Is Indian Media Misusing its Freedom?

Is Indian Media Misusing its Freedom? Well, a tough question to answer, but frankly, “Yes it is.”, as this would be the answer by at least 90% of our population.
Media is a powerful tool which can make a world; such a powerful contributor to the world in the early nineties has now changed to something else.

Democracy means for the people as everyone has a freedom of speech and that’s why I am penning down my thoughts, “Indian Media is now fading away as it starts misusing its freedom! They can make heroes out of zeros but now it has changed.

I love to explain it with three incidents that happened in the recent past. Sorry if I am rude in my thoughts.

First Case: Nithyananda, the Shit.

Nithyananda also called as Swamiji or Dyanapeetam Guru has been arrested for alleged sex video with actress Ranjitha. Although he was arrested his devotees had 100 percent faith in him, but the black sheep was definitely himself as he disappeared as soon as the tape was out and proudly said, “I have disappeared to collect materials related to prove that it was a morph“, come-on people what the **** it is. Even the media hot news was, “Nithyananda Alleged Sex Video” followed two days after the release of the video. But what was the ultimate result?, Foolish People was ****** by bloody media as in a week or two again the hot news was, “Nithyananda performing Yaga for Peace“, OMG what the hell. This is definitely the misuse of Media’s Freedom; Never ever a truth comes out of Indian Media.

Second Case: Bangalore Call Centre.

A 24 year old girl was kidnapped and raped by the call centre driver in Bangalore but the media news were late than the police. Even they investigated the case and trapped the killer but not the media as they were very hot in FOOTBALL Kick off. This clearly pictures that media has now become a mass media rather than a media for the people.

Third Case: Dhoni’s Marriage Vs Sanjiv Mehta, CEO of East India Company

Dhoni, our Indian Cricket Team Captain’s marriage was very sensational news for our Media, even after ten days they were showing his marriage ceremony as if no one would have married in India. Why this much importance for a particular marriage? Why do the media misuse its freedom just to show one man show? Do they not have any news to clear?

Why not in this case? East India Company had ruled India for more than 100 years but now that company is owned by an Indian, “Sanjiv Mehta”. What response he got? Just a one liner on the same day that an Indian now owns the East India Company. Is that all this deserves? When Dhoni’s marriage could be flashed for ten days why not about a proud Indian who owns the company which once ruled India? Why important news nearly always goes unnoticed? Is it because, “He is not a celebrity?” Why the hell? Should this happen in a democratic country?


Case 1: Now Nithyananda has become a true dyanapeetam guru as he performed yaga and homa for peace.

Case 2: thavicha vaiku thaneer tharanum, it means if action is not taken at the right time then reaction would be dreadful

Case 3: Priority should not be how people likes them but how they are important are.

Think and act as this is the right time to show them that they were travelling in the wrong path.

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