! Happy Birthday Someone is Special !

Recently, due to my busy schedule in my office I am not able to visit my close and respectful friend’s blogs. I really miss those wonderful blog posts, also I feel bad for missing those and they would have felt bad for not stopping by their blog. I am hoping to read my fellow poets/bloggers at least from the start of next month. Yesterday when I sat down to pen down my experience on Blog-a-Ton posts, I became emotional due to simple reasons and posted a status in FB, “* No mood to write * feeling void * why it is so? * missing something? *”, of course, I was little depressed missing something and someone, thanks for all the sweet hearts who soothed me with their comments and that is why I am here to pour my feelings.

My profile ‘About Me’ column used to be – “Wait till I complete my Few Miles”, the journey was awesome and it is time to share who am I, why am I here and how I feel to be here

Well as most of you know this is Saravana Kumar Murugan a.k.a Someone is Special and I love to be called so, as my pen name is a sweet dedication to my dream angel.

Writing is my passion, and I am born in this world to express my dreams, I do so as poems and prose. I do prefer poetry as it helps me to rhyme what I love to, and attain peace.

I was born on 28th March 1987 in Chennai, India and my garden consists of Sweet Mom, Father, Two Sister (One is no more in this world), and a younger brother. I would say the best family one could ever wish to live and I will never be able to end this write-up though I write billion words about my family, such a sweet family.

This is my photo when I am three months old and you could see my Family Photos here on FB.

Moving to my schooling, I studied in a Government school where teachers felt hard to teach us English but my love for English and Mathematics made me to learn them easily and to master in Mathematics. And in my school days I first dreamt about a girl “Someone Special” ~ dream angel and it all started there as I penned my first poem titled ‘Sorry’

Sorry to wake you up in your sleep!
Sorry for hugging you last night that deep!
Sorry to implant my lips on yours!
Sorry for tasting it for some hours!
Sorry to reveal those unheard words!
Sorry for wishing that not to be my dreams!

From that day until today, I love to write poems most of them being romantic ones as the source of wisdom being Romantic King ‘Wordsworth’ and the one who inspired being the sweetest dream girl in this world.. I write mostly on love, romance and friendship.

Here is my school group photo….

Later after entering into college life, I learnt what life is and found my special friends there. Also faced critics for my poor English and that is where I started to learn the language and still learning…

After being selected in campus, a year of frustration due to recession I joined Wipro Technologies as a fresher, initial days of corporate life, I enjoyed it and after those days I started my blogging career because of my close friend’s request. She chose pendownmythought from my list of ten, and I chose Few Miles as the blog name and on 20th October 2009, I published the poem “First Waters” to start my journey of ‘Few Miles’.

Later I started to publish few of those poems I penned already and wrote fictions too, published my school days sketches too. The first ever post I wrote for a contest was ‘What If’ and for Blog-a-Ton, which received a warm welcome by this blogosphere. The post “Hidden” helped me to bond friendship with Vinay, Blogging Mom – Amity and Scribbling Girl. Later I received my first critics for my language on “Wish” by my bloggerdost Vibhuthi and Scribbling Girl became my first regular reader after three BAT posts. I was depressed with the critics but my close friends helped me to overcome it. Also advised to face the critics as they are the stepping-stones for success and I thank Vibhuthi for this.

With positive thoughts, I penned “Moments of Madness”, a contest hosted by BlogAdda and registered my first win in Blog-o-sphere. Thanks BlogAdda and Monika for the SmileS, so sweet of you people as it helped me to bridge with many bloggers. Also, I won “Best Campus Joinee” Award in my company, SmileS, SmileS and SmileS, all over the world..

Followed by this win I was acknowledged by “WeBlog” for my post, “Last Wish” and IndiBlogger on “Call it as Love”, SmileS and my friendship with Zainab blossomed well. I was introduced to Meme blogs by Vinay and Jingle visited me on Friendship Day to shower her blessing with three wonderful awards. After Vinay and Ji SmileS, I became visible to this world as Someone is Special.

I explored different varieties of prose 55-Fiction, 77-Fiction, Drabble, Flash Fiction and in poetry the exploration started with inspiration from Vinay in the form of “Haiku”, later Acrostics, Tetractys, Etheree, Villanelle and Sonnet was added to the experiment lists. Some of the works appreciated by my fellow bloggers are “Goodbye”, “Return”, “True Love Never Ends”, “Pain”, “Rhyming Waters” and it also helped me to reach as many people as possible and bud with G-Man, Rachana, Brian, and many.

Within this short and sweet journey I reached my first little milestone * 100 Posts * honoured by Vinay. I was also recognized for my great work in office with many awards, became a favourite person in my development centre and so in my blog.

I decided to start a meme blog, “Room for Romance”, received a decent reception, and I was interviewed by Jamie of Jingle Poetry for the same. I was taken by surprise when Vinay threw a challenge to him, Z-A Challenge, I decided to try at it and indeed succeeded in the challenge with a combo work “Three Knots”, gist of my first novel but failed in NaNoWriMo, and I hope next year I may complete the challenge of 50,000 words in thirty days. Also, I became close to few of my blogging friends and my first guest post blossomed in my blogging Mom Amity’s blog. My work, “Celebrations”, “I wished”, “The Mystery” received a great readership and gave me self-confidence in my journey. Also, I met my Cool friend Vinay and Zainab in IndiBlogger Meet. Also made new friends in the wonderful meet.

! Wishes !”, a poem from deep of my heart, the work added many feather in my cap, “Perfect Poet”, “BlogJunta’s Editor Choice”, “Gemma’s list of best blog posts” and few mails to replenish my thoughts. From that day the journey has acknowledged few wins, “#way to work” contest winner, “Celebrate Poet of 2010 Awards”, “BlogJunta Verdict” winner under Fiction and Poetry, “Great Debaters” winner, “* 200 posts, awesome honour from Ji – what else one could wish for? * “Succeeded in Hosting the Haiku Challenge”, “Blog M Grand Poetry Contest” winner, “Celebrate Poet of Spring 2011”, got published in Online Magazine, “Cynic”, the latest addition is BlogJunta’s “to have loved and lost” Poetry contest winner. I hope soon to be a “Blog-a-Tonic” too. 

Thanks for all the smiles, for all the sweet hearts who helped me to win by votes, and to judges for selecting my work.

SmileS… SmileS…SmileS…

This year I am sure I will publish my novel, hoping to make many new friends and cherish my old ones as well. With all your wishes & blessings I wish to start this wonderful year and love to pen down more from my heart and as always, I love to be “Someone is Special”.

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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