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Can someone say ‘I hate romantic thriller’? May be you can but I can’t and the words, ‘romance’ and ‘thriller’ invited me to read this book. What is so special about this book? When most of the new age writers stick to love, kiss, sex, break-up and other sorts, ‘Love on the Rocks’ by Ismita Tandon Dhanker is a fresh breezy read.

The cover of the book itself is so refreshing for the readers and it says…

‘What happened to Gary?’
‘He was lying on the floor, dead.’
‘Congratulations, Raghav. Your investigation has reached the next level, from theft to probable homicide!’

“A tree is known by its fruit” and so the above lines and her first poem

The tinkling of glasses, raised to toast,
A room full of sailors, shrouded in smoke,
Senseless chatter and stale jokes,
The rolling of the ship from port to starboard.

Amidst the laughter and voices so loud,
I strain to hear the murmur to fear,
Loneliness that lurks beneath the surface
The countless miles to the nearest isle,

Yet, the festive descend,
Grown men turn little boys, pretend,
This make-believe shall last forever,
Such is the sprint of the brave mariner.

Wow, What a poem Ismita and what an Ode…

The book is about the time spent by Newly Wed Sancha with her hubby, Aaron Angelo Victor Andrews, Chief Officer of Sea Hyena. She boards a ship, along with Aaron and twenty-four crewmembers of Sea Hyena. Sancha accidently meets charming First Officer Harsh Castillo, who is also Aaron’s best friend and fell for his looks, not actually but just in thoughts. She also meets the Captain (Popeye), Baldy and rest of the crewmembers. She learns about the recent death of chief cook (Gary), who was found dead in the meat locker. Followed by it was Kurian’s run-in by dead Gary, his hands was covered with blood of dead Gary. Although the death of Gary was termed as an accident by the Crew Members but when there’s a theft from the captain’s safe on the DJ night, green dollars roughly worth 20,000$, things begin to puzzle her. She takes it on her to investigate the mysteries and all the men come under her doubtful eyes including her husband Aaron.

With investigating officer Raghav’s arrival, her investigation under her doubtful eyes was so deep. She finds the thief to be the person whom she can’t even imagine in that position and learnt about her hubby’s past love Rose. She could not digest her love being cheated and with no option left she finds herself at the cross roads of love, honesty and integrity.

‘How Gary was killed?’ ‘Who stole the money?’ ‘Who found the culprit?’ ‘What follows in Sancha’s life?’ Don’t wait to discover the answers for these questions. Just stop by Penguin Books India and Buy one for yourself. PN: PUBLISHER: Penguin Books ISBN : 9780143414681 Price : Rs. 150

Totally, an interesting plot, the flow of the story is just so awesome and the way the mystery is unraveled is unbelievable. The best point about the book is the story is told from viewpoints of different people, which as a writer I love it so much and it makes the story very interesting for the readers as well. The character sketch of Sancha and Aaron was amazing and the author did full justice to the mystery and thriller sketches that is to be the heart of the novel. I expected many romantic encounters but was disappointed on that note.

And in acknowledgements I read, ‘Torturous manuscript’ ~ this is one of the best scripts I have read so far. ‘Love on the Rocks’, is a romantic thriller that tests the bonds of love and marriage against a backdrop of suspense, murder, so-called suicide and many psychological undercurrents. And when you reach the last page, you will feel worth spending the time reading the book for hours.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. Ismita Tandon Dhankher Rocks… If you love her book and want to read more of her works? then stop by her blog, A lesser known Poet

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