Samsung IndiBlogger Meet !

Wow! What a day it was? I thank IndiBlogger and Samsung for arranging the meet. I felt like meeting my family members after a long time and it all started at 1:45 PM on Saturday. As soon as I reached the venue, I met Karthik, Syed and later my best buddy, Vinay (Leo) joined us. I should thank Syed for recording my first interview and I was very much happy to answer his questions as it was one of the memorable moments of my life. I also got a chance to experience the features of Samsung Galaxy Tab. I should say it is the one of the best tab in this world. I heartily thank Samsung for this opportunity.

Few minutes later, I met one of the celebrities, Rachana Shakyawar of Humming Today and I was very much happy meeting her because she was my inspiration to design the blog beautifully and to write mushy. I was introduced to Pankaj Gupta by Syed, Harsha by Leo. Nethra and her friend also joined us.

As always, IndiBlogger never fail to amaze me with innovation. This time they gave Samsung T-Shirts for bloggers based on random criteria. Sooner Samsung people unravelled the mysterious of Tab. It was exciting to learn all those features of Tab. Wow…

This time IndiBlogger reduced 60 seconds of fame to 49 seconds and it was exciting to learn about my fellow bloggers. However, to my surprise my name was listed there. Thank God, I did not go to jail because I completed my fame in less than 20 seconds. Followed by me was Vinay (Leo), Nethra, Harsha and celeb Rachana shared their fame. This helped me learn about Gyanban (Aayan) Sir, BeMoneyAware, Sangavi, Neeraj, Shruthi, Vinay, and many more. I missed TF, Muddassir and many more people.

Next was the most exciting part of the meet, lunch, Mmmm Leo, Nethra, LR, Rachana and Me enjoyed the lunch. ‘Behind the Back’, yet another time it was exciting as we shared our blog handle and twitter ID’s with fellow bloggers. In addition, I thank all of them for their wonderful comments. I love you all a lot. Here are those…

And lot more friends left their twitter handle and blog URL in my sheet but that are not clear for me to read. Sorry friends I love you all. Thanks for all the smiles and IndiBlogger Team thanks for this…

Well, I thought ‘Behind the Back’ would be most excited part of the day but Anwin and fellow bloggers made the debate ‘Corruption’ more interesting.

“Last but not the least – the T-shirt”, thanks IndiBlogger Team. Well this was one of the memorable meet as I met many friends in person. Wow, I thank once again IndiBlogger Team, ‘IndiMeet Rocks’ and special thanks to Samsung… You people are rocking! And… Thank you so much IndiBlogger for the Bluetooth Headset.

Love to meet and make more friends in future meets… Check out the photos clicked by IClickd here

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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