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Ajay!” shouted Neha all of a sudden in grave voice. Tracing the scream of his sweetheart Ajay came rushing to her. He looked anxiously at her waiting to hear what had happened. Those worried, yet calm eyes of hers conveyed that she was parting. But he couldn’t see anything beyond his imagination; as he was blind from his birth. All he heard was a feeble voice, “Ajay… Ajay… I love you… Good… Bye…” Literally unconscious of the reality, he yelled out for help to save her. With a lot of struggle, he managed to get her to the hospital. The news of her Brain Dead Condition came thundering down his heart. He was consumed by grief, when he heard someone shouting for his name. “Do you know Mr. Ajay? Neha has expressed her will that her eyes be given to Ajay, a year before.” Hearing this, Ajay broke into tears and pleaded with the doctor to transplant Neha’s heart too to him. They took a sample test for blood group matching and predicted that the Neha’s Heart will match him.

The footprints on the beach sand were very vivid and illustrative of the path Ajay had travelled to “see” them on the photo that he once took when he and Neha were at the beach. Neha’s heart is now beating for him as her eyes pictured for him the scenes of her last times. He drank a sip of her favourite capuchino and he closed his eyes, that silently reassured him that true love never dies and the last word uttered by her kept on ringing in his mind, “Goodbye


  • I had penned down this story based on a real life experience that happened to my friend Ajay and Neha. The image in this post is not the original one. I am dedicating this post to Neha as she still lives in our heart. Not everyone can be Neha and Ajay. “True Love Never Dies
  • Leo, PS I had considered your suggestion and spelled Friend as Friend.
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  • Special Thanks to Debosmita for suggesting a topic that gave me an opportunity to pen down this and for “What If” as that was the topic that I first penned down for Blog-a-ton.

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