then?”, “Nothing”, she said and smiled. 

By then, the chemistry between us was awesome, we both started smiling at each other for silly reasons, might not be silly; but I loved those moments. She was awesome in her expression, said many blah-blah about her school days, followed by a huge smile, the rain started again and the droplets too, I felt some nonsense in my brain and executed a few which was fun and it included playing with rain drops and by the time rain stopped it was 3 AM, she was very wet and looked sexy. I prayed to God that I should act like a good guy for the next few hours till we reach Chennai but nothing helped me, as I kissed her hands first, her cheeks in seconds; I waited for her to react but she kept silent. I thought of stopping this nonsense but was senseless, so went ahead by kissing her cheeks once again, after seconds when I went to kiss on her cheeks, she turned to warn me but I tasted strawberry flavour for a minute, her lip gloss flavor. 

Her eyes became moist which said that she was crying for the mistake done, so to cheer up, I spoke with her in a sweet tone, I felt it didn’t help. I fell in love with her totally; though I wanted to express it I didn’t have any words. She took my mobile, not a fancy one though – Motorola W270 and typed some number and called to that number and the bus stopped as we reached Chennai. I helped her in getting her luggage down, she said bye, and left the place; I didn’t know how to react but was thinking about her and about when could I meet her next. My mobile beeped twice, my hands rushed to take the mobile from my bag and found a message from an unknown number. I opened the message and it read, “Love you maggi”. I jumped; danced for my favorite song in the background as I felt the Magic Spelled on us.

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