! The Haiku Challenge Finale !

PS: This event repeats every year and I hope to see the same support for next year too..

Apologies Friends for not stopping by your blog to read your daily blog posts as I was busy reading the Haiku Challenge posts. I couldn’t write for most of the meme blogs due to the same reason. I am sorry for these acts but I hope I had covered up with the Haiku Challenge and I do hope everyone enjoyed this challenge as much as I did…

Thanks for verifying the links.. I will updated the same soon and I hope the details are correct, and with the same I will generate the certificates as well…

I must thank all of you for all the smiles you gave me in these 28 days… It is time for me to do the same. Yes I am planning to crown ‘King of Haiku’, ‘Queen of Haiku’, ‘Star Newbie of the challenge’, ‘Creative Challenger’, ‘Cheerful Challenger’,and many more surprise awards to the challengers.. As the saying goes, “People’s Wish is God’s wish”, I wish you to vote for the winners. Please find the polls below and vote for your favorites within the next 48 hours. This poll is open to all so spread the word to your friends to get more votes. “Best of Luck Challengers! VOTE & WATCH YOU WINNING!

Whom you wish to crown as King of Haiku, Vote for the best..


QUEEN OF HAIKUWhom you wish to crown as Queen of Haiku, Vote for the best..


Well, the one Newbie who stolen your heart?


Did you like the creativity of any of the challenger? Vote for the creative one here..


The one who stolen your heart with his/her comments? Vote here to discover them.


Details: (I will update the latest one soon)

Name: The name you wish to have in the certificate.
Newbie*: Does this challenge start your Haiku career?

Verify your links here:

Day1: Freestyle

Day2: Image 1

Day3: Mother

Day4: Image 2

Day5: Cynosure

Day6: Image 3

Day7: Anger

Day8: Image 4

Day9: Lilt

Day10: Image 5

Day11: Faith

Day12: Image 6

Day13: Grumble

Day14: Image 7 + Love

Day15: Solitude

Day16: Image 8

Day17: Ravel

Day18: Image 9

Day19: Debris

Day20: Image 10

Day21: Bliss

Day22: Image 11

Day23: Scintillate

Day24: Image 12

Day25: Haze

Day26: Image 13

Day27: Eternity

Day28: Image 14

PS: Please bookmark this link as I will be updating this page frequently with various updates of Haiku Challenge

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