Last Wish

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“Please… I hope you will understand… I love my Mom more than anyone else in this world… I can’t say no to this marriage arranged by her… Please… Please let’s breakup…” was the last few words uttered by her but those are the words kept on ringing in my mind. I can’t get over this pain caused by the wound of her words. Come-on! Come-on, do something I queried my mind and in no time it ordered me to do these and I followed it…

I searched for sweet poison which will kill me minute by minute as I want to die with her thoughts but I never know which was sweetest and the slowest. I searched, searched and searched in pain and found some sleeping pills in my First Aid Box. I consumed two and sat on the table to think about the sweetest moments that happened in our life sorry in my life.

I decided to pen down a letter to her so took the special paper which I used to pen down usually and wrote, “I still love you with each and every broken pieces of my heart” and followed with.

Woof! Woof! I searched for water but couldn’t find it. Oh God!!!!!!!!!! I cried for water but everything became dark as I couldn’t see the letter I wrote. My last wish was that someday somehow this letter should be read by you and fell down on my desk with my head hitting the letter pad. With your thoughts I breathe my last……………………..

This post is a part of “Sleepy Sunday! Contest – I” contest under the category, “1. Life/Love/Relationship/Personal” organized by WeBlog.

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"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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