~ Will my life be colourful? ~

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This post won in Take Flight With Color Contest organized by IndiBlogger in association with HP (LaserJet Printer ~ colours your Business and Life). I thank all the sweethearts for selecting my post as one of the winning entries. Thank you for your prayers, votes and wishes.. Happy Man.. Thank you thank you thank you…

I was sitting outside the scan room waiting for my dad to come out. Life was dark and black from last Friday (17-06-2011). But then… how colourful it was before? I silently closed my eyes and revisited my sweet colourful memories.

My sweet family is richer than richest in love and affection but yet to grow in monetary values. It consists of five flowers, first my dad ‘Mr. Murugan’ working as a painter, my mom ‘Mrs. Meenakshi Murugan’ a perfect homemaker, my elder sister ‘Priya Arun’ she is married and a perfect homemaker and my younger brother, ‘Raja’ pursuing his B.Sc in Nautical Science. Although I am in Bangalore, my bro in his college hostel, my sister in her home and my parents in our home, whenever we meet it was fun, smiles, happiness and colourful altogether. This is my sweet home which had seen all our smiles and colourful moments of life right from the moment I was born until last Friday.

It is a big list and I love to mention a few…

Da-daddy ‘I learnt A,B,C’ showing my slate to my sweet dad and mom

Daddy, ‘First Rank’ I shouted showing my U.K.G report card to my dad and mom

‘2 x 5 =’ 10, I smiled happily after answering my dad correctly

‘Thanks dad for the pencil’… I was much excited about writing with ‘Natraj Pencil’

‘Daddy, my sweet bro’… I exclaimed touching my mom’s stomach, they said not to dream about bro as God only knows the gender of the child but I strongly said the baby will be a boy baby and as I believed, my sweet bro touched this earth on March 31, 1993.

‘aww, my bro and my sis are the sweetest person in this world’ I exclaimed now and then

‘The luckiest person in the world is …’ I happily shouted after completing my fifth Standard Annual Exams.

‘ahooooooooooo… today my Sweet sister scored 481 in X Standard Public Examination (School First, State 10th)… Wow’ I said proudly to this world
‘It is my turn to register my name and I did so by scoring centum in Mathematics X Standard Public Exams’

‘I got a merit seat in one of the top university of India’… I was happy man then.

‘Aww… I got selected in Campus Interview’, it was proud moment for my dad and Mom… Awww…

‘Wow, today I received my first salary. This Sms is an acknowledgement… Wow…” I exclaimed…

‘Bro, you did it’ I congratulated him when he managed to get seat for Nautical Science (his dream).

‘Wow, my niece scored 492/500, State Fifth (X Standard Public Examination)

And it goes on…

Uncountable sweet colourful moments in my life and SmileS, as I say I was enjoying every single moment in my sweet of journey called ‘Life’ and its reflections is my blog, ‘Few Miles’, a colourful love blog. It has seen many colourful moments right from the moment I first started this blog and here are few of those..

I was happily dreaming about my life, and they planned to get me married, Life was colourful but when my dad went down to earth with abdominal pain. My heart stopped for a minute, and he was taken to the hospital where he was first given treatment to control the unbearable pain. Later doctors doubted about the possibility of any tumour in stomach, so we were advised for endoscopy, which revealed the truth, and on different scans and tests, they confirmed that my sweet father who brought me up in life with all pain is suffering from carcinoma in large intestine.

I never thought this would happen to my dad but… God made it happen… I am so disturbed from the moment I heard this. I’m void, my life is dark and black, and with pain all around me, I could just shed blood from my pen.

and here is a poem for my dad (I penned this on Father’s Day)…

O my Dear Dad,
I remember the time; you first embraced me and said,
“You are my gift and nothing can equal my happiness”

O my Dear Dad,
I remember the time when I first uttered “apppaaa” ~ “daddy) and I know
“You love me a lot and nothing can equal your love”

O my Dear Dad,
I remember the time when I held your hands and tried to walk, you said
“You are my world and one day you will be the king of this world”

O my Dear Dad,
I remember the time when I first went to school crying, you said
“You are my son and you will make me proud one day”

O my Dear Dad,
I remember the time; you taught me cycling and said,
“You are the best, and you will succeed in all your endeavours”

O my Dear Dad,
I remember the time when I scored centum in State Examination, and you said
“You made me proud my son”

O my Dear Dad,
I remember the time; you advised me to take good care of myself and learn English in college
“You are the king and you will prove you to this world”

O my Dear Dad,
I remember the time when I first left home to a new world, and you said
“You are a neonate, take care of yourself”

O my Dear Dad,
Today I’m here, tears are my friend, God is my only hope and I wish
“You should be alright soon”

Before taking leave, I request all of you to pray for my DAD, and wish him good wishes as Monday, he is gonna to be operated (Carcinoma ~ SUPRA MAJOR OPERATION BY WHIPPLE PROCEDURE). I wish and pray to God that he should be fine after this operation. So please pray for my DAD to get well soon.

and will my life be colourful as it was before last Friday? Will this Monday bring back the colours to my life???

Updates (click here):

27-06-2011 ~ 20:15 ~ I wholeheartedly thank all the lovable hearts who prayed for my DAD’s Operation. It was one of the major operation that happened in the hospital (9:00 HRS), because they have to remove some parts of large intestine and mouth of pancreas which were affected by cancer cells. He is fine now, they have kept him in ventilation, and he will be in ICU for the next three days. Please PRAY for him to recover soon. Thank you All for your BLESSINGS.

28-06-2011 ~ 19:01 ~ Hmmm… I spoke with my DAD today, ‘Dad’, ‘I am fine Son. I don’t have any pain and I hope I will be shifted to normal ward soon. Is Mom there?’ he spoke for one minute, but I suggested him to speak less ~ Happy Man ~ PRAY FOR HIM

29-06-2011 ~ 18:18 ~ Thanks for all your Prayers.. Dad is recovering soon..

01-07-2011 ~ 22:36 ~ Thanks for your Prayers.. His digestive system is functioning properly ~ Happy Man

06-07-2011 ~ 11:30 ~ Thank God, Dad is now shifted to normal ward

11-07-2011 ~ 06:00 ~ The Day I was waiting for… My Dad will be discharged from hospital by EOD

The hearts praying for my DAD’s Good Health is GOD to me.. So, I see many God’s here, and Everywhere…

and I am sharing this post with IndiBlogger ‘Take Flight With Colour’ Contest in association with HP (LaserJet Printer ~ colours your Business and Life).

Thank you so much for your prayers… Today Dad is getting discharged from hospital.. Happpy Mannn……. I Thank and Owe IndiBlogger for helping to reach as many hearts as possible with this contest. Thank IndiBloggerji and all the hearts praying for my DAD’s Good Health. Thanks and if you wish, promote this post on IndiBlogger

PS: The poem is shared with Thursday Poets Rally ~ Week 47

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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