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As you all know, this is Someone Is Special – the author of Few Miles. Please bear with me as this post will be a lengthier post and will carry all the prompts for this week (Saturday (26-09-2010) to Friday (01-10-2010)). I wish everyone to read each word expressed in this, as these are from my heart. They are not for fantasy but for friendship, Lifelong FRIENDSHIP. I penned down my first verse for someone special in my life eight years back. A verse expressed my deep love romantically and from that day, I started to romance with my pen. I hunted for a platform to explore my talents and so I started blogging to travel few miles with unknown friends and I am happy to stand here. Thanks to all my friends who pushed me an extra mile to achieve this milestone # 101. I love to dedicate this post to all my blogging friends who stood with me and helped me to grow more and explore more. I have around hundreds of blogging friends who are special in some way and I love to honor few of them. Sorry friends I love to honor everyone who supported me throughout these days but it would it delay in publishing this post, so honoring a few.

Leo or Leonnyes, a humble person who is one of the reasons behind me reaching this milestone. He always pushed me an extra mile with his comments personally and inspired me to write more and explore more. He introduced me many meme blogs and helped me a lot to explore my talents. Thanks a lot Leo for all your support and most of all your wonderful thoughts for the magical number. 🙂 100th post 🙂 Thank you once again for your wonderful stay and I love to dedicate this Haiku for you.


Sacred thoughts with wisdom
Started out as a feeling
Grew into a hope

Published as a part of

Haiku Heights # 10 – Sacred

Carry on Tuesday # 72
It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope

Jingle a sweet blogging friend and a lovable human being who have impressed me a lot. Ji, after you lighted my blog with wonderful awards on Friendship Day, our fellow bloggers started recognizing me and within short span of time, Few Miles found it place in many hearts in the blogging world. Thanks a lot Ji and I love to dedicate this to you Ji…


Inspiring Girl
Never Tired Reading
Great Inspiring Thoughts
Lifelong Friendship

Submitted to Monday Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry

Scribbling Girl a wonderful friend found in my travel of Few Miles. She always supported me and applauded me whenever I give my best. Thanks a lot girl and here is the dedication to you. A tetractys is a complete thought written in 20 syllables.

Scribbling Girl

In her blog
Exploring Thoughts
An innovative writer, Scribbling Girl

Zainab Urooj a fabulous friend I found in blogging world. I have to say that she is such a talented girl. I love her thoughts and writing style. She always supports her friends in all possible ways. Thanks a lot Zainab and here is the dedication to you, a sweet Haiku.

Zainab Urooj

Flower in heaven
Enlightened by virtue
Climber accolades

Brain Miller a kindhearted person, constantly supported me by feeding his thoughts and helped me to explore more. Thanks a Billion for your constant support and encouragement. Here is a One Shot dedicated to you.

Waited Day

Cloud Nine
Sweet Moments
Wonderful Day
Dreamt of this day and now will cherish this.

Info:- A tetractys is a complete thought written in 20 syllables.

One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry

G-Man a wonderful friend found in my travel. As a beginner, I tried exploring a lot of variety and he helped me to learn 55-Fiction. If you wanna know what you can do with 55 words, do stop by G-Man on every Fridays. Thanks a lot G-Man. Here is a 55 especially dedicated to you.

PS: This 55 is for a general cause and I described about G-Man in 55 Words.

Say No

She hesitated to complete that first step to enter in to the new beginning of her life from those painful nights that she had in her past. Without knowing what does virginity means, she lost it many times. With tears, she wished everyone should oath, “SAY NO TO GIRL CHILD ABUSE, HELP & SAVE US”.

Info:- 55-Fiction refers to fictional writings to a maximum of 55 words.

Submitted to Thursday Tales, Tale #27

Friday Flash 55

Image Source

Siddhesh, I love to say about the fantabulous person who visited me first for what-If and continuously fed me with his thoughts. I have never seen a person with such humor capabilities. I love all his post although I was not able to comment on his post due to security restrictions. I enjoyed reading him thanks a lot Siddhesh ‘Ravan’ Kabe.. Here is a dedication to you, a LOL.

Scenario: Conversation between a boy of age 6 and Sweet 16 girl

Boy: Hi Sweetie
Girl: Aw! Tell me Sweetheart!
Boy: You are looking super cute.
Girl: Thank you so much dear.
Boy: I wanted to tell you that…
Girl: What was that?
Boy: I love you so much
Girl: You love me. How old are you?
Boy: I am 6 years old
Girl: You are so small to propose me dear. You age is just six.
Boy: Don’t worry dear… I AM A COMPLAN BOY…
Girl: Aw! Sweet!

Info:- 77-Fiction refers to fictional writings to a maximum of 77 words.

Submitted to Lots of Laughter,

6th weekly does of laughter, AGE


The gentle curve
Seals the Loving Hearts with love
Kissed with a bliss

Submitted to ABC Wednesday, K is for KISS


Stressed Heart cries for space
Met Someone Special in life
Smiled Happily

Submitted to Sensational Haiku Wendesday

Hurting Fumes

Tampered heart
Fumes Imminent
Difficult to engulf those hurting words

Info:- A tetractys is a complete thought written in 20 syllables.
Submitted to

MagicPie, Mag24

Three Word Wednesday, CCVIII – engulf, imminent, tamper

More to come… Watch out this space for this entire week. Do drop a comment to know what you feel and add glory to this dedication..

Welcome Note !

I welcome you all to my new blog, meme blog, Room For Romance, a room for you to romance with your pen.

As a token of friendship, I love to pass these awards to all those who leave a comment under this post. Enjoy FRIENDSHIP 🙂

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