Freedom from Fuel Hikes ~ a boon for car lovers

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Morning is chill in Bangalore but Monday mornings are blues everywhere. I am not an exception to deny it but my fate, I have to reach office on time even on Mondays.

‘Hey Sid… Karthik has put his papers….’
‘Don’t kid Isha….’… ‘I am serious idiot….’

‘Oh this is a bad decision. How he can be so stupid’ I said to myself on the way to Karthik’s cabin.

‘Hey have you put your papers?’
‘Oh yeah… I have put my papers….’
‘Are you nuts? Why all of a sudden?’
‘Am I… I have a genuine reason dude…’
‘What is so genuine Karthik?’
‘Come let’s go out and discuss.’

It is easy to come out of the development center but the toughest task is escape from manager’s eyes, which was the most difficult task. Somehow, we managed to come out without being captured by any of the 11 demons. We grabbed a cup of tea for both of us before we started to discuss.

‘What is so genuine Karthik?’
‘Salary… I have been offered 7 Lakh in my new concern.’
‘Seven… That’s huge for a two years experience guy… but….’
‘Karthik… Here you have scope for onsite right?’
‘I do agree dude’

‘Then what made you to take this stupid decision? You even got a good hike too….’

‘Yeah I agree Sid but….’
‘Don’t interrupt dude… Let me complete….’
‘Go ahead Karthik’

‘Indian Government has raised the rate of petrol. Don’t you know that?’
‘I do… But what is the relation Karthik?’
‘Are you so dumb?’
‘I am… I can’t relate dude….’

‘See… My car is a second hand car, it results in very poor mileage i.e., just 10 KMPL (Petrol). I have to travel 15 KMS to office from my home. Therefore, in total 15+15 = 30, which costs 71.36 * 3 = 214.08, and on an average we travel 22 days, so the total is 4709.76 Rs. + Rent (4500) + Food (4000) + Gym (1500) + Body Mass Powder (2500). It sums to 17210 Rs. IT, PT, and other tax sums to 2000. In total, I have to spend Rs. 19210 a month and my salary is just 20210. How much I save?’

I really became so dumb after hearing his non-stop speech but whatever he said is true. He can save 1000 Rs at the max but how come he can save 1000; he has to pay his mobile bill right.

‘Can you still say I took a stupid decision?’

‘Well, not exactly but I have a solution for you. Fight with demons and try to get 25 % percent hike here itself. Go far a Car loan in HDFC bank and buy a FIAT PUNTO man. I am sure you will love the car as well as you can save the money.’

‘How is that possible?’
FIAT PUNTO DIESEL edition is now available at the price of petrol car man.
‘Unbelievable Sid’

‘See to believe dude. It is available from 4.5 to 6.0 Lakh, and if you choose loan it will help you to save more money by reducing the Income Tax’
‘But… What about the mileage?’

Wait… Let me complete dumbo… “Fiat Punto 90 HP”. The 1.3L, Multijet diesel engine of Fiat Punto 90 HP delivers 93 PS of maximum power with 209Nm of maximum torque that makes it the most powerful diesel hatchback in India. The car offers excellent drive dynamics – Ride, Handling, Braking and also superior fuel efficiency of 20KMPL. The cost of the car is also cheap; you will get free fuel vouchers, free insurance and free road side assistance.

‘Really’ Karthik eyes puzzled on hearing about FIAT PUNTO. In the meantime Isha joined us for the tea.

‘Yes… See my expenses… My car is a FIAT PUNTO 90 HP, it provides me unbelievable mileage i.e., 20 KMPL (Diesel). Even If I travel 30 KMS in total I have to pay much less compared to you… Up & Down Travel 15+15 = 30, which costs 45.16 * 1.5 = 67.74 (which is less than 1 litre petrol), and in average we travel on 22 days, so the total is 1490.28 Rs which results in saving Rs. 3000 per month. + Rent (4500) + Food (4000) + Gym (1500) + Body Mass Powder (2500). It sums to 14000 Rs… IT, PT, and other things sums to 400 (Because I have a car loan). In total I have to spend Rs. 14400 a month, my salary is 20210 and so I can save nearly 5000 Rs dude.

He became so dumb on hearing my monthly expenses and savings. I advised him to demand for either 25 % hike or for onsite opportunity here in this company with the help of the offer he holds and asked him to order FIAT PUNTO, India’s most preferred Diesel technology. His smile reflected the sign of relief he could get from petrol but no one can save him from the demons for the next one hour in the name of discussion.

Isha also agreed to order one for her dad. So guys, if you love cars but if the petrol price puts you in a position to hate cars then here is the solution.Order FIAT PUNTO or Linea as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits of the advanced and most preferred Diesel Technology. As I advised Karthik, “See to Believe”, stop here to know more about FIAT PUNTO, TEST DRIVE the car and take one to your home. I have done it already and it is your turn now… Enjoy…

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