Last Few Words

It never occurred to me that even last few words(just like the last good bye) could do wonders until that day. It all began when i came across the most shocking and eventful website, popularly known as the Orkut. As usual i was searching for some girl from my rezendevous days and i was comforted with the most sweetest Hi from a stranger. At first it appeared to me as if someone is trying to break my comfort zone and i replied with all attitude and ego to expect the same from that stranger. I talked to her (“her” because the status in the orkut profile said “female”) for about 5 eventful minutes and we said adios to each other and with no promise as such of talking to each other again.

Few days passed and i had totally forgotten the conversation, but suddenly i found her display picture been displayed in recent visitors which again aroused a sensation in my mind to talk to her again. And it happened but not so soon. It was late in the night, i was watching some stupid movie and decided to surf the internet for a while and i caught her online. This time we talked for about half an hour, both full of attitude and ego and not revealing each other’s name. It looked as if i am a kid again.

After few days of chatting with her, she revealed that she is in the same coaching institute as i am. A current ran across my body, which made me go into nostalgia and made me search the entire classroom virtually for a girl who showing some kind of interest in me. We kept on chatting without even exchanging phone numbers for about 5 straight months…..amazing huhh!!

She always maintained a habit of leaving a clue for me to guess who she was, but to no avail, i acted as a dumb box. Finally on the birthday i heard the most enchanting voice of my life and that was her…..and this time she revealed her name….Vashu( as her friends call her). Still she maintained a safe distance from me and never revealed her face. We made a habit of talking to each other over the phone for time immemorial. I slept with her voice and woke up with her voice…….like some bollywood flick….but nothing in common with the same.

After few months of madness and unconditional search I somehow managed to get her glimpse. At first she looked horrifying, just like some Jail in-charge. ( I know many of you would have thought it would go like the Indian Movies, girl as beautiful as no one has ever seen blah blah but it was nothing of that sort). She was sweet in her own ways. Finally I met her on 19th August, 2007 and that day changed everything for me. I bunked college to meet her, missed the get together, just to spent few moments with her until the day she revealed she has boyfriend and she is into relationship for more than 2 years now. This statement would have made any guy leave the girl there itself but something in her told me to stay. And as a kind hearted, sweet and a nerd guy like me stayed patiently.

With many ups and downs our story continued (Yes OUR story…. With no indication from her still I called her my girl). We studied together (to be exact tried to study), ate, go for a walk holding hands. It was all going well until one day when I met her other friends, who somehow revealed the actual intentions of her boyfriend, which as a stupid fool nerd I poked to her that too at 2 in the night. She cried like The Niagara Falls all night. I felt terrible pain which I was not supposed to feel, I should have been happy but it was the other way round. My inner voice told me that I have committed the biggest mistake of my life; I have come in between a committed pair. I have broken the law of nature, nerd are supposed to be nerds.

Next day changed the course of my entire life, I got a message from her that she no longer wants to be friends with me and I should never try to contact her. It went through my heart like a sharp arrow, touching every part of it. I tried to reach her, I called her sister, her roommate, her friends, but what I got was her boyfriend’s voice, requesting me not to contact her anyhow.

I did miserably in my CAT examinations, suffered The Great Depression (as my friends name it). I somehow coped up with the set back and immersed myself into the thing I was best at…studies. I finished my college and was about to celebrate my last day in the city, when again my inner voice came into picture and forced me to message her to meet for the last time. I messaged, don’t know why, but I did. I waited waited and waited for her reply. Finally her sister called and informed me that she wanted to return all the gifts I had gifted her sister. I told her that this was not required and I can do without them, but she insisted. I told her to meet me in the evening.

I was about to get the next biggest shock of my life, in the evening instead of her sister she came to meet me. She was looking totally amazing with her long hair blowing with the wind, her eyes twinkling like the stars, I needed a pinch to wake me up. And the most unexpected happened (No she did not kissed me neither she slapped), she requested for a promise that I have to keep till my death. She asked me to never tell anyone that she came to meet me, reason still unknown to me. She expressed all she felt for me, the way she admired me, the way she wanted our friendship to long for a life time and even after that, if God permits. I felt like a total looser, totally helpless. She was crying in front of me, because of me. I felt like kissing the drops of water that were falling from her mesmerizing eyes, but I had lost that chance forever. I was standing like a total dumb box with nothing to say apart from a simple sorry. She left and I couldn’t say the last few words which I always wanted to say to her.

Till today I feel a current running through my body when I think of that evening and I still hope to meet her someday and say those last few words.

From Someone Is Special,

Thanks “The Retailer”(Kanwar) for your wonderful creation on my blog. Kanwar decided to start his Blogging Career with this guest post(#51) on my blog. He is passionate about writing and soon you could see a novel penned down by us, definitely not a love story. Expect the Unexpected from us.

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