True Love Never Ends

The bridge is not so long

I can come to you along

The cold is killing you and me

I can give you, myself, and me

The hurting reasons make me wait

I still love you with all my heart

The sweet memories never fade away

I wish eternal love and peace in our way.

cute tunes of nature
sweetness of relationship
Perfect Poet for this

Republished as a part of

Thursday Poets Rally, Week 39

🙂 Thanks for the sweet hearts who nominated me for Perfect Poet Award.. I nominate Kavita and fiveloaf 🙂

Earlier published as a part of One Shot Wednesday & Flash 55

I have been nominated as Perfect Poet for my Work, “CUTE TUNES OF NATURE“. I accept it with this Haiku…

0 Replies to “True Love Never Ends”

  1. @ Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike)

    A simple write about love… The expression on how one believes and holds on Love dearly..

    You are 3rd on my list and yeah, I am close to tears, maybe because I am struggling to keep the Love in me alive..

    Anyway, here is mine..

    I am glad I drop by and thanks for you gentle sharing..

    Krislin, Thanks a lot for your sweeet words…

    Someone is Special

  2. @ dan roberson

    Bridges are meant to be, for lovers to cross together into the future. Bridges are always connecting, keeping love above the waters, letting love cross and return. A beautiful love poem. Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you so much dan.. Happy to have you here… SmileS..

    Someone is Special

  3. @ mstevensson

    "The hurting reasons make me wait / I still love you with all my heart"

    I love the lack of rhyme here, it really emphasizes the point. Also, the use of heart, which is so close to hate which would rhyme drives it home even more. Beautifully crafted.

    Aww.. thank you so much.. Happy…

    Someone is Special

  4. @ adreamygal

    Ah the essence of love and trueness in the lines ! 🙂 They are simple-y beautiful SiS .. The words convey so many feelings and emotions , I am sure every heart , in love will be able to understand and most of us , do go through this .. Wishing for your eternal love to stay forever ! 🙂

    dreamy, thank you so much for your sweet words.. I am really happy…

    Someone is Special

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