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The battering of the door echoed the raging agony in me as I watched the closed door which had just shut in my life. I wanted to divert myself from the hard feelings and so closed my eyes to open my world of favourite memories. After all, this was all I ever did to myself whenever I had been deeply upset – a practice that developed into a prolific habit since the days when I wanted to fly.

I was a little baby when I first saw a colourful thing wandering around the bushes. Out of wild curiosity, I asked Mom what that thing was. ‘Butterfly, my dear!’, she told me, ‘Flies from flower to flower and collects sweet honey’.

From an inquisitive child, I grew up amused by rain. I asked Mom again, ‘Who’s pouring all that water over us for so long?

Heaven, my darling! Heaven sends this down to wash away our sins and to give us holy water to drink and live’. I ran out in joy to enjoy the first waters, and from that day onwards, I never missed to play in rain.

Ma, it is soooo cute’, I said running towards the dog, hugged and kissed it on the muddy road. Mom caressed my head as we took the dog home – my first and sweet friend.

Ma, it is very chill and the moisture in the air is very refreshing, what a sweet climate this is!’ I shouted in happiness enjoying nature.

Just as I was being taken away by the chill in the air, the clouds of dream were blown away by the sudden beep of my mobile.

Sweetie, I am sorry for hurting you. We will meet by six in the mall. Love U, KOIBTIOU”,

I jumped in happiness, took bathe, and dressed up like an angel to meet him. I stepped out of my home with a huge smile, started my bike, but saw a small dog dead after being hit by some vehicle, dusty atmosphere, and road was too crowded. I silently recalled my memories, the beautiful world, pure air, muddy road, flowers, butterflies, Wow! I wished the world should CHANGE as it was twenty years ago, i.e., …….

And I shamelessly smiled because everyone wishes for CHANGE but no one in this world are actually acting to achieve it, instead resuming their mechanical life for their food. I am not an exception and so I started to mall to meet my sweetheart. “Will Someone act to CHANGE the World for Good?

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With this Blog-a-ton post, the count touches ten. The journey started with ‘WHAT IF’, went on a mission called Love by means of ‘TIME TRAVEL’ in search of ‘HIDDEN’ friendship and fulfilling ‘WISH’ of a girl, realizing that ‘GOODBYE’ is not a full stop to life and awaited for his ‘RETURN’ in her womb. Expressing Love for ‘MY COUNTRY – MY LOVE – MY PROMISE’, he proved himself to the world and ‘CELEBRATIONS’ started as he enjoyed his First Diwali with a Mysterious Ghost as a part of his family as ‘THE MYSTERY’ and finally looking for the ‘CHANGE

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"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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