Sense Of Love

The day started with little drizzles, as Ashik started to his school wearing a black hat, over coat and his usual school dress. He started cycling slowly as if he was riding in a slow cycling race; he was in low spirits that day and felt very sleepy due to the climate. When he was about to reach his school, he saw Akhil, his friend shouting “Hey dude! They declared Holiday! Enjoy your day“. Ashik replied, “Shit, I don’t have energy to enjoy you idiot, thanks anyway and bye” and went to the park to which he usually goes with Hassini, his love.

He knew that Hassini would come there, and so, he waited. Ten minutes later, Hassini came and closed Ashik eyes with her hands, “Who is this?“; “Mera Love” said Ashik and pulled her to the front and made her to sit.

As usual, they both started to talk, talk and talk, and the whole world went off unnoticed. An hour or so would have gone by when a few drizzles started dancing down on them, which could also not stop their talk. After ten minutes of drizzling, rain started to pour heavier. They both were left with no other option other than to run to a nearby tree. It was very big and they both found shelter under it. They were totally drenched in the rain because of which Hassini started to shiver, Ashik gave his overcoat to her but that also didn’t help her.

Ashik had no clue how to stop her shivering, so he just hugged her gently. Her shivering started to come down but he hugged her tightly with lots of love, in turn, Hassini. Ashik slowly lifted her face, smiled and kissed on her forehead at first, then left & right cheeks, then chin & then neck. He held her hand tightly & at last, he reached the destiny, kissed her with ease for a few minutes.

Rain too stopped and they both started walking, hands locked, no words uttered. They both sensed the truth of love behind it and the world went unnoticed.

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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