Sweet Madness

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Childhood Sporting Memories”, a topic that everyone loves to participate in and I am not an exception to deny my participation! The sweet memories that decided my destiny with Isha and I cherish the most. This happened exactly 15 years ago, the start of my romantic era.

Isha, a cute sweet girl came to our colony and joined our “Fantabulous Five Gang”. I had formed that gang along with Aditi, Rahul and Rachana, the most mischievous kids of our colony. After her joining our gang, I never missed a single chance of spending time with them, particularly the most wanted and the most played game, “Seven Stones

As you all know, in seven stones the thriller, you never know when you will be hit but the ultimate aim is to win. In such a thriller I, Adithi and Rachana used to be one Team, Rahul, Isha and Sanjay would be the other team. We used to play at least ten games a day but my team never won a single match. The reason behind that was simple; I never dared to hit Isha. Even that had a reason; Let me tell you exactly what happened in the first game after Isha arrival.

Isha, come this side or else that dragon will hit you”, said Rahul.
(PS: I am referred here as dragon)

Help me please you come this side.”, she said but that idiot came running towards Rahul and he ran towards her. Contrary to my nickname, I was not a dragon to hit a cute girl with that power but God made it happen. I threw the ball at Rahul but he timed the ball speed, and jumped to escape from the powerful hit. Without any clue of all that Isha was coming towards him. The poor girl suffered a nasty blow on her head and fell unconscious. I did not know how to react and so shouted for my mom.

Mom, please come here!!!”, I shouted like a banshee. Many of those standing there and my mom came rushing to the place and helped her to gain consciousness. Meanwhile, I prayed to God, that she should live with me until I breathe my last. At that age, I never knew what love was but wished that the same. Maybe this is what love means?

From this incident, Isha used to stay away from me, from my team. Although it was hurting for me, nothing did change until her 13th birthday. It was a melodious rainy day; she was wearing a dress like an angel, came to my home and to my room to give chocolates. That was the moment I cherish the most. For the first time in my life, I had guts to kiss her.

“Isha, Happy Birthday”, after uttering those words, I hugged her and kissed on her forehead. Maybe this is what love means?

That rainy season changed my life a lot. We used to play Seven Stones in the stagnant water. However, this time the team used to be, Myself, Adithi and Isha. Even then, my team never won a single match. Reason is simple, I am afraid to pass the ball to Isha considering even that should not hurt her. Maybe this is what love means?

Although the game has its own risk, we never stopped playing it because it makes us happy and it unites us daily. After the game session, we used to sit and talk about school gossips. On one such fine day when we were talking, I scolded Isha for pulling my underwear down. That mad girl pushed me into the water and sat on me; I in turn pushed her down, took some tadpoles from the water and slide it inside her tops. She started crying badly and shouted like anything! I saw a cute angel crying and shouting at me and the world went unheard. Maybe this is what love means?

From that day, the mad girl and the rest of my team hated me for that stupidity; we even stopped playing Seven Stones and stopped talking to each other. However, I couldn’t stop so I started playing alone, those are the hurting days of my life. I spent most of the days sobbing for them.

Sooner Adithi joined me in playing Seven Stones, once she was in, the entire team followed suit. Most importantly, Isha and I got closer that made my life sweeter and today she is my life… I am happy to reveal that one such sport helped us to glue and decide my destiny Isha, my better half and Adithi, my best half (Best Friend).

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