Our review of Few Miles follows ~ Indian Top Blogs & IndiBlogger Contest Winner !

It is sweet to learn about our blog from one of the review expert and if it from Indian Top Blogs then it is tastier than many sweets. Here is what they have said about ‘Few Miles’.

Our review of Few Miles follows:

• You have used a very clean template for the blog.
• The thin titlebar with well written title and the cute graphic are excellent and so are the horizontal bars above and below it.
• The slide show is charming; your selection of photos too is fine.
• Your use of ‘jump beak’/ read more to keep posts small works very well.
• Photos and sketches complement the text content well in your posts.
• You have used slide show to show your awards and recognistions. It looks good as well as saves space. Similarly, you have put the certificates from competition blogs down in the page. Fine enough.
• The light background to the posts helps in separating them from the sidebar and each other. Fine again.
• You are a prolific blogger and you engage well with commenters. Excellent!

Now a few points for your consideration:

• At least one of the photos in the top slide show leads to a dead end.
• The soft colored text looks good but has rather poor readability. We recommend that you keep the main text of posts black. If not, raise the font size by one pt and/or make it bold.
• Your description of SiS appears a bit too long. It is also lengthening the side bar beyond the end of the last post. Do consider reducing it a bit.
• Though all the widgets that you have put in the sidebar seem to serve a purpose, think of removing a couple of them if you can. In case you feel like ageeing to that, remember that the two last scrolling widgets should not be alongside a post; they will irritate the reader. To that extent, it is good that they are hanging much down the page.
• One small but important issue with your blog is that your reader has to cope with three identities: the url, your pen name and the blog title. We leave it to you to sort that out. Let us suggest one way that will at least reduce it by one: the title could be Few Miles and a sub-title can go under it like this – musings from Someone is Special.
• The Alexa review of yuor blog is missing! It is linked in two places.

Overall, yours is a fine blog and we are including it in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. Congrats!
Happy blogging!

Thank you so much for your sweet review. I will surely consider your feedback.. If you wish to get your blog reviewed then stop by Indian Top Blogs and get your blog reviewed.. SmileS..

I love to share the happy news of winning the IndiBlogger ‘Take Flight With Colour Contest’.. Happy Man and here is the beautiful badge sent by IndiTeam.

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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