Do people reveal their true Identity on social Media?

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Of course they do, people do reveal their true Identity on Social Media. If you think, identity is just the name, age, sex, location and pictures then you are wrong because most of the online Social Media Sites share the same. Then what is identity? i.e., true identity, it is beyond those names, age, sex, location and pictures. ‘Beauty is skin deep, Identity is name deep?’ No, it is more than that, it is the thoughts behind your words, and the true heart behind it reveals your true identity.

Our true reality is in our identity and unity with all life ~ Joseph Campbell

Committing yourself is a way of finding out who you are. A man finds his identity by identifying who he is to his heart ~ Author Unknown’

My thoughts right from my heart (true identity)

Well, it may be chat, Orkut, Facebook, or Twitter, the words from your heart reveals your true identity. However, one would complaint the words used in chat world, the A, S, L, and vulgar words on 3D chats would question me, “Are they revealing their true identity?” I would say, ‘Yes’. If you speak with a person face to face they may not reveal their true identity but in chat they do reveal who they are and for what they wanna be friends. “Can anyone say no this? Aren’t they revealing their true identity?

Be it Orkut, Facebook or Twitter people do write from their hearts. Here are few of those written from heart.

* My Blood friend was gifted with a prince last week. She shared the status as

Aren’t those words from her heart? Her prince was a waited gift and I dedicated my words to the Prince here.

We even share our happiness in Facebook and Twitter,” as they easily reflects our moods and identity.

*When I was upset, I planned to stop writing and shared a status in FB

How many of you came to console me. Aren’t those words are true from your heart? Do they reveal your true identity or just for the sake of words? I believed it, consider your words and that’s why I am here..

And few more here on various occasions..

No newspaper garden is free of weeds”, Sumana Raman, express her thoughts on grammatical errors found in Newspaper, “Did she afraid of expressing it or aren’t they from her heart?

Next to Chat, Orkut, Facebook and Twitter, is Blogging, how many you have put these lines in your Bio, “This is the place I share my memories, my journey, my life”, even I do the same, aren’t these words reflects your heart? Aren’t you revealing your true identity? I bet, all my regular readers knew that I do romance with my pen and the journey is a sweet dedication is someone special in my life, Am I not revealing my true identity because I write with my pen name… Of course I do reveal, pen name is not the mask but it is who you are to your heart, if you can say your identity is your name then I would say my identity is my pen name and my words is my true identity. If you still feel, I am not, then how many of you love to be called with your nicknames by your loved ones. “Aren’t they changing your identity?” “Say, yes or no…” and how many of you would express your true identity here?

Beauty is skin deep, Identity is name deep?

Finally, the point is the words expressed from their heart reveal the truth about those individuals. As they say, ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’, yes do not judge people by their identity (profile) instead by their true identity (character and soul). And yes, of course, people have freedom to be true on social media and that’s why most of the people reveal their true identity on Social Media.

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