! the love prophecy !

My dear friends read this post as a jolly ride in a roller coaster, ignore the mistakes and just enjoy as this was one of the write-up close to my heart.

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It all started three weeks back when one of my roommate (college hostel) troubled me to find out the answer for this unanswerable question, ‘How to predict or to know whether a girl is in love with oneself or not? Though it is very tough to answer, I challenged him to predict a girl’s responses when someone loves and the way to make a girl fall in love.

‘Are you sure about it?’ Atul said, ‘I am ready for the challenge’ I said but my roommates laughed saying not even God could predict what a girl think in her mind.

‘Let’s see, the countdown starts?’ except Atul everyone laughed at me once again. ‘So what is your plan and who is the girl machi’ he said, ‘the girl,’ smiled, ‘the lucky girl would be one I see tomorrow, I mean the first one’, ‘Make sure she is not our cleaning women,’ he laughed as we closed our eyelids.

I woke up little early, bathed and started to temple. ‘Oh Muruga, show me a good-looking girl…. No no good-hearted girl…’ I prayed to God, opened my eyes and found an angel standing before me… She opened her eyes in seconds and smashed me like volleyball. ‘Oh Muruga, what a girl she is… no an angel… The wavy hair with a couple of strands dancing here and there, tiny little ears, heart-stealing eyes, a perfect rose bud lips and much more Wow… Is she really a human being or she is my dreamy angel…? I need someone to pinch me… I am mesmerized completely’, ‘dai… (Dude)… You are very lucky…’ Atul shouted…

I pleaded him not to shout before her but idiot never stopped instead shouted more. And I came out of her eyes after hearing someone shouting in the middle of the class… ‘Siddesh, are you here?’, actually the person who shouted was my Physics Mam and I was the one referred there. ‘Define relative magnetism’, she shouted, Mam, ‘If a guy gets attracted by a girl’s eyes in no time is’ ‘I didn’t expect this answer from a topper’ and the whole class laughed at me.

‘Enna machi… (What dude), entha ponna pathum ippadi puncture anathu illa da… (I haven’t been punctured like this on seeing a girl dude). ‘Don’t worry I just collected her details’, ‘Siddhesh and Atul get out of the class’ Physics mam yelled at us. ‘At last the topper of the class is now out of the class’ he smiled and so I, ‘So tell me dude’.

‘Name: Ritika, Department: Information Technology, State Topper, Daughter of a Business Man and she is our junior’ he said, I kissed him in happiness, ran towards the first year classroom and saw the angel’


‘What is your plan dude?’ ‘First God Next Google’ I said, surfed and read a point. ‘If a boy keeps staring at a girl continuously then she might get irritated or she may like it either’. ‘That’s a nice point’ I said to myself and decided to stare at her but when? ‘Oh Muruga…’ and God blessed a chance, yeah next day at the canteen, she was having her lunch. And the only seat left was the one next to her. I didn’t give chance to any of my friends or seniors to occupy it because I sat there before anyone.

‘E-cups’, suddenly I, ‘drink some water,’ she gave me the water, ‘You are an angel’ I said, stared at her for the next fifteen minutes. I couldn’t stop so I followed her to Library to star at her and I did. ‘Hey bro’, I was shocked to hear that word, turned my head slowly to check whose voice was that. And luckily, it was my friend’s sister Rekha. ‘Hey Rekha, how are you?’ and it started not the conversation but staring at her, Ritika.


‘What you think the reaction will be?’ Atul said, ‘I think she likes me a lot,’ ‘how can you say that?’ he said, ‘Because she knows that I am staring at her but never she shouted or showed anger on her face’ I smiled in happiness. ‘What is your next step then?’ he said, ‘getting featured in her heart’, ‘how’, ‘Tomorrow is their digital lab and our electric lab’, ‘So?’, ‘So, I spoke with Rekha about my love and she agreed to help me. She will steal her record; keep it in our lab records without her notice.’ ‘So’, ‘As usual our physics Mam will shout at her for not submitting the record’ ‘so’, ‘Mam, I think this record of Ritika, 1st year is misplaced in our records.’ ‘So?’ ‘Girls like the boys who help them and I predict that she should of that type.’ ‘What is the advantage?’ ‘Tit for tat incase of physics Mam and a soft corner in case of Ritika.’…. In the next day lab, everything went fine as planned and my prediction was right. ‘She said thanks with a huge smile’


‘Dai (dude), you are awesome, and your prediction was chanceless machi….’ Atul jumped in happiness and so I… ‘So what is the next step?’ ‘Well Mathematics….’ ‘I got it’, he said and we slept. ‘Sir, Sir, Sir,’ I was practicing how to plead to him, ‘Siddesh, will you take a session today for your juniors on mathematics tips and tricks?’ ‘Sir, it is my pleasure’ I jumped in happiness as I counted seconds for the siren.

‘Students, this is Siddesh, topper of the batch and today he will take a session on mathematics tips and tricks’ he gave a small intro about me. I started my session with few quotes on mathematics. ‘Rekha: 5 * 5’ ‘25’, ’55 * 55’, she stood frozen, ‘Ritika’ – ‘3025’, ‘Right but that is not the question….’ ‘555 * 555’, she stood frozen, ‘308025’ everyone was surprised to hear it. ‘How come’, ‘555 – 5 * 5 = 25, 55 * 56 = 3080 so does it make 308025’, ‘Wow, the class exclaimed’, ‘Sir but 55 * 56?’ Ritika questioned as her eyes showed she was very much eager to know this answer. ‘Simple, 55 * 55 = 3025 + 55 = 3080 and’, ‘Amazing’, the class continued and as I predicted the soft corner now occupied a small corner in her heart. ‘Sir,’ ‘You can call me Sid, Ritika’, she smiled and we spent the break revealing about ourselves.


Wooh Wooh, hoo I jumped in happiness. ‘Dai dai dai, stop enna achu? ‘What happened?’ Atul exclaimed this time. ‘Riti, Riti’s message, why don’t we be friends….’, ‘chill machi (dude), whatever you predicted or wished happened, great great’ and we jumped. ‘Love to be your friend?’ I replied, and that’s where our love story started… That night neither she nor I slept as we were messaging our likes, dislikes, birthdays, favorite subject, sweet moments and many more. ‘A night is enough for everything’ and so it was in our case, we became close friends in less than twelve hours. ‘We will meet at the canteen, 8 AM’ she messaged and we slept by 5 AM…


I somehow managed to wake, dress up and reached the canteen before eight but she didn’t as she slept nicely. Well Newton must be right I said to myself after an hour. ‘Sorry slept without my knowledge’ I received it by 9 30. ‘Its ok….’ I replied… And went to hostel. ‘I am on leave today’ she messaged me, ‘Even I’ I replied.. ‘Sorry I slept without my knowledge, really sorry’, ‘You apologies are accepted’ I replied and slept. In about an hour, I received a message conveying an invite for the lunch outside the campus at Mahaveer Centre and as I predicted. I replied, ‘I love too’, ironed my shirt, jeans for the first time in my life and rushed to the bus stop.

‘Sorry’, ‘Aww, leave it ma’, I said, took bus to the place. ‘Well I predicted’, ‘predicted’ her eyebrows went up; I smiled and rooted the conversation to a different theme, the love theme. ‘You are so romantic’ she said in the middle of our lunch, ‘am I’, I smiled. ‘Why don’t you come to my home once?’ ‘Why not today?’ I said, ‘great’. On the way to home she revealed more about her and the one was, ‘I love rain,’ I smiled, ‘I wish to dance in rain now’, ‘well you can in another half an hour’, I said, and as I predicted the rain came down in half an hour and so we enjoyed the rain.

By the time we reached her home, we were completely wet. She gave me a towel and asked to help myself, in few minutes she came back in a half saree. ‘You look cute?’ I said, she blushed, ‘by the way how did you predict the rain’, ‘belief’, ‘belief?’, ‘yeah’, ‘this is interesting,’ I smiled to escape and changed the topic to love. ‘You are an ingredient of love marriage’, I said ‘how’, ‘a prediction’ I said and it continued, I left her home by 7 in the evening.


I predicted to rain but not that I will suffer from fever for the next two days. She visited my hostel room at least thrice a day. The friendship slightly blossomed into love from her side. ‘Actually’… “I was requested not to pen down this part” and so now to sweet proposal (after a week)..


‘I believe she will propose now’, I said, ‘How’, Atul, ‘Secret’, as I predicted she came in my half saree to my hostel room and proposed her ‘Love’… I hugged, hugged, and hugged her tightly, shouted ‘I am in Love with you’.


I went inside room with a huge smile ‘dude, you done it’ everyone congratulated me. ‘You not only won the challenge but also a heart of a girl’, Atul said, I smiled, ‘Are you a God?’, this time I laughed at them and said, prediction is nothing but your belief, just believe yourself you can then win many hearts. ‘Prophecy means a prediction of the future but belief means prediction of you for you,’ if your prediction comes true in life, then you can really win many hearts.’ Prophecy for a soul is the belief of life’ I said…


This day: She started smiling after reading this… May be this is one of the best Prophecy, prediction or as you say ‘belief’ I have ever enjoyed, ‘Love you so much dear’…

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