What Women Wants?

What Women Want? (WWW) I doubt if even The Creator of our earth can answer this ‘puzzle’! Nor can the famous WWW – (World Wide Web) Search Engine Google! The answer is perhaps ‘money’ as said in, “Now you are rich, let’s fall in love” type or ‘love’, “Nothing for you Mam, still I love you” type? But, somehow someday this puzzle has to be answered which would enrich the relationship between a guy and a girl. To this process tree, I’d like to add a leaf based on my real life experience with four sweet women – mom, sister, friend and better half.

A woman – The Creator or we used to call them sweetly as mom, who brought you to this world; fed you when we were hungry; secured you in her shell (hands) from everything that were considered as threat; taught you what is world, and she knows only to show love and affection.

A sister – the one who is your friend, enemy, good, bad and everything – teaches you how to step in this world intelligently; how to face this world with lots of courage. She knows to show love and affection and guides you to the way of success.

A friend – the one who scolds you for the mistakes you do; helps you in your subjects; remains with you in all your mischievous acts; shares with you everything and she knows to show love, affection, anger and friendship.

A better half – who is your better half; will be with you in all your ups and downs; shares your happiness, sadness and moreover a second mother to you who protects you in her eyelids and lives only for you.

When a woman is your mom – she expects nothing other than your love.

When a woman is your sister – she expects nothing other than your love & care.

When a woman is your friend – she expects nothing other than your love, affection and honesty.

When a woman is your better half – she expects nothing other than your love, affection, honesty and most importantly the secure arms which she always loves to lay down on.

In all the four creations, What Women Want is LOVE & AFFECTION and most importantly she should be herself whenever she is with you.

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"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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