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Wooh…! What a wonderful day this was! Probably the day I was waiting for, in my life time. I can’t forget this day till I die, thank you God for blessing such a wonderful day for me. You people might wonder, why am I shouting like this in a National Highway and that too around 03:30 in the morning? What could be the reason behind me energized like this after a complete day? Any guesses??? Nope… Hmmm this was my first date and I never thought that Ritika will accept me but happened. You know what; I am the luckiest person in this world! Is it? Actually I wanted to tell you why I am?

I am little tensed as I don’t know from where to start or how to explain all that happened in the past eighteen hours, beautiful eighteen hours. What all it composed off, the cute talk about our sweet moments, longest bike ride, my first Hug, first Kiss and the First… Yeah you are right, even that. Hmmm I am very confused on how should I. Hmmm let me go with the order it happened, because I am not Mr. MANI to have an incredible screenplay but at least will try to do my best.

Let me start with a short intro about us, Sid working as a software engineer in TCS for the past three years and Ritika, my colleague whom I have always dreamt off, she is an angel whom every guy will look for. Hmmm, the most successful weapon for a guy is friendship and I am not an exception to deny it. We started our relationship with a Hi-Bye Friendship and later it changed to the magical relationship called, “LOVE”. Of course, “Nice guys match good girls” and I am a nice guy. I proposed her on my birthday, 14th Feb 2010 but she accepted me a month before.

On 2nd September 2010, around 08 AM, I was waiting outside her hostel, in no time a ravishing beauty mesmerized me, wearing a dark blue jean and rose tops; the exact match to my costume. The moment she stepped out of her hostel was the one moment which kidnapped my heart, soul and everything. What a language is this? I am not able find any words to describe how she cute she was, a better word could be angel.

When she sat on my bike, I could hear Magical Music Storm Music – Usery Poguthey (Behene De), and the moment she kept her hand on my waist, my soul was gone. At this moment I would like to thank Chennai Corporation for maintaining very high quality roads, lovers love them and the lovable ride consumed one hour as we reached, “RITZ Resort”, where we usually go for team outing. Wondered when I am going to visit this resort as a couple and it happened today. The beauty of the resort is that the sea waves touching the feet when we sit in the lounge and the colourful trees behind us with the shower stuff. It is really a wonderful place for a couple where love can be loved.

What gonna happen next was the toughest question to answer, as a shapeless ball swung between my stomach and throat frequently. I didn’t utter a word for almost an hour and kept smiling whenever I had eye contact with her. She broke the silence with the toughest question, “How do you feel now?” I replied, “Heavenly, and you know what, you look like a damn cute angel.”

Ritika: Is it? Hmmm, what made you love me most?

Me: Paused for a second and little loudly, “May be your eyes or character or”

Ritika: Or? (Her eyes were little puzzled)

Me: Or… Whenever you are with me, you made me feel, “I am what I am”, and I am sure if you are with me then my LIFE IS HEAVEN. I could see tears in her eyes with a gentle curve in her lips after me uttering those words; girls are very cute when they feel in this mode. However, I don’t want to get in to deeper emotions so took my chance to reveal the hidden secret what made her to love me.

Ritika: I am what I am, when am with you & smiled.

Me: What is the one thing which you like the most and hate the most?

Ritika: Hmmm, I like to dance in the rain @ night and watch the stars twinkle but this had never happened and I hate to stay alone in my bed room. Hmmm that’s all.

Me: Shall I? “Hmmm”, I hate your eyes the most as it always kills me whenever I get in contact with it. “She starred in anger”; and you know what I love your eyes the most as it gives me several billion opportunity to get alive. She came close to me as I did and we both smiled at each other.

Ritika: Do you remember our first meeting?

Me: How I can forget those sweet moments? Definitely I can’t, The Day 1, you came in to our Organization was the one luckiest moment in my life. I saw an angel in Baby Pink salwar kameez, loose hair, hair band in the right hand, a classmate notebook. Wow! I saw an angel and missed my Heartbeat. What a feeling that was?

Ritika: Is it?

Me: Of Course Mam, “A cute girl came to me and enquired about the office and formalities to be followed”. I thoroughly enjoyed her company right from the day one.

Ritika: I too had a same kind of feeling whenever I am with you.

The conversation rooted into several holes such as marriage, future life, etc and the outcome was the most expected smile. It consumed several hours of my day.

Ritika: I hope you will be hungry by now, why don’t we have lunch?

Me: Why don’t we? We will have now as it 2.

Ritika: Come let’s have.

Me: Non-Veg?

Ritika: Sure, I will go with Chicken Briyani & Lolly Pop and hope you like the same.

Me: Good Idea and I prefer finger fish instead of Lolly Pop, “Cool”, she said. It takes hours to get the order done and I am happy, that am sitting before a pretty girl.

Ritika: Is it….? Hmmm Heyyy Stop Idiot, Don’t pour sauce on Table.

Me: Hmmm wait Sweety…

Ritika: I…. L…O…V…E.. LOVE… RITI…, Hmmm me too Sid.

I took her hands, held them tightly; looked into her eyes and said “I Love You“. We exchanged words only through our eyes till the lunch was ready. We completed having our lunch and reversed back to our seats.

The time was around 04:30 in the evening and so I initiated the idea of playing in the sea; she too accepted it. We kept our valuables in the table and ran into the sea, first we just enjoyed the waves smashing us, and actually we were jumping to escape from the high waves. Later I pushed her down, made her wet completely, she took the revenge and waited for her opportunity to push me down. It was fun filled moments with my Riti, a girl whom every guy dream off. At one point of time I decided to frighten her so went inside the waves and kept on swimming inside, she shouted; cried for help for few minutes, but as soon as she saw me back hugged me tight. As said girls are very cute in this mode, I loved it. As the beautiful tears came rolling down again, I switched gears, pushed her down harder into the water, but in this process we both were drenched completely, and so we went to our room to change our dress.

As soon as we entered the room, I hugged her, definitely not gently. It took another five min for me to move to next step, as I held her neck in one hand and placed my lips gently over hers and later it changed; I tasted the strawberry flavour intensively. I felt like some super fast train was running in my brain, heart beat was twice as normal, entire body felt energized and everything became abnormal for the next five minutes. I never had guts to go the next step, so she was and I recognized it when she pushed me after the strawberry treat. I looked into her eyes deeply; went near her to have a similar treat, in the process I tried to move to next step and succeeded in it.

I placed my hand over the highest in the world, pressed gently, kissing her and took to bed. “Please dear, stop,” said Riti but I didn’t, continued kissing her all over the body. I slowly undressed her and realized the word, angel. “It is safe to stop, but don’t dear”, said she. I reached the destination and inserted my first; I can never forget this moment…. It took hours to complete my first feast… God must be so creative, as he is designer of the most complex machine in this world, I mean Human, still secrets unrevealed about human beings. I learnt a few today.

We dressed up and came out of the room without uttering a single word. I could see tears on her eyelid, dropping out now and then. I can’t digest it so went near her, held her hands tightly and said, “I wish you should be my better half forever”. She ate my soul with her perfect dream delight eyesight and said, “I too wish the same”. We felt some sparkles were inducing us and carried it in our talk. Einstein must be a God for sure; as he coined the theory of relativity. “When a guy is made to sit before a hot stove even seconds are years and if the same guy is made to sit with a pretty girl even decades are seconds“, that’s what happened to me today and I realized it when my clock needles edged nine in the hour hand and twelve on the minute hand. Guys go crazy when they are with their better half and I experienced it today by the topics we spoke; which we often say it is not good to talk about it.

After such a sweet conversation was the most beautiful ride I had in my life, a five hour ride from ECR to Pondicherry and back to her hostel. Riding on a bike with a girl was an awesome feeling and that too when you can’t find any gap between the two, definitely an awesome feeling. The air was chilled enough to help me keep hot and I enjoyed her everything. I shouted, “I LOVE RITI” some thousand times while riding the bike and greeted by a pinch every time. She was shouting to slow down the acceleration whenever I crossed 100; but I didn’t listen to it. I dropped her by 03:00 in the hostel that was greeted by her with a sweet kiss on my forehead, and I rate this as the most precious one.

By the time, I narrated the things that happened, I almost reached my room. But…? As the saying goes, “Everything is pre-written, nothing can be re-written”. I was hit badly by a lorry; blood rushed out of my ears, nose and my head was injured severely. There was no one to help me and I was counting my last few seconds. My mobile was ringing continuously with the special ring tone, “Kalaba Kadhala” conveying Riti’s call. I couldn’t do anything but kept on murmuring “Riti… Riti…Riti…” and breathed my………

Riti, what happened to this idiot? Why he is not picking my call? I am confused but let me try until he picks up. After almost 50 times, I heard an unfamiliar voice.

Riti: Idiot, stupid, dog, monkey?

Someone: Madam,

With lots of thoughts, I said, “Hello, Hello”…

Someone: I am sorry to say this, a guy aged around 23 to 25 has been badly hit by a lorry and he is no more.

My mobile phone fell down as I fell unconscious. It took some hours for me to recover back. Inbox showed more than 100 hundred unread messages and everything conveying the same. I couldn’t stop myself from crying and decided not to live anymore. My brain stopped thinking and I prepared myself for hanging. Almost 90% completed…..

I realized that I shouldn’t do this stupidity; instead, I should wait for his return. I mean in my womb, although it is a mistake done by us few hours ago, but it now gives the value of my life. With tears, I love to carry my love to this world. I await his RETURN

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