The Other Day

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Hey guys… getup… just five more minutes left for Shyam’s birthday…” I shouted at Sundar while opening the door. “Why it is so dark… Oops, why Sharwan is sleeping here? Sharwan… Sharwan…” I lighted the candle and found the room dirty. I turned, Senthil… “What happened to him? Why he is lying on the broken bottle?” While I was trying to wake him up, Sriram came to me questioning about his bleeding finger… Even I am puzzzled Sri..

I searched for the birthday boy in his room but the search went in vain. “Where is Shyam?” Sriram came in questioning the same, but… who had cut this cake? We puzzled at each other… “Hey the day is getting over man,” Sharwan came in. “Is it? But where is Shyam?” I said, Sharwan said that he might have gone out with girls to celebrate his birthday. “But… let us call him to confirm where he his…” I said…

Oh it is ringing here,” Sundar said. We searched for his mobile and finally found it inside the cake. “Glad we found the phone but what happened to Shyam?” puzzled I, and so my roomies… “Aw…..” we heard Senthil screaming near rest room. We all rushed to him and found someone lying there. “Sir… Baiya… Thambi… Brother… Annaya…” I tried to wake him up but it did not work. Even Sriram poured some water on him but his effort went in vain.

In the mean time, Senthil woke up, and came to us questioning about the new person in our home. “He must be a thief”, Sundar shouted on seeing the handcuff in his hand. We decide to lock him inside the room and to go out to search for Shyam.

Come lets search for Shyam…” I said while locking the door. Senthil shouted at me stating the he might have gone for a date with Shruthi but my instincts couldn’t believe his words. “Guys he made us to drink a lot to escape with his girl,” Sriram said, “We should find and kill him,” Senthil said.

I decided not to hear any of those craps and said, “Come let’s call his friends“. “I remember speaking with our friends last night come let us try to reach his colleagues,” Sharwan said… “See even in the received call list I could find only girls” “He is a lucky guy,” I said and dialed Asha’s number.

Hey hi… Am I speaking to Asha?” “Yes… May I know who this is?” “Hey this is Siddesh, Shyam’s Friend”, “Why he didn’t come to office today?” I was shocked to hear it, so I hung the call saying, “No No I am outside I thought… I call you later“…

And I dialed Reena’s number… She responded the same with an additional info that Shruthi was also on leave today. “Let’s try Shruthi No…” and I dialed her number. “Hey her number is not reachable,” I said… “He must have eloped with her,” Senthil said…”Yeah he must have” Sundar agreed to him and so the rest… “Eloped? I don’t think so, because if he had to elope with her then why the hell he left his mobile here…” I said

We will go back to home to find some clues” I said. As soon as we reached the home I heard Senthil screaming, “Oh Shit…” Sharwan rushed to him and so I… “Someone has poured the water dude,” Senthil cried, “Shut up asshole, our friend is missing but you are worrying about the water you foodie” I shouted.

Oh my God, Camera,” Sriram went down to the floor in minutes screaming for his camera… “I remember taking snaps last night,” Sundar said… “Let’s check out the snaps” I said and inserted the memory card in my lappy…

Aww our first cheers,” Sharwan said, and this one after completing Glen Drummond and this is the pic,” I said… “and this one ~ cake cutting” Sharwan, and I “why Senthil is kissing this rat?

Sundar said, “Stop… stop… I remember Senthil shouting ‘give me the way to kill the rat’ and I hope this one is after killing the rat with his beer bottle.

Hey… Shyam went out to buy a beer for Senthil because he was crying after he broke the bottle. “Hey look at my six packs in this pic,” Senthil cracked… “Asshole… Even at this situation you love your abs,” I shouted.

Senthil was carrying Sriram on his shoulders and dancing for the song,” Sundar said. “That is the last pic clicked in this camera.” I said, thought for a second and took my mobile out to check for pics. And I was happy to find our pics… “Sharwan was lying down on the road with some third person”, “I have seen this guy somewhere,” Sriram raised his voice…

I remember fighting with dogs, nope barking and playing shot put. Even at that time, Shyam was there with us. Well this is bad; I feel that we should seek the help of police, “Come let’s go to the police station and log a complaint,” I said.

We reached the station in less than ten minutes, “Sir… Our friend is missing from last night,” “from yesterday night???”, the police men stressed. “Mapilaigala….. Vanthutheengala” ~ “Machans, thank God you people came to police station,” Shyam cried. “Sir Sir… sir…leave him sir…” we all pleaded… “So are you his close friends. Lock these guys in the same prison,” he shouted in anger. “What????” we puzzled… But before we react, they locked us in the same prison.

What happened last night and why are you here?” I asked him silently, “Dai where is the guy “, “which guy?”, “you idiots… the police we were hitting last night, locking him with his handcuff”, Shyam said. “Police… why?” “Tit for tat”, he said, “What police???…” “He is not just a Police… Sub Inspector …

“SA ah….” Sharwan exclaimed and so we…


“What happened the other day was awesome” ~ Sharwan,
“…That was one of the memorable birthdays I had” ~ Shyam
“…Memorable?” I smiled, when I was about to press “PUBLISH POST”

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