The Fragrance Of Friendship

I woke up in surprise; the day had finally revealed itself

With a lot of charm and beauty, it arrived in its real self.

My heart beamed in its rays of hope – a simple, true smile

That would remind our bond ever stronger with the mile!

But the dark was long and painful, without a trace of peace

Haunted by illusions of fear and worry that failed to cease.

I was waiting for the light to dawn, without any surety

Doubted the flawless truth, and lost the sparkle of purity.

The light was silently watching me, perhaps knowing I was blind;

Cast away the shadows I was trying to unravel in my mind.

Showed me the essence of life, decorating it with moments of fun

The Melody of Friendship blossomed in me, joy in a ton!

It manifests in many different forms, so unique in each!

Demands no return at all – a lesson for life to preach.

From the leaves and the wind to the sun and the moon

There’s friendship everywhere that evolved not so soon

Common yet very precious, I wonder, ‘Is there a better treasure?’

So much said words can’t consume even a part of its measure!

Across ages and lands, it has steered every one of us

To the great heights we discovered buried within ‘us’.

This poem have won The Most Valuable Poet Award in Thursday Poets Rally, week 30. Also won the Perfect Poet Award. Check out the results here

Published as a part of

Thursday Poets Rally, Week 30

A place where poetry is cherished and poets are recognized for their talents

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