Moments of Madness

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Hmmm a topic that everyone loves to participate in and I am not an exception to sleep on that! Let me pen down my top five moments of madness that I experienced in my life and I hope you will like it too…

I: A mischievous act with Isha, my girl.

I still cherish that moment of madness as it decided my destiny, my Isha – a sweet girl. This happened exactly 15 years before and I was 8. It was the melodious rainy season when we kids used to play in the waters. On one such fine day when Isha and I were playing, the mad girl pushed me into the water and sat on me. I in turn pushed her down, took some tadpoles from the water and slide it inside her tops. She started crying badly and shouted like anything!

She looked cute and this was my first moment of madness.

II: Definitely not my mistake.

The second one was not my mistake but God’s. I used to teach her cycling on every evening and after about a week of practice this incident happened.

Isha: “Hey idiot, hold the cycle tightly because I shouldn’t fall at any cost.”

Me: “Sure Dumbo, trust me.”

But for the previous two days I didn’t hold the cycle as I realized that she had learnt cycling. I followed the same technique that day but unfortunately she went down and dashed on a wall. I rushed to her and noticed that her knees were injured and it was bleeding badly. I shouted for help and a kind-hearted auto rickshaw man took us to hospital. She was given treatment and injection to recover soon.

She looked damn cute in the hospital and this explains my second moment of madness.

III: I just love Mathematics but I feel sorry for her.

This incident took place in our Tenth Standard Public Examination. It was our mathematics exam, usually I used to pick her up in my bicycle during exams but on that day, I forgot to pick up her. I reached the examination hall on time and wrote my exam well, confident enough to score a centum. When I came out of the Examination Hall, I realized that I didn’t pick her up and searched for her in and out of the campus but in vain. I rushed to her home and saw a cute angel sobbing for missing two marks, that too because of the ten minute delay to reach the examination centre. She shouted at me for not picking her up and hugged me crying for missing two marks. I had no words to say but felt bad about myself.

She looked like an angel with the tears on her eyelid and this sums up my third moment of madness.

IV: The Sweet Proposal

On feb14th 2004, I went to her home after the school hours. She was looking cute on her red colour half sari, with matching bangles and stubs. I felt butterflies flying in my stomach on seeing her but somehow gained courage, and sealed her lips with mine. It lasted long enough for three tasteful minutes after which I moved away from her and uttered those three beautiful words and came back to my home. That day night I received a message from her.

“அன்பே உன்னால் என்னை உணர்ந்தேன்
உன் கண்களிலே காதலை உணர்ந்தேன்

In English:
Hey my love, because of you I learnt who I am;
Because of your eyes I learnt what Love is

I replied to her as,

Welcome to my life sweet idiot

The incident that took place in her home was my fourth moment of madness.

V: Marriage.

Just before two months I tied the auspicious thread on her neck with our parent’s will after that we played several games, one of them being the ring game. The game is to search for the ring inside the bowl of flowers and the one who wins the maximum can wear that ring. But I never searched for the ring instead was playing with her, pinching her fingers and…. It was very interesting as I looked into her eyes and said I LOVE YOU several times, it took twenty minutes for us complete the game and the winner was Mrs Sid

She looked very cute and she blushed like never before which meant, “I LOVE YOU” and this pretty much was my fifth moment of madness.

Adding to this, today she smiles for deserving the birth right, yes she is conceived now.

Out of these five moments of madness, I reaped smile, peace, joy and eternal love, and last but not the least, “I can call myself a responsible father and a lovable husband“.

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  1. @ Simran

    This is your most cutest post 🙂
    And I found here, you love her smile madly :)..Your cute madness

    She looked very cute and she blushed like never before which meant, "I LOVE YOU"

    Just stole my heart 🙂
    SmileS 🙂

    Aww.. thank you so much Little one.. It is my pleasure to have you here.. Happy Man..

    Someone is Special

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