a dream she is… a kiss seals it…

a dream she is
a moment it was
a bliss she is
a treasure it was
a sweet she is
a dessert it was
a flower she is
a bouquet it was
a journey she is
a kiss seals it
Sachin she says

‘I could not control my tears of joy’, he says

dream journey

Thanks a lot for all the sweet hearts who nominated me as Perfect Poet, Week 40.. Happy Man ! Here is an acceptance Pi-Ku..

Perfect Poet
Thanks for award

Published as a part of

Thursday Poets Rally, Week 41

I nominate Jingle and Lady Nimue for Perfect Poet Award.

Also written for “BLOGJUNTA’s NaPoWriMo“, Prompt: Celebrations… For more info stop by here. You can ‘FAV IT’ here

Friday Flash 55, Stop here for more 55’s

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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