My Country – My Love – My Promise

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“Kill that bastard, how many times I have said you not to reveal our gang name, ‘U xxxx’. Come here now and listen to the plan carefully. Tonight we should loot the safe with minimal risk and that is our ultimate goal. This is the picture of Alston Station, the beautiful place that going to make us millionaires and this blue print is our key to success.

The revenue of the kingdom will be sent in a safe once in a year. E-Cube Express will carry this safe to the Central Bank of Alston (CBA). The train will start by 23:30 hrs sharp and will reach the Central Bank of Alston by 00:15 hrs. In between, it stops for two minutes at Alston Station by 00:00 hrs. This is the time when U3 and I will get inside the train to loot the safe. Within 13 minutes, we have to do this and once we are done, we will jump from the train before it reaches the CBA. Now let me tell your positions and your part in this. U4 will keep us informed what is happening in the station from Gate6 where there will be less human intervention. U2 will stay near the secret under pass and as soon as the train reaches the station, he will break open the bogie four for us to get in. U2 this should be done in 45 seconds, I know that you are an expert in this but make sure that there is no delay. Once he is done, he will signal us, “Hip, Hip Hip” and we have to get into the train in no time. Hope you all are clear with the plan” I said and they nodded with confidence.

Hey dear please don’t cry, please we will elope tonight, believe me please”, I repeated those words several times but she doesn’t seems to be convinced. I don’t know what to do but finally uttered these words to convince her, “Xue, Xue, I love you so much dear and I promise that Zing weds Xue by tomorrow”. After hearing these words, she relieved a little and showed some confidence on my plan. “Dear, come out of your room by 23:00 hrs via the back door and wait near the palace station. At 23:20 hrs, E-Cube Express will reach the station and in compartment number three, they will load the safe that has to be sent to Central Bank of Alston. Get into in it by 23:28 hrs and make sure you are not noted by anyone and safe”. “How will you come then?” said she. “At Alston Station, I will get into the train by 00:00 hrs via the bogie entrance. Once we reach CBA, we will take the tram to Numanso and will marry there”. She smiled with happiness, came near to me and kissed me with bliss. I enjoyed the dish, looked into her eyes, smiled and left the palace.

Our King, Zahang have ordered us to assassinate Zing”. I informed my army. “I, Caleb will be the in charge for this operation.” I marched my army to his place but he was not found there. We planned to stay there and fulfill the King’s Order.

I noticed Caleb with his army near my place. My heart beat increased as I don’t know how to escape from them but silently said to myself that I can do it. I repeated this until I became calm and went to Zing Huah Temple instead of my place. I stayed there until an hour left to the midnight and then started to Alston station via Star Forest.

How many time should I shout at you bastard, never reveal our gang name, “U xxxx”. We have less than an hour left to become millionaires. Why don’t you understand that?” I shouted at U2, the genius of our gang. I felt that someone else also were there in Star Forest. But due to over confidence I didn’t take it serious and let it free…

I noticed U and his gang discussing about safe. I hide myself in the bushes to listen their conversation.

U2: “Boss can you please repeat the plan once more

I: “I can’t kill a genius like you but your memory loss kills me. According to our plan, U4 will update us what is happening from gate 6 and as soon as the train reaches the station, you will break open the bogie entrance of compartment number four. U3 and I will get in using the same to loot the safe

Oh My God, this is a bad sign for the government. Somehow, I have to stop this, think Zing think, I said to myself. Finally, I got a way to overcome U gang and that is by breaking the link between compartment three and four.

Sir, one of the army officials found Zing passing through Star Forest it seems”, said one of the head. I was confused at first but later guessed Zing’s plan to elope with Xue using the E-Cube Express. I ordered my army to move fast to Central Bank of Alston station.

U4: “The train has reached the station and there is no real threat for us”, as soon as U2 received these information, he rushed to compartment number four, broke open the bogie four within seconds, and signaled, “Hip, Hip, Hip”. U3 and I rushed to the train and settled in. As per my plan, I stabbed U2 with a poisoned knife. We went inside the train and started searching for the safe.

As I said Xue, I got in to compartment number three and broke the link between the three and four in seconds. I searched for Xue in every corner of the compartment and at last found her in an unconscious state in the rest room. I poured some water on Xue to wake her up. “Xue, Xue, are you ok” and she smiled as a response. I happily hugged and kissed her to express my happiness.

U3 and I felt that the train is moving in the reverse direction. To confirm it I looked out and was shocked to see that we were behind the place we got in. As soon we got down, U4 came running angrily shouting at us for what I did to U2. I took my knife and cut his throat without any guilty. U3 and I rushed to the secret under pass and used our horses to go to CBA. I knew horses are faster than these trains. Moreover, as I expected I reached CBA sooner and broke the railroad with a bomb.

Zing the train has stopped”, said Xue. I put my head out to confirm the same, noticed that the railroad is broken, U and a dead body near him. I ran towards U with a powerful force and struck him with confidence. But that irony bullshit doesn’t even step back. He was as solid as rock, I repeatedly hit him but nothing happened to him. In his one blow, I almost become semiconscious. I heard a roaring voice, “I will finish you now”. However, nothing happened to me and when I opened my eyes I found Caleb fighting with U. No one can match “U” and Caleb is not an exception as he too was almost defeated by U. I somehow managed to grab a sword nearby the dead body and once again ran towards U and saved Caleb. Although I am not a good at it, I know to use sword well. I struck him thrice, cut his two hands and made him fall to the sand.

Stop it, Zing. Don’t kill him and spoil your life. I order you to put down your sword and stand still.” In the mean time rest of the army reached as we took Zing, Xue and U to the palace. I explained everything to King Zahang and waited silently for his response

Caleb, throw this U to elephant foot and let them crush this brutual killer”. I paused after ordering that and waited until they took him out of the palace. “Caleb, arrange for a grand marriage ceremony, I want to gift my daughter to the Savior of Alston” and I smiled.

I was the happiest man in the entire palace. The reason behind it was simple but precious, “Zing weds Xue”. I was true to my country, my love and for my promise.

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Image – Alston Station by Wandering Soul
Courtesy – via

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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