Scenario: A conversation between a Sir and Student in an Examination Hall

Sir: Hey you, get up

I got up and starred at him. He came to me, checked my answer sheet and got puzzled.

Sir: Why it is blank?

Me: Sir, It is like my heart…

Sir: What non-sense are you talking? Why you didn’t read for the exam?

I gave a blank look that increased his Blood Pressure.

Sir: You don’t know about me, before my BP goes up, tell me, Why you didn’t read?

Me: Sir, I didn’t read but I prepared USB for all the questions. I couldn’t spill it out.

Sir: Spill? Don’t you know proper English?

Me: I sometimes know it, but have to prepare USB for that too….

Sir:?????? USB ah???????

Me: You don’t know about USB. Sir, USB stands for Universal Student Bit.

Sir: How dare you? Get out of the Examination Hall..

Me: Thank you Sir..

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Prompt: #69 – You don’t know about me

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