Save Nature

This entry is in response to the “Sleepy Sunday! Contest – II” contest organized by WeBlog.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

As the saying goes, at the beginning she was very happy to create a world, as she loved. Earth, an elliptical structure with 1/3rd covered with water, adding the color blue with beautiful creatures. Soil, adding the color brown,  then trees with green leaves, several thousand colored flowers, animals to create balance between her creations. She was unhappy as she felt that there is no one to admire these creations, so created HUMAN BEINGS, at this point of time she never know that this is the dreadful creature which would destroy the rest. She was happy for her act and smiled for her beautiful creations.

Humans at first lived happily for what they have got but slowly and steadily started dreaming for the worst. They invented Cart, then ship to travel around the world, started creating boundaries, and divided the world into continents, countries, state etc… and at last money. There started the need and started exploring his sixth sense and invented Mechanical Engine, Train, Telephone, Television, Car, Refrigerator, Aero plane, Helicopter, Computer, Jets, Robots and the most worst word, corruption. They started eroding the soil, raw materials and the entire earth would be dust in ten years considering the pollution, corruption and population. She was happy at the begining to see HUMANS exploring technologies but not for destroying her creations such as forest, soil, animals, water, water habitat, air and everything.

She started sheding blood from her eyes, blind folded to stop seeing the destruction, ie., the HUMANS act of exploring the world in the name Technology; somehow, this should be stopped, so HUMAN BEINGS start acting to protect the world and her creations to make her happy, if not at least for us to survive.

I am also dedicating a poem dedicated to Mother Nature:

She is an angel,
Came down to earth,
Created Water, Air, Fire,
Flora, Fauna, Herbivores, Carnivores,
Several Billion Souls, Relationships,
Love, Peace, Green Environment,
Smiled Happily at Beautiful Beginning,
Humans invented Bullock Cart,
Steam Boat, Mechanical Engine,
Train, Telephone, Television, Car,
Refrigerator, Aeroplane, Helicopter,
Computer, Jets, Robots, Corruption,
Destroyed peaceful and happy life,
Mother Nature eyes shed Blood.

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PS: This post has been edited by me as the prose part and the link part are not published due to some technical errors (Reason could be: I published this from a secure network of my company and also received a time out response). I strongly appologise for that. Read the full post and SAVE NATURE

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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