~ Happy Friendship Day ~

God must have known that
We need a gentle tap on our back
when we feel down;
We need a hug to comfort us
when we feel lonely;
We need a word of praise
when we win;
We need a hand to brush away our tear
when we are sad;

To share little things in life
with some special friends because they
can change a frown
into smile;
can change a loss
into gain;
can change your dreams
into reality;
can change the obstacle
into stepping stone;
can change ‘I’ & ‘U’
into ‘V’;
and appreciate the happiness
that life brings!

To give us strength and courage
to make a fresh start or
even after all the loss;
their words flashes for a while on thee, dear friend,
all losses are restored and sorrows have end.

For camaraderie & trueness, God blessed
an ever-lasting true hearts, and named
them as friends ~ a relationship
which has thousands names
but without any actual relationship is friendship!

It’s pleasure to reveal,
I have few such hearts,
that’s why am always blessed with success!
And not to forget the moments that we relish
round, around the school and college days;
Igniting the light of our true friendship
to colour our life naturally
and they are special friends,
Whose bond we can’t explain;
Their love has no boundaries;
So, even when we are apart,
Those sweet memories enhances us,
With a warmth felt in the heart,
Not even death can tear us apart;
And so, these friends, God sends our way,
remain forever near!

And as we all know, FRIEND means

And a special haiku about friendship..

a relationship
without any relation
is true friendship

I love to compare friends with colours because they can express all the emotions of life. And what else could be the best analogy of friendship other than the colours and their mixtures with each other. Talking about colours, the first thought, which comes to the mind, is Rainbow, made of seven different colours of the spectrum that blends to create a beautiful, magical, mesmerizing scene, taking our thoughts beyond the limits. Whenever a rainbow stretches across the sky, they do as a reminder of peace, and when a good rain-washes the world, a Rainbow appears in the sky as a sign of hope for tomorrow. In similar lines whenever something bothers you, friends appear before you as God, to comfort you and as a sign of hope for tomorrow I have few close friends without them I can’t even imagine a life. This poem is a sweet dedication for my dear (Saraswathi Muthuraman & Balakumar Sankar), far, near friends, and for all my friends of blogosphere. PS: This poem is edited, re-posted (the org is posted four years back in my old blog) for expressing my friendship with you all and as a dedication to all lovable friends of mine, here and everywhere.


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