searching her.. in the streets of London… #2

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What did she respond?’ the old woman said with her eyes wide opened.

She did not respond or speak with me thereafter’. Then…

I got her number from one of my friend ‘Sridevi’ to call her on weekend. I do call her on a weekend.

What did she say then?

Hassini… This is Sid… I am sorry for what happened the other day. I love you so much from the day I saw you in temple. Please respond…’ I heard nothing but someone smiling silently on the other end. I waited for a minute for her response but she did not speak, so I hang the call.

A minute later I received a call from her, she said, ‘Sorry I was in the hall with my parents. So what you want me to reply?’ I smiled and said, ‘Of course a positive reply….’ She did not respond any for a minute, ‘Hey I will call you later. Your father-in-law is calling me… Good Day.. Bye

What? What? My father-in-law?’ I jumped in joy, danced in my room, and flied in my bike all over in my place. I sent her a sms as,

‘My hands told me I’m shivering with fear,
When I only thought of saying it to my dear!

Heart became restless and sounded louder,
Seconds before, it was as silent as falling powder.

Thoughts crept into the mind with great force,
Confused, and stopped it from thinking, of course!

I would imagine that future, a few hours away;
That would burden it with my past straightaway.

Carrying an untold love is heavy, indeed;
Courage, real courage is what I need!

Hiding my fear, or hiding myself in fear,
I came to you and looked at you, my dear.

That very sight quenched the restless senses,
Which were thirsty for that real courage!

I became my natural self, totally myself;
And realized you were surely my real self.

No words said, I saw the ‘heavy’ love,
Getting dissolved in us as it reached you!’

The next day she accepted my invite for a coffee. So I took her to nearby CCD and we sipped cappuccino for almost one hour.

I love your poem a lot.’ ‘Hmm’ and the conversation heated on and on… And as promised, I went to drop her in the home.

Well… This is a beautiful feeling… Holding the hands of our loved ones while walking is a beautiful feeling’ she said, silently I listened to her words thanking God for blessing her. All of a sudden tiny little drops of water fell on us to create an intimate world. We thoroughly enjoyed the rain by playing in it with and I would say it was a divine feeling. After reaching home, I sent her a sms as,

First sweet date
Little drops of rain
Drenching us
Warm love waves
Lifting moods to divine world
A sweet love downpour

She sent a reply, ‘How romantic you are…

I sent a special reply and invited her to my home for a function on Friday. She was so sweet by accepting my invite and her presence in saree made my day. Girls look pretty when they go mad or when they are too happy and she is a perfect example for it. While I was admiring her beauty, she came jumping to me questioning, ‘She is very good looking, by the way who is she?

She is my relative actually my parents wish that I should marry her’. Her eyes become moist on hearing this, ‘Hey… idiot… It is decided by my parents but you are my girl, my destiny, I promise’ she smiled with tears of joy. She looked very cute and her innocence made me fall in love with her madly.

In the mean time Mom and Dad came to us, ‘Mom, this is Hassini’ ‘Hello Mom….’ Hassini said, Mom was impressed with her words so she smiled and so my dad too. ‘And you know Sri na… The stupid friend right from my school days’, Mom blessed both and asked me to take good care of them. I was happy because I crossed my first hurdle of introducing Hassini to my parents. We had our dinner sitting next to each other and on seeing that Sri credited us as a perfect couple. Before leaving, Sri reminded me that Sunday is Hassini Birthday.

So I sent a sms to Sri as, ‘I am planning to give Hassini a birthday surprise. What say?’ she sent a reply as, ‘but you never planned any surprises on my birthday. Hmm… Just kidding. We shall give her a surprise but what?

By 11:50 we will assemble before her house and by 11:58 we will call her to street to cut the cake. What say?

Fantastic idea… and you are romantic hero da….

so sweet of you… inform our friends… I will buy cake, candles, etc.

And as planned, we reached her house by 11:50 on Saturday night. Sri called on her mobile and asked her to come downstairs.

We expected her to come downstairs but…

But’ the old woman said with her eyes wide opened once again.

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  1. This is so sweet, kinda affair I wanted in my youth…I think I missed something by not following your blog earlier…Will read the next part before signing off to bed…


  2. @ Saru Singhal

    This is so sweet, kinda affair I wanted in my youth…I think I missed something by not following your blog earlier…Will read the next part before signing off to bed…


    That's ok Saru.. Glad you love this one.. Waiting for your footprints on the next..

    Someone is Special

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