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So much has been written about her over the years. People have exhausted the vocabulary in describing her rejuvenating beauty. But, she still throws up newness and mystery in all her forms that captivate our imagination. Nature’ bores no one indeed. I sought her refuge that evening for some reason that I don’t exactly remember. All I did was just stand on the green grass under the shady breeze of a tree as simple as that. But my eyes were feasted with a whole lot of things that remain everlastingly fresh in my memory. It’s true that she treats with more than you seek. The treat was not just visual. The fragrance of the flower that danced to the tunes of the breeze, the sounds of chirping birds, screaming kids, the soft touch of the grass and the amidst all these, the silence that my heart felt all these made me realize that there is something more, much more to life than my computer and my mobile phone. I was experiencing that new sense of happiness with a blend of mystery and delight much like a seven year old getting his first video game set. It was satisfying yet luring for more with every passing moment. I was thinking how nice it would be to enjoy this more often and closed my eyes and thanked God for the opportunity! And I slipped into my dreamland with my life.

‘Hey, I told you it was all fine.’
He then knew it was a clear sign
That they were in the same sweet boat,
And some wave will keep ‘em afloat !

Their walk so melodious and richly flowing;
Smiles and joy came along glowing.
They picked every leaf and lonely flower
That lay on the way, hour after hour !

He heard her heart and mind so clear
Not once did they need words to near
Grand attire on cute young feet
A treat to watch a print so neat !

Time may pass and they may grow
Change has lots of secrets to throw
Their shoes may not fit them that time
And their talk may not sound sublime !

But deep in their hearts firmly set
Was a feeling of comfort they always met;
Every friend knows that this is love
One that does not need any dove !

And there was a loud noise that closed the fantasy doors of that world and opened my eyes to annoyingly greet the bright sun whose punctuality. I’ve always envied. Around me were four thick walls and that same room of mine that had witnessed nearly every ‘face’ of mine! Oh! Only a dream hmmm! Well, yes. Where’s all that greenery and poetic dreams today in reality! It’s machines all the way. Even that ‘loud noise’ was from my mobile’s alarm. Imagine if we all were to live without our mobile phones and computers. Most of us can’t even think of it! Let’s give space to nature and poems in our dreams at least!

PS: The poem is shared with Thursday Poets Rally ~ Week 46 & One Shot Wednesday ~ Week 50

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