~ what does Real Beauty mean ~

The innocent smile of the baby is the real beauty to me. However, the context of this topic draws me to speak of beautiful women and handsome attractive men I have admired so far.

What make a men or women look beautiful?

    o  Physique
    o  Complexion
    o  Features

Does these three are essential for a beautiful women and handsome men?

Physique – Is it mandatory for a man to look like a HUNK (6feet tall, 6-pack body, and 6…) or for a woman to look like an angel (34 28 34)… Does this physique make a men or women beautiful?

Complexion – Is it mandatory for a man or a woman to look fair (White Fair Beauty). Is that the fair face or fair body make a men or women beautiful?

Of course, ‘Face is the index of mind’, a calm face would suggest others about oneself. But, but… but… how complexion came into the picture? Is a fair face and calm face or one and the same? Does this complexion make a men or women beautiful?

Features – Is it mandatory for a man or woman to have the best of the features right from forehead to foot (say, forehead, eyes, ears, nose, lips, chin, cheeks, neck, shoulder, bosom, waist, thigh, legs, foot and toe). Can someone image a person with best of best features with all listed above? I recently penned a poem describing a girl’s features…

These are a
few of my

I ran my fingers
on her forehead
reminds me of water melon best slices
her mesmerizing eyes
so close to my eyes
reminds me of black grapes
her tiny ears
with sparkling studs
reminds me of country pears
kissing her cheeks
I brushed her with lips
reminds me of rosy pale apples
first, little kiss
on her sweet lips
reminds me of sweet orange segments
her neck veins
that carries those lusts
reminds me of pineapples and avocados
her sweet hugs
and the warmth it brings
reminds me of those peanuts

Do these features as described here make a men or women beautiful?


Of course, true beauty is deeper than the physique, complexion and features mentioned here. After all the beneath the skin there is a complex machine which the world hate to see (blood, nerves, bones, hearts, lungs, stomach etc).

Then what does a real beauty mean to me?

I say it is the face with innocent smile and calm eyes, sweetness in the words, living true to the heart and a positive thinking brain.

If this is real beauty means then how one can identity such a person. Think……??? Hard job isn’t it?

That’s what

I always think about what the people in our world would look like if our physical appearance reflected the state of our hearts. It would be shocking and would change everything about the way we live. Our whole idea of beauty would be turned on its head. Oh, what a revelation that would be – Author Unknown

Hmmm, as the saying goes, ‘First Impression is the Best Impression’ and of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there are some common aspects of beauty that draws people in any culture towards it, to delight in beauty, to be compelled by beauty in human form.

I also feel that beauty is not only for human beings but also for all the living and non-living things in this world. It may be a beauty in snowflakes, in nature, in animals, in music, in arts, in deep-blue skies, in sunsets, and so on. So beauty has many forms.

Yet, I still find myself being drawn to people who have exceptionally beautiful features, complexion, physique, and I wonder why that is the case? ‘a book cannot be judged by its cover’, same ways, a person who looks beauty may not be sweetie to someone and there are so many people who are extremely talented in many ways, but their physical appearances may be a bit below the common standards of what is considered as ‘beautiful’ and ‘handsome’ by many people.

So, ‘True Beauty’ is a mixture of ‘Real Beauty (Innocent smile, calm eyes, sweet words, true heart and positive thinking brain)’ and ‘Feel Good Beauty (Physique, Complexion and Features)’.

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‘True Beauty’ is a mixture of ‘Real Beauty’ and ‘Feel Good Beauty’.

What does real beauty mean to me?’ What do you think of this revelation of true beauty expressed from my heart? If you like it then share this via IndiBlogger to the world by liking it here. Your like will push me to win..

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