! The Haiku Challenge ! 28 days – 28 Haikus ! Day 7 – Anger !

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Every minute
of anger, we lose sixty
seconds of sweet life

A madness that lasts
for few seconds, but leaves its
footprints forever

Theme: Anger

Are you ready for The Haiku Challenge? The details are HERE, and the challenge enters Day 7 with this post. Since I am in India, the challenge begins at 12AM IST and goes on until GMT-08:30 (i.e., the next day 02:00 PM IST), so all the time zones can participate in this challenge, three cheers for all! Write a Haiku, with theme as Anger and share it in the comment section of this post as well as in the Linky.

Happy Haiku Challenge to you all!

Haiku on!

Image Credits: Anger

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0 Replies to “! The Haiku Challenge ! 28 days – 28 Haikus ! Day 7 – Anger !”

  1. @ kkrige

    Both haikus are sorrowfully true. At least until alzheimer's kicks in I guess. (ha- but, not so funny with Grandma there)

    I occasionally have haikus up on my site (like today), but every day would be a trick. Nice challenge SIS.

    Thank you so much.. Happy Happy…

    Someone is Special

  2. @ Kavita

    ouch!!! so true, SiS! Anger is quite a waste of an emotion.. and yet we dwell in it.. (sigh)

    p.s: I am really hoping and looking forward to write for haiku heights this weekend! sorry for the delay.. 🙁

    Kavi, thank you so much and yeah it is true..

    Someone is Special

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