Dream Come True ~ London.. London.. London..

Oh, what I am doing here? I am supposed to work right. Hmm… I have to… but… I am missing my India, my Sweet Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, Mittu and many more. Last but not the least my sweet roomies and colleagues because the time I spent with them was so so sweet and memorable. Hmm… 🙁 🙁 🙁 I miss ‘U’ all…

After living in IT hub of India for more than two years I flied to… yeah luckily to my dream place London. Of course, it is my dream to visit London and finally I am here for a project assignment. Hmm I am supposed to work a lot and I do work, but still I love to write my experience of flying for the first time. It is an awesome experience to feel the take off, the landing, the clouds, the sounds, the airhostess and the most beautiful London. No words can describe the feel… or maybe I am short of words. Before I start let me thank my roomies for being my strength whenever I was down and for sharing my tears of joy. So sweet of you guys, I miss ‘U’ All.

On 24 September 2011, 12:45 PM I set my foot for the first time in London. I wanted to jump in joy but my friends advised me to keep cool because any inappropriate behavior may put you in trouble. Luckily, all the process went smoothly and I came out after collecting my baggages.

Aww… How sweet was that KISS? Hmm… I really don’t know because as soon as I came out, I saw a couple kissing each other. (I hope they are meeting after a long time). I was out of airport by 1:15 PM but but but… that’s when the story started actually, yeah, I lost myself in this big city, actually I felt lost, puzzled on how to reach the hotel I booked.

It was certainly a challenge because it took more than hour for me to figure out the route to ‘Best Western Phoenix Hotel’. Thanks to a taxi driver who guided me the way to reach the hotel and for briefing about ‘TUBE’ services, the transport for London. ‘கற்றது கைமண் அளவு, கல்லாதது உலகளவு’

How sweet he was… Louis Philippe, I met this person in lift when I was trying to find a way for ‘UNDERGROUND’ transport of London. He helped me a lot to find a place nearby the hotel I booked and luckily, he too travelled to the same destination. Louis, a sweet person who helped in moving my luggage to Tube (train) and then he shared more about him, so sweet of you Louis… Love to meet you in near future soon 🙂 we both took a taxi to their respective places from South Kensington.

I was super glad to see taxi drivers stopping for pedestrians to cross irrespective of signals, how sweet it was to see, humanity still exists 🙂 It was almost 2 30 when I checked in but realized that the time was seven in India. I should thank Sandeep (my colleague because he gave me his sim before I left India) because of his sim I spoke to my Sweet Mom, she was very much worried about me because this was my first travel and I was too happy to hear my mom’s voice after almost 24 hours.

I was too tired to mail or call my close ones so I just updated a status in Facebook, ‘Finally… Landed in London’ but that became the reason for my close friend (DEVIL)’s anger. How stupid I was… because I didn’t mail her about my journey, actually I wanted to speak with her in phone to express my joy but.. still I should have mailed her… I am so sorry DEVIL… and I became a victim for many sweet hearts anger because I didn’t call any or mail them either… Sorry… sorry… sorry… because I was so so so tired and I slept very very soon.

And… within a day or two, I learnt about London Tube services and how I should behave in London. You can’t behave like a kid in your workplace, you have to be quiet, you have to be in-formals, and what not I even learnt so much including how to sit in office… Aww… I hate to be like this but what can I do? I have to be so because I am representing my organization here, so I should be…

Hmmm, Thames River, London Bridge, Eye and what not… I enjoyed the evenings in London and tomorrow is going to be big day for me because I have a tight schedule here… Hoping to enjoy London to the core and I also love to share the pictures I took in the last one week… Soon I will be sharing those with you guys… To start of..

I love to meet my blogging friends here in London… So my dear friends if you are here in London then do contact me via my number (0044 – 7438442040). We shall meet some time 🙂

Hmm before I leave, I love to write a Haiku about London, so here is a haiku about London…

Dream come true moment
when I set my foot here in
London, I love it!

I love to share this Haiku with Haiku Heights and Haiku My Heart. and… yeah I have a feast for my blogging friends… ‘searching her… in the streets of…’ isn’t a treat?

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Image Credits

Kiss Image, Tube Map – Google
FB & My Pic – SiS

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