! Doctors are God !

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After sending the mail, I resumed my office work but my heart disagreed with me to work. “Should I call Vidya? Or should I wait for them to call?” I was arguing with myself. Suddenly my phone rang; I pressed the green button in no time, as the name it displayed was “Vidya Vivek”.

Hello! Hi!

Hi Vidya! How is your new life?” I said, and enquired about her hubby, family and in-laws and from her voice; I could understand she is very much excited about her new life. I was happy, as I contributed a small reason for her smiles. I enquired about Vivek’s experience with the doctor. She asked me to wait for a moment, “Hi Sid! How are you?” Vivek said, and he narrated the things that happened in hospital.

Here is an Ode to the doctor, the second after God

I didn’t see the mirror for the past two days, as I was advised not to. I gestured confusingly whether I will be fine after this surgery or not as my Lower Jaw is broken. “You will be fine!” she said, smiled and took me to the operation theatre.

I opened my eyes after few hours saw her standing near me, I smiled, and she showed “Thumbs Up”. I was very happy on seeing her gesture and my mind said that she is the God, I mean, “Doctor is the second God”, I tried to smile but I couldn’t because my lower jaws are screwed and they advised only liquid food.

My mom tried feeding me but her age didn’t allow too, so Dr. Ramya, helped me in feeding me. I pray that no one should be in my situation, you can’t speak, can’t eat, even if they feed a spoon of “Kanji”, I takes two minutes to swallow, first I should I sip it inside my mouth, then try to swallow, Oh God, I can’t smile too, OMG this is bad but Ramya she did everything for me.

She taught how to convey my feelings without uttering the word, the sign, the confident she gave me was amazing! Within three days, I learnt to speak by signals, smiles to her. I gestured questioning, what did they do in the surgery, she said, “We first manually moved your lower jaw then internally screwed it, stitched the tissues, and clipped your teeth”, I was shocked to know this miracle, how come in a mouth they can do this successfully, I became her fan from that day onwards.

I was discharged after a week and a complete check up. While leaving the hospital, I gestured questioning Ramya, “What made her to take so much care on me?” she said, “You look like my elder brother, I lost him in a bike accident. That is why I became a doctor”, “Lost him?” I gestured, “She said yes with tears…” I left the hospital thinking of Ramya and friendship blossomed between us.

Doctors are worshipped after God and here is one such moment that explains about the true care of Doctor, “Service to Mankind is Service to God” and it holds good for Doctors.

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"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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