Why just see? Why don’t we think? Why not act?…. What say?

Today I sat down to pen down a post about an incident that happened in Bangalore, one of the busiest cities in India. The city is not only known for its climate and IT industries but also for Traffic, The Heavy Traffic.

On Jan 1st, I heard a teen-aged guy screaming for help to save his girl who had been hit by a lorry badly. Not even single good hearted people stopped at once to help him as they do not want to waste their first day of the year just by saving a life.”

How did the accident happen?’ – As you all know teen-age is the age for speed and love. The guy tried to overtake the lorry via its left side, dashed with it without his knowledge, that made the girl to fly in the air and dashed the ground with her head. Blood gushed from her skull in seconds. The guy escaped with few minor injuries as he was wearing a HELMET.

Is she alive?’ – In that moment, my instincts conveyed me that she is no more.

Why no one called the ambulance?’ – Because no one even stopped to help him then how can you expect him or her to call for an AMBULANCE?

What am I doing there’ – I could not help, because I am not a Superman to fly from the flyover to service road. However, the least help I could do is to call ambulance, I did that and sped my bike to reach the place.

I could find neither the guy nor the girl. All I could see was the bike and few auto-rickshaw guys were saying some “Elli… bla bla…” I could not understand any as I have a language problem. I mean I do not know to converse in Kannada. With my butler Hindi, I came to know that the girl is taken to near by hospital just before few minutes and there is very less chance for that girl to survive.

“Just before minutes?… But I called ambulance before twenty minutes,” I shouted at one of the auto-rickshaw guys. Learnt that there was a huge traffic near the flyover and that  could be the reason for the delay in reaching the spot.

I could not stop myself saying that she will be fine after hearing them. I raced my bike to the hospital, met that guy, and learnt she is no more and that she would have survived if they had reached the hospital ten minutes before the actually reached. My heart stopped for a second as a life is no more in this world. A teen-aged girl is no more in this world.

Hours before she was happily smiling thinking of the life, she is going to live. A day before I met the same people in the mall playing like a kid with the popcorn.

Now she is no more…

Whose pain is more?

• Is it for the GUY?
• Is it for the LORRY DRIVER?
• Is it for the PEOPLE who never bothered to stop?
• Is it for the AMBULANCE?
• Is it for the PEOPLE who never care to give way for the ambulance?
• Is it for doctor who said that she is no more?
• Is it for GIRL’s MOM who carried the girl to this world after 300 days?

I say that it is for her MOM, as it was her princess and she is no more in this world.

Whose mistake was this?

• The GUY who rode the bike at an uncontrollable speed
• The LORRY DRIVER who not even bothered to stop the vehicle
• The stone-hearted PEOPLE who crossed them thinking that they shouldn’t spoil their day
• The AMBULANCE that didn’t reach at the correct time
• The CAR, TWO WHEELER, AUTO, BUS and LORRY that never gave the way to ambulance to reach on time
• The GOVERNMENT that never took any steps to tackle this Traffic Jam.
• ON THE OTHER HAND, The God who decided her fate.

Some say it is the mistake of the GUY, some say it is the LORRY DRIVER, some say it is PEOPLE, some say AMBULANCE, Some say GOD…

I say it is ‘ALL’. ‘Everyone has to be punished’

‘Is that possible?’ – ‘No ways because they call this as a accident’

‘What can be done?’

• ‘To ride the bike slow – Most of the guys never do that’
• ‘To request the LORRY DRIVER to drive slow – They never do that’
• ‘To request people to help – Well it has to be in human nature’
• ‘To give training for AMBULANCE driver to fly the vehicle – Not at all possible’
• ‘To blame the GOD – Where is the God’
• ‘To request GOVERNMENT – yes this can be done’


‘How this will help? – It will help AMBULANCE to reach in time – A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE’

Well this request from me to the GOVERNMENT, “Please assign a separate lane for Ambulance & Fire Engines in service road”. I hope you people will join me in reaching this request to as many people as possible… I hope and I have faith in my blog pals…

Why we just ignore these accidents? Why don’t we think to minimize? Why not act by sharing this idea (I know this idea would have come to many people who care about the people they love and to many bloggers and I am not a exceptional to pen down this but from a hurt heart perspective I am doing this…. What say?

PS: I know the pain that it gives to the family and the person as I personally felt. My Best friend (Blind) lost her lover in an accident, the pain is immeasurable and the outcome is tears and nothing else. Nevertheless, today he sees this world through her eyes. Read about the incident here

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