~ the pic became our… the home became our… ~

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Why I am feeling so cold? Why it is too dark here? Why my whole body is numb? Shit… I am unclothed. Oh, God what happened to my clothes? This is horrible Riti… Riti… don’t play with me idiot… Riti… Riti… Riti… Riti… Ritiiiii… Rit…Rit’, my voice trembled, hands shivered as it was grave silence inside the house whereas a storm cleaning the city outside.

Let me switch on the lights’ I said to myself and went near the board, ‘Shit there is no current… Riti… Riti… Riti… Riti… Ritiiiii… Rit…Rit, don’t play with me please…’ I turned back to search her in our living room and found someone lying there… Riti… Riti… Riti… Riti… Ritiiiii… Rit… Rit I shouted but she didn’t respond… ‘Lighter’ my instincts suggested but Shit… ‘Why the hell I quit smoking?’ I searched for a matchbox, lighted the candle in no time and found her lying.

Riti… Riti….’ I went down, took her in my hands, and found her heartbeat was missing. ‘CPR’ my instincts said, but nothing helped me to bring her back alive. ‘Riti Riti… Riti… Riti… Riti… Ritiiiii… Rit…Rit Riti…’ I cried aloud, pain, unbearable pain it is. God… you had cheated me… God… ‘Police, I should inform about this to police’, I heard someone knocking the door, my blood stopped, and the knocking sound increased in no time. They broke the main door open, came running towards me, ‘freeze-freeze’, they said and pushed me down. ‘Police, go down’ they locked me with a handcuff. ‘Why did you murder her’, one of the police officers shouted at me.

No I didn’t’ I screamed but they didn’t hear my response instead one of them knocked me with his gun… ‘No I didn’t… believe me… Riti… Rit’ I fell unconscious, and the beautiful moments with Riti captivated my senses and I faded.


Slowly I was gaining conscious, ‘Where I am… Riti’, ‘Hey stop your non-sense’ one of the police officers warned me. ‘I can’t I didn’t murder her’, ‘you…’ One of the police officers came near me, ‘Hey, this is ACP Arun, why did you murder her?’, he said, ‘No I didn’t murder my angel.. please believe me,’ I said, he turned back and said, ‘Where are the forensics & autopsy reports?’, ‘Sir, it is here’. He re-read the report twice and looked at me with puzzled eyes… ‘She died of heart attack?’ he puzzled, on hearing him my heart stopped for a second. ‘I can’t believe that she has been raped before she died, shit’, he said, ‘may be they would have had sex’ one of the police officers said, and they had a conversation on how to close this case. They laughed at times; finally, they decided to close the case concluding she died of heart attack and to let me free.

Bala, one among those stopped them, enquired about the phone call, ‘it may be anonymous call’ Arun said and ignored Bala; ‘you look innocent, aren’t you?’ Bala said, ‘I am… you said someone informed you’, ‘it is an anonymous call. You will be out of this place soon’ Bala said and left the place. The judge declared me innocent in the court and they closed the case stating ‘She died of heart attack’.


Hey why don’t we go out for shopping’, Neha messaged me, ‘No not interested’, I replied, and saw the image clicked by us lastly in my mobile. How beautiful my home was on that day, the rain drops on lens helped to create a mystic environment and how wonderfully it was clicked by Riti. This is where our love started; this is where we dreamt of our life, this is where she breathed her last, this is where she still lives in my heart. I still remember Riti complaining about someone else presence in our home but I took it easy. We planned to spend the whole night in our home itself.

Why don’t we have some juices?’ she said, ‘Why not?’, she went inside the kitchen to prepare juice for us. ‘Hey idiot can you come here for a minute’, she came scolding, ‘You won’t let me to prepare juice?” I ignored her, showed the image we clicked and how good it is. Suddenly we heard some weird sound in the kitchen, Riti became nervous and I convinced her saying it must be a cat. I went in and brought the juices to have a juice treat. Sip by Sip, we consumed, started to blabber something, and became unconscious.


What happened to us on that day? Why we became unconscious? Who else was there in our house?’ I repeatedly questioned myself, immediately an answer flashed, ‘Is that the guy who tortured Riti to love him? Who had informed police about Riti’s death?’ these questions puzzled me, ‘it could be…, my instincts suggested’

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice, Riti… Riti… I yearned, ‘Hey it is Neha dear’ she said entering my room. She felt bad on what happened to Riti and tried to cheer me up but I ignored her and still deeply thought on what could have happened on that day. ‘Dear, please cheer up’, ‘you know how much I miss her. I don’t have words to express’ I said, ‘may be but it is good to move on’ she said and left the place with a sad face. I felt bad for upsetting Neha, without her, I wouldn’t have met Ritika, my Riti. I closed my eyes to cherish the sweet memories we had in our office.


Hey Sid, stop, do not pour water on me’ Neha screamed but I didn’t care instead I poured water on her but luckily she moved and the girl sat behind her became the victim. ‘Sorry Sorry Sorry’ I said some thousand times to her, she said, ‘its ok’ and resumed her work. ‘She is a beautiful girl’, ‘of course she is, Riti, a new joinee,’ Neha said and we both resumed our work. ‘Riti, a nice girl…


Neha once again came to my house, ‘Sorry to hurt you’, ‘Sorry, it is my mistake. Hey can you prepare coffee for me’ I said, ‘yes I will’ she went inside the kitchen. After ten minutes, ‘the coffee is ready’ she said smiling, and she cracked some jokes to make me smile and her try was success indeed.

We heard someone knocking the door, ‘Come in please’ I said, ‘Hi Sid this is Bala, hope you remember me’ he said, ‘I do’ and smiled. ‘Do you remember what exactly happened on that day? It would help me to find who the real culprit is’, Bala said. ‘I don’t remember exactly on how I became unconscious but when I woke up I found Riti dead’ Bala interrupted me shouting, ‘Don’t act smart, do you think that the case is closed and you have escape after murdering her’. ‘Bala this is the limit, I don’t want to live itself after losing her’, ‘Sir, please leave the place, don’t make him tensed. I am sure he wouldn’t have killed her’ Neha said. ‘Then why the hell Riti had consumed Ketamine,’ Bala shouted, ‘will you please leave’ Neha shouted, ‘you black sheep; I will prove that you are the murderer’ and he left the place.

Tears came rolling down my cheeks, ‘How much I love Riti? Why should I murder her?’ I kept on murmuring this, Shockingly Siddu, I miss you dear Neha spoke in Riti’s voice. ‘Riti…’, ‘yes I know you love Riti more than anyone else, I know about you better’ she said. I was confused, my phone ringed, ‘Yeah John, I will be coming to office from Monday’ I said and hung the call. Neha received a call from her mom and she left the place in no time.


Neha – my sweet friend, Riti – my sweet life and my senses captivated with those sweet memories we had in office, the memories when we felt we are destined to be friends and how Riti came in to our life, how I proposed her Riti,

‘My hands told me I’m shivering with fear,
When I only thought of saying it to my dear!
Heart became restless and sounded louder,
Seconds before, it was as silent as falling powder.
Thoughts crept into the mind with great force,
Confused, and stopped it from thinking, of course!
I would imagine that future, a few hours away;
That would burden it with my past straightaway.
Carrying an untold love is heavy, indeed;
Courage, real courage is what I need!
Hiding my fear, or hiding myself in fear,
I came to you and looked at you, my dear.
That very sight quenched the restless senses,
Which were thirsty for that real courage!
I became my natural self, totally myself;
And realized you were surely my real self.
No words said, I saw the ‘heavy’ love,
Getting dissolved in us as it reached you!’

I mailed this sweet poem to Riti to propose my love, ‘Sweet Memories’.


With tears I went for a walk and while coming back I shockingly found a small bottle ketamine lying near the back door of the house, ‘Ketamine?????’, I rushed to my bed room, cross-verified her autopsy report and searched in Google how deadly the drug is? ‘Oh God this is a murder, a cold-blooded murder’ I said to myself.
I phoned Neha, said what happened on that day, Riti, and I felt someone was here in the house but we ignored. I can relate it a lot, as Bala pointed out about Ketamine in Riti’s reports and now I found the same in our house. ‘Do you mean it is a murder? But the reports say she died of heart attack. I am confused’ she said, advised me to sleep now as we will discuss about this tomorrow and hung the call.

But… I couldn’t sleep as she advised… in my mind I was thinking of Bala, his words, ‘She has been raped and she has comsumed ketamine’, but I could not remember any of those. I felt very cold as there was heavy down pour outside and suddenly water started drizzling via roof and fell on Riti’s favorite teddy, which I gifted on her birthday.


On seeing the teddy, I recalled those sweet memories, a surprise gift, a poem to wish on her birthday,

‘The Blue Sky with thousand trillions of stars,
Sweetly twinkled on the Milky Way;
The Morning blossomed thousand millions of daffodils,
Dancing and smiling in the gentle breeze;
Cuckoos started singing Unchained Melody,
With Bees composing Celtic music;
I wondered why this been happening, but
Silently the God’s sweetest child set foot on earth;
It is her sweet birthday, and
She sweetly assured she is my gift’

Shockingly the teddy called me ‘Siddu’ and on hearing it, I fainted in no time.


I woke up little late and realized Riti wanted to convey something to me. I quickly browsed on how to interact with Ghost and found a website called www.ghost-mysteries.com, read about ghosts, medium and the dark truth after death. In addition, many techniques to chat with ghost or to converse with ghost. One of them being the board technique, other via medium they use to convey the message they want to say to this world and the last is the camera technique to find out what it wants actually. I decide to visit the Ghost library before trying out any techniques.

I found a mentor there who helped me learn the techniques to interact with Ghost and how they convey the things they wanted to share. I tried the same after reaching home, and was little successful as the board showed the letters, ‘S’, ‘E’, ‘B’, ‘L’, ‘V’, ‘A’ ‘O’, ‘V’ and she stopped as we heard heavy knock at the door.

Bala! Come in’ I welcomed him, I enquired about the call and learnt the call came from a telephone booth which is 10 KM away from here and it came just two minutes after Riti’s death which is practically impossible and it was a girl’s voice. He also said that he realized that I am not the murderer after analyzing, and warned me to be aware. I thanked him, also conveyed about the Ketamine. This info made him violent and fired up to find who is the real criminal.

Would that be the guy who loved her badly?’ I am confused, so once again tried to speak with Riti but she didn’t instead her teddy shed tears. Oh God, I rushed to the teddy to wipe out the tears, my phone ringed, and it was Neha, she kept on talking for almost three hours, later she disconnected the call, as she was sleepy. But I couldn’t so I went out for a walk at twelve in the night and while returning back I found a syringe lying our gate with few drops of blood inside it.

I phoned Bala, ‘I found an injection with a few drops of blood in it near my house gate and I am sure it is used by a person who doesn’t know how to use it.’ I said, ‘I will come there in half-an-hour’ he said and hung the call. He reached my place in less than half-an-hour, collected the syringe, blood sample and sent it to lab in less than ten minutes. We received the call from lab and shockingly the lab reports revealed that the blood sample matches with Riti and the syringe walls contains the salt (KCL) i.e., Potassium Chloride.

Bala and I searched in Google about Potassium Chloride, found about ‘Lethal Injection’ and one of its kind is Potassium chloride, which when injected to a person may die of heart attack in less than five minutes, also the salt will evaporate from the body in less than half-an-hour resulting in no clue of murder. We are in complete shock after reading this and assumed the murderer would have used the same technique to kill Riti. But what is the motto of the murderer? Is she a girl or a guy? Confused we are… as we don’t have any clue on who would have killed her. Tears came rolling down my cheeks, Bala helped me with his kerchief, and ‘I think it should be guy who proposed him in her college days. He was desperate about her.’, now tears came rolling down from Bala’s eyes, and ‘I am the one who proposed Riti in her college days. I never want to kill her instead; I wanted her to live happily, even now, I am here because I want to find that bastard’, he said and left my place.

I was very much upset thinking of Bala and so started working on the clue Riti gave, and found it to be ‘S’, ‘E’, ‘B’, ‘L’, ‘V’, ‘A’ ‘O’, ‘V’ – BALA LOVES ME. I couldn’t sleep or stop thinking about the murder so I phoned Neha, informed about Bala, the way the murder happened and invited her to my place next day.

I opened my tired eyes on hearing the knock, opened the door, and it was Neha. She came in, enquired about what happened last night. She was shocked after hearing Riti was murdered and Bala was his lover. I requested her to prepare coffee for me and she did so, we sat in the dining hall and sipped our respective coffees. After two sip, ‘Siddu,’ Neha spoke in Riti’s tone, without any second thoughts I made a video call to Bala so that he can keep the call as a evidence.

Siddu, it was Neha who came to our house on that day,’ ‘Neha’, I shivered, ‘yes she came to our home, mixed Ketamine in our juices when I came to see the image clicked by us. Without knowing it, we drank it and fell semi-conscious. She covered my mouth with a cloth and revealed how much she loves you and how happy she was before I came in to your life. She wants you and for that, she wants me to die. She made us to have sex, and she injected me the Lethal Injection and it led to my death. She left the place once I breathe my last and on her way to her home she informed police about the murder,’ Riti said, I was in complete shock and tears came rolling down his cheeks. In the mean time, Bala informed his team and reached my place to save me.

But before they reached…(click here to know what happened)

Riti, Rit… I want you, I want to live with you….’ I cried, shouted, but I could hear her cry and no more words. ‘Riti…’ I became semi-conscious… ‘Riti came out of Neha to help me’ but…

You dog hereafter you shouldn’t live in this world. You now know all the secrets and that is why I mixed Ketamine in your coffee alone.’ Neha shouted, and she injected me a heavy dose of Lethal Injection. With my Riti’s thoughts, I went down, and the beautiful moments I spent with Riti captivated my senses and I breathe my last. Riti shed tears as she couldn’t save me or stop her, as she needs a medium to re-enter her body again.
Now it is your turn

Picture became our Monument
Home became our Grave.

Bala arrested Neha for murdering Riti and me and his tears were answered. The picture we clicked lastly became our monument and our home became our grave. ‘Long Live True Love

Moral: If you love someone, then love him or her whole-heartily and even your love fails, do not hate him or her as it may lead to another Neha. ‘Long Live True Love’

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Image – Window Rain Drops by Eric Alder
Courtesy – http://www.deviantart.com/ via http://www.blogaton.in/

Image – Tears Guy, Eyes are found via Google – Autopsy & Ketamine – SiS

I whole-heartedly thank every single individual who read this long post completely. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoyed reading this post…

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  1. I have no words to comment on this post…This is marvelous, fabulous, fantabulous… I agree with everyone, just pen down your novel SIS… In the starting I became sad that the two are separated but despite of such end I am happy that wherever they are, they are with each other, cause the pain of losing the one you love is unbearable… Once again Loved it… There is no other place to go when you have "Few Miles" God Bless you SIS …!!!

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