My Life !

Days became beautiful because of special reasons. A beautiful day becomes memorable because of very special reasons. Feb 2nd 2012 was one of those special days in my life because of a simple but beautiful reason. The reason is my life, ‘Isha’ proposed to me in a unique way. People might wonder what made the proposal unique because a love proposal itself is uniquely special. Hmm, she gifted me a tab to propose to me. The next question would be, ‘How did she propose by gifting a tab?’ Even I was puzzled when she gave me a gift wrapped in a velvet cloth and asked to see the gift once she leave. With a-million-butterflies-feeling, I unpacked the velvet cloth to see a treasure, ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab750’. I was wondering why she gifted me a costly gift on my birthday but later realised her love when I saw the home screen, ‘Will ‘U’ be my life?’ On seeing, that my heart started pumping fast, blood ran faster into my veins, a shapeless ball was revolving in my throat; a billion butterflies were flying around me because a cute dream angel had proposed to me.

Wow, what excited me so much? Was that her proposal or the tab? I was dumb to reply but I realized that in some corner of my heart I was excited to see a priceless gift, ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab’ from her, as it was the best gift I ever received in my life. I sent a message to her, ‘Be my life forever’ with a sweet poem and from that day till today, the tab has become my life. It is not just a tab but also a sweet diary that has recorded my day-to-day life for the past eight years, actually exactly eight years before she gifted me this tab but…

I opened the ‘Image Gallery’ to see an angel, ‘How sweet she is’, an angel or may be more. As they say, “Beautiful things become more beautiful when a beauty pictures it”, Samsung Galaxy tab is a beauty that pictures beautiful memories very beautifully with its large high definition screen. I touched the Image gallery to cherish my sweet memories. ‘How beautiful it would be to see an old image clicked at the right moment in Samsung Galaxy Tab?’ I would say, ‘a priceless gift’ because of the memories it brings to our life with its 1280 x 800 WXGA display at a pixel density of 149ppi. I moved to the next photo with a simple touch and was happy to see the most beautiful image of our lifetime, which she created with a feather, how crazy she was! ‘Sid ♥ Isha’, how beautiful it sounds, and to see it on Samsung Galaxy Tab. Can someone say no after seeing this beauty? I bet no one will because the priceless gifts are not precious stones but small beautiful gifts by your lovable ones. Ah! our marriage photo, she looked very cute and she blushed like never before which meant, “I LOVE TO LIVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE WITH U” and this pretty much was a moment of madness in my life. This one, she clicked it on the day she deserved her birthright; I would say it is our birthright because no one can explain the moment they realize the sweet news (she is pregnant). Wow what a moment it was. I jumped in joy shouting “at last I can call myself a responsible father and a lovable husband”. She has recorded videos of those sweet moments with the best tab in this world. How sweet!!!

White resembles angels, and if angels speak, it would be divine to hear. So is the Samsung Galaxy Tab earphone. “Without music life would be a mistake ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche”. We are not an exception to deny it because we have spent most of our weekends hearing good music, and particularly hearing a song most of the times, ‘Ae Ajnabi’ from Dilse. It was ‘Divine’ to hear the song in Samsung Galaxy Tab Music Hub with its surround speakers or with its head set, that too with a beautiful song. The reason to describe Isha as a song is when we hear a beautiful song we will hum it all throughout the day. She is such a cutie; my eyes hummed her beautiful image always. How pleasant it would be to hear it once again with this Hub, “Maybe more than divine”

“Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and feeling souls – Voltaire” and how pleasant it would be to rhyme a poem when you hear music, ‘heavenly or even more than that’. Samsung Galaxy Tab has blessed me with an integrated Office to rhyme when I felt like rhyming. More than that, a poem or a prose is good when it has minimal or no grammatical errors. For a government school student where English was a nightmare during my school days, Samsung Galaxy Tab is a treasure. ‘How many love letters, poems? Memories my sweet memories…’ Here is a romantic one penned on a romantic evening…

It stays as an unread message for the past six years because I am afraid to read this last message from her. How many messages I have sent to her from this tab? Countless I doubt, if someone asks me, what is SMS then I would define it as ‘Sweet Memories between Souls’. And for a poet the weapon to reflect love is words. Here are few words that reflected my love as messages. And they are many more sweet messages that reflect our love and marriage life.

But, you know, the worst job on this earth is to be an IT professional, the modern day saints who gave up their life, family and everything just for the sake of the dreadful word: deadline. There were many days when I never returned to home instead just stayed in touch with her via video calls. Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Tab for the fantastic rear camera, that helps high quality video calls with its HSPA+ and WiFi access it rocks to the core, ‘better multitasking’. With Android 3.1 (Honey Comb) nothing can match ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab’. But still whenever I return home, she frowned, “So do you remember that you have a wife?” I tried to score husband points with the word ‘Angel’.

Not to forget the FB status and weekend Paint your lines. I have to say this, ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab has the best Social Hub that has always keeps me excited’. Isha, the sweet soul was very much interested in reading other’s imagination that’s why I used to do this every weekend.

Between, my sweet daughter ‘Ishu’ came running towards me shouting, ‘Pappa!’ I smiled, and clicked her beautiful snap. Because she always resembles Isha, though Isha is not with us today, she lives with us in the form of ‘Ishu’. Her obstetrical death may part her soul from us but she lives with us in the form of memories.

Some people preserve memories, some do letters, some do photos but I prefer to preserve my beautiful life, ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab’.

It is my memories, ‘Sweet’
It is my love, ‘She’
It is my life, ‘We’

Although she is not with us today, Her sweet memories are in this tab. I remember questioning her for buying a costly gift (Samsung Galaxy Tab) for my birthday… but she said it is our life… I never realized what she meant that day but today I can feel it… This tab is my life as it carries my sweet and sour memories in the form of images, messages, music, mails, and most of all I have her finger prints in this.

I love her forever and this Samsung Galaxy Tab… And all the features crafted above excite me a lot because the Tab is my life.

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Samsung Tab – Samsung Official Website
FB Notes, Poems, Edited – SiS

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