Waited Love

The Long waited love kills me from the start
Moistened the eyes much worse than the red sea
Effects of blues to the highest degree
Solemn silence wounded my little heart
Waves broke the silence of my waited heart
And the pain of the waited love in me
Ray of hope came shimmering towards me
As the waves reflected her as fine art

I went on my knee to rhyme my love
For the sweet love, I love to give my soul
To my twin soul as a token of love
I took her hand to propose without stroll
And wished to accept my love with a kiss
Gives me immense pleasure with thy bliss

The Sonnet, I am penning down this form of poetry for the first time. I hope it rhymes as per the form and sounds romantically. I thank Amity and Liliana Negoi for the inspiration that made me to pen down this Sonnet.

The Sonnet Form:

The eight-line stanza, called an octave, uses two rhyme words. The first line rhymes with the fourth, fifth, and eighth lines; the second with the third, sixth, and seventh. (abba abba)

In the six-line finale (the sestet), can be of any one of this forms. Either abcabc, ababab or, if you want to summarize in last two lines, ababcc.

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