Wrong Call

“Tring… Tring…” my mobile phone rang; my hands rushed without my senses to attend the call but could not find my mobile. After consuming seven sleeping pills, it is difficult to identify a sparkling diamond then think how hard it is for me to search my Corby coloured black. I unluckily found my phone, attended the call, “Hello,” I heard a beautiful voice that I never heard before, “Hello,” I said in a low tone, “Hey idiot are you feeling well,” she said, “I am feeling very good. May I know who is this and whom you want to talk” I frowned, “Niranjan; this is kitty,” she said, “Kitty… Crap, this is not Niranjan,” I frowned once again, “Hey don’t play with me idiot,” she said, “I don’t have time to play with you. Please let me die peacefully,” I cried, “Niranjan…” “Don’t you understand English? I am not Niranjan, please let me die and let you dial the correct number,” I once again cried.

Hey… I had dialled the wrong number accidentally but after hearing you die, I want to speak with you for few minutes. Will you let me speak?” her voice conveyed that she had realized that she dialled the wrong number, “I wish to hear you last,” I said. “I may not be the right person to ask this but I couldn’t stop myself from asking this, ‘why you want to die?’” She showed her care in her husky voice, “I don’t want to live in this awful world,” I said, “I… I…” she mumbled, “Please…” I said, “Hey,” “ah…” “Think of the minute that your mom carried you to this world. How happily she would have smiled?” she said in a firm voice, “I…” I mumbled this time, “I know how happy she was and I know how upset this would be to her, but” I said, “But… don’t give this pain to her, please, I beg you,” she said, “I… don’t have any other option and already I am half dead,” I said.

Hey… Don’t say me that… Please,” she said crying, “I already consumed seven sleeping pills,” I said in half sleep, “Seven… When did you do took seven,” she said, “The moment before I attended your call,” I almost slept, “Listen, I am doctor, seven is not that dangerous, I can bring you alive back, just stay confident,” she said in very firm voice, “I don’t have ho…” I slept without my knowledge, “Hey… Hey…” She cried and all that she heard was my snore.

However, she never let me die as she traced my address using my mobile number, rushed to my home with an emergency team in an hour. They broke my main door and found myself sleeping in the bed. She helped me to bring back my pulses with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and to regain my conscious with three stomach wash.

Hardly with zero stamina and poor clarity, I looked at a beautiful girl smiling and thanking God for saving my life. I hardly remember that, after six hours I completely regained my conscious and found myself alive. I wondered who could be that angel who came to save me after I reached my last breathe.

Hi, this is kitty, aw… Sorry Dr. Isha, I hope you are ok now?” she questioned me. Hardly with any energy, I smiled thanked her and conveyed that I am ok. “What me you to take this stupid decision?” she said, “Don’t ask me that” I said and asked for a health drink.

After a day, I completely restructured back. I once again thanked Isha for saving my life, also liked her for her wonderful sweet character (How she reacted to a unknown person life? How much importance she gave to a person spoke accidentally). From that day until today I kept smiling and she too and cherished that wrong call as it not only gave me a new life but also destined my wife, Isha, as we became close to each via our mobile at first, later our love blossomed that spread the smiles ending up in our wonderful marriage with parent good will.

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